Khafre and Seated Scribe Essay Example
Khafre and Seated Scribe Essay Example

Khafre and Seated Scribe Essay Example

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  • Published: November 1, 2017
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The two pieces. “Khafre” and “Seated Scribe” . are two art pieces that have originated from the ancient Egyptian clip period. These two pieces are really similar and different in many ways. With this in head. we learn that art work. depending on the clip period. may hold similar significances but besides different messages and that same clip.

The piece “Khafre” has many differences compared to “Seated Scribe” . One of these differences is simple ; Khafre. the Pharaoh that is being depicted in the piece. “Khafre” has the organic structure construct. such as musculuss. that would give the viewer the thought that he is a leader. While on the other manus. the piece “Seated Scribe” shows a adult male sitting down with small to no organic structure strength and shows the sp


ectator that he had a good life that was free of physical labour. Another difference between the two pieces is that the lives of the two are wholly different. While the Pharaoh shows a life of earnestness. strength. and power ; the “Seated Scribe” shows the spectator a life of wisdom. watchfulness. avidity. labour free. and heed. Another major difference between the two pieces is that on the “Khafre” piece. the Pharaoh’s throne has workss. papyrus and Nelumbo nucifera workss. that represent his opinion and power over the upper and lower parts of Egypt. With this in head the spectator of “Seated Scribe” notices that the Scribe might hold been in one of those two parts of Egypt and although he shows more of a labour free life. he might still be under the jurisprudence of the Pharaoh. Khafre ; turn outing the fac

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that Khafre has more obvious power over the normal human being. yet entirely a Scribe. One last difference is in the wealth difference of the two people. While the Pharaoh sits on a throne with a backup on it. the scribe sits on the difficult land but still has perfect position. With these differences the spectator can get down to hold a better apprehension of the significance and symbolism behind the two pieces.

Aside from merely differences. the two pieces “Seated Scribe” and “Khafre” are besides really similar as good. One of the many ways that they are similar is in their position. The two work forces sit unsloped and watchful. Their eyes focused on the undertaking at manus. For the Scribe it may be more obvious but you can besides state Khafre’s watchfulness by his clinched fist and his broad unfastened eyes. The two pieces besides portion the similarity of service. While the Scribe is shown perchance composing words for the Pharaoh. hence making a service for him ; Khafre sits on his thrown and can be viewed as him functioning his people. This thought can be shown by the manner that they are seated and the manner they are looking with full watchfulness. The last similarity between the two pieces is that the two are idealized really clearly. With the Scribe you can take a speedy expression and have the thought that the piece is stand foring a individual who is non of royal being and that he is a type of author. The same can be said for the Pharaoh ; you can look at the piece and automatically detect that the piece

represents a Pharaoh by his organic structure stature. his headgear and false face fungus. With differences in head. the spectator of these two pieces can acquire a better cognition of the art universe and what they truly average.

Overall the two pieces are similar and different in many ways. But holding the ability to analyze and hold a closer expression into the two pieces and acquire an thought of what the creative person was seeking to portray. is what makes art so absorbing. The two pieces are merely a little portion into the art of Ancient Egypt. But cognizing what the two are about. is what makes the spectator and pupil have a better grasp of the art of the yesteryear.

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