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The research workers chose this subject. This is about the Frustration of the adolescents and a immature kid or either an grownup to Korean’s Music. The research workers find outs that people’s dependence is distributing out. Anchoring on the aims of this survey. the research workers reviewed related surveies that are important for the fans active media ingestion. Filipinos as active-fans. popular media content in the Philippines. and the Korean moving ridge in Philippines. Because of the rise of this societal media or societal networking sites k-pop became popular in the Philippines particularly in the Filipino teens. Not merely in the Philippines but besides in the other state. people who are influence by this k-pop group are largely adolescents. some are immature and others are immature at bosom.

Harmonizing to Angelica Evangelista – Korean Pop Music is All About Addiction! Many Filipino people is addicted to Koreans Music. Harmonizing to Mayeth Delos Santos – Apparently K-pop is all about packaging. The performing artists. looking like theoretical accounts with finely chiseled characteristics and dolled up in brassy costumes. move like clockwork on a phase. When the high-decibel music starts. so the consequence is visually collaring. So that’s why Filipino peoples is addicted to Kpop even at any age Adult. Adolescents and peoples. Because of the popularity of k-pop group and creative persons. k-pop fandom among Filipino teens become besides widespread. kpop influenced most of the Filipino teens yearss with fetid hair manner ( and those immense that about cover their faces ) . stylish apparels. trendy places. coal eyeliners. bizarre hovels and the knocks somersault hallmarks. Filipino teens imitate now their Idols look. how Philippine people move act and everything that his/her k-pop Idol & A ; k-pop fans imitate that excessively.

This research has many information indoors. In this research you’ll find many things. In this research. the research workers gave the information about the influence of the kpop music in our Black Marias. you’ll see why Filipinos loves to hear Korean Musics. and in this research you’ll besides see the Korean creative person and why they so popular here in the Philippines. and here you’ll see how the Filipino Fans give love to their Korean graven images and how Filipino’s support Koreans! .

Throughout the old ages. the Korean Pop Culture has grown into a popular subculture for many adolescents and grownups likewise. Infact in many part in Asia the popularity of Korean dad civilization has become so extended that governments and patriots fear that it is taking to xenocentricpreferences for Korean manners and thoughts. Peoples in Korea holding plastic surgery in Korea are become younger and younger. Harmonizing to Kharimah Dimatanday an addict fan of reading an article about Korea’s facts and Kharimah told about it.

Harmonizing to Kharimah some pupil in Korea are encourage by their school to acquire high Markss in their capable and as a wages in doing their classs high they will hold a free plastic surgery that’s why pupil in Korea are analyzing really hard to hold that wages. Adolescents in Korea undergo plastic surgey an illustration of this is Sujin Shin. a 17 year-old pupil at the Hanguk Academy of foreign surveies in Yong in. South Korea. said that she has seen many of her schoolmates get dual eyelid surgery or nose occupations. “ It’s non uncommon for in-between Schoolers to acquire eyelid surgery before traveling to highschool” Sujin said.

Korean Pop or known as KPOP is turning so fast today. It is one of the most popular music in Asia. but now KPOP besides going popular in Europe and America. K-pop ( Korean: ?? . Gayo ) ( an abbreviation of Korean dad or Korean popular music ) is amusical genre dwelling of electropop. hip hop. dad. stone. and R & A ; B music originating in South Korea. Actually KPOP is already known in 90’s. but it more popular in 2000 til now. In add-on to music. K-pop has grown into a popular subculture among adolescents and immature grownups around the universe. ensuing in widespread involvement in the manner and manner of Korean graven image groups and vocalists. So their merely like hypnotized everyone who listened to thei vocal and besides watched their energic dance.

The fast turning population of KPOP groups can’t be deny in South Korea nowdays. But the fact is non easy to be an Korean Idol ( soloist. Boyband. Girlband and even Band ) . Most of them must make developing period foremost. it called pre-debut trainee. it lasted for 2 to 3 old ages. and many of them must make developing up to 5 old ages before introduction. In this developing their erudite vocal and besides dancing. The history of Korean dad music is non really old. Pop music has become rather popular in Korea due to the Western influence of dad music. This doesn’t mean that Western civilization is catching the Korean civilization. but more that it was the start of assorted popular music channels like MTV and cyberspace beginnings. that have spread dad music and had a great influence upon the inspiration of Korean instrumentalists. every bit good as general music lovers.

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