Khulna Shipyard Essay Example
Khulna Shipyard Essay Example

Khulna Shipyard Essay Example

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  • Published: May 15, 2017
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Khulna Shipyard (KSY) has been developed into a leading operating enterprise in the field of repair of ships and new shipbuilding's. You know that from the ancient days, sea has been extensively used for exploiting resources, transportation of goods for the economic development and civilization. During those days, sea going ships were the main source of transportation and ship building capacity was a great advantage for the nations.

Bangladesh as a maritime nation has a bright history of shipbuilding.Many of the foreign nations came to this land to build/buy sea-going ships. However, due to many reasons she could not maintain that standard of building sea/ocean going ships. However, once again, in 60’s many of the ship building industries started to build many vessels of different sizes. Thus, KSY started her journey in 1957.

Bangladesh i


s a maritime nation with 40,000 sq nautical miles sea area, which is enriched with fishery and mineral resources.Moreover, the country is covered by 24,000 km long network of many rivers, canals and water bodies, which occupy about 11% of her total area. Thus, shipbuilding and ship-repair industries are expected to play a key role in national economic and industrial activities in Bangladesh. Thereby, it can also solve unemployment problem to a great extent. After the partition in 1947, considering a potential shipbuilding market in this zone, Khulna Shipyard was established with the assistance of a German firm in 1957.Until 1965, German and British companies jointly operated the yard.

In 1965, EPIDC took over the management of the yard and ran up to the Liberation War, 1971. Soon after the liberation, the Shipyard was placed under BSEC on 26 Mar 1972

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The yard was running on marginal profit until the year 1983-84. After that, it started to incur losses. Govt. declared KSY as a sick industry in 1990 has and decided to privatize.

On 03 Oct 1999, the yard was handed over to Bangladesh Navy.

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