K-pop and Filipino Teens Essay Example
K-pop and Filipino Teens Essay Example

K-pop and Filipino Teens Essay Example

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  • Published: September 9, 2017
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The researchers conducted a survey to explore the frustration experienced by adolescents, immature children, and adults towards Korean music. The study aimed to investigate the spread of people's addiction and focused on specific objectives.

Research has investigated the active media consumption of fans, particularly among Filipinos. Filipinos are notable for their enthusiasm in consuming popular media, especially the Korean wave. The rise of social media and networking platforms has played a vital role in the widespread popularity of K-pop among Filipino teenagers. It is important to recognize that this phenomenon extends beyond the Philippines and can be observed in other countries too.

The main influence of this K-pop group is on adolescents, including both immature and mature ones. Angelica Evangelista claims that Korean Pop Music is addictive and has a strong grip on many Filipino individuals. In contrast, Mayeth Delos


Santos argues that K-pop focuses on packaging, particularly the performers themselves.

Like finely crafted characters in elaborate costumes, they resemble theoretical accounts. Moving precisely on stage, they operate like clockwork. When the high-decibel music begins, the visual impact is captivating. This is why Filipino people of all ages, including adults, are addicted to Kpop.

The popularity of k-pop groups and creative individuals has greatly influenced adolescents and peoples in the Philippines, leading to a widespread embrace of k-pop fandom. This cultural phenomenon is evident not only in their fashion choices, such as the trend of having fetid hair styles that sometimes cover their faces, but also in their imitation of k-pop idols through movement and behavior. The research presented here offers valuable insights into the influence of k-pop music on Filipino teens. It explores the reasons behind Filipinos' lov

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for Korean music and the immense popularity of Korean artists in the Philippines. Additionally, it examines the deep affection Filipino fans have for their Korean idols and how they express support for them. These various aspects have been observed over time.

The popularity of Korean Pop Culture has become a significant subculture for both adolescents and adults. In fact, in many parts of Asia, the popularity of Korean culture has become so widespread that governments and nationalists are concerned about its influence on preferences for Korean lifestyles and ideas. Additionally, plastic surgery in Korea is becoming more common among younger individuals. Kharimah Dimatanday, an avid reader and fan of Korea, learned about this through an article. Kharimah stated that some students in Korea are encouraged by their schools to achieve high marks in their subjects, with the reward being free plastic surgery if they excel. As a result, Korean students are studying very hard to earn this reward. An example of a teenager in Korea who underwent plastic surgery is Sujin Shin.

A 17-year-old student at the Hanguk Academy of foreign studies in Yongin, South Korea, stated that she has observed numerous classmates undergo dual eyelid surgery or nose jobs. "It's not unusual for middle schoolers to get eyelid surgery before entering high school," Sujin said. Korean Pop, also known as KPOP, is rapidly expanding in popularity.

K-pop, short for Korean dad or Korean popular music, is a musical genre consisting of electropop, hip hop, and dad. It is currently gaining popularity not only in Asia but also in Europe and America.

Stone and R&A;B music originated from South Korea. Although KPOP was already popular in the 90s, it

gained even more popularity from the 2000s until now. In addition to music.

K-pop has gained immense popularity among young people globally, resulting in a surge of interest in the fashion and style of Korean idol groups and singers. The captivating vocals and dynamic dance routines of these idols have mesmerized audiences everywhere. The undeniable growth of KPOP groups in South Korea is evident, although becoming a Korean idol, whether as a solo artist or part of a boyband, is no easy feat.

Girl bands and bands in general usually undergo a pre-debut trainee phase, which can last for 2 to 3 years or even up to 5 years. Throughout this period, they concentrate on honing their vocal and dancing abilities.

The emergence of Korean dad music is a recent phenomenon influenced by the popularity of Western dad music in Korea. However, this does not imply that Korean culture is being overshadowed by Western civilization. Rather, it highlights the impact of popular music platforms such as MTV and the internet, which have greatly contributed to the dissemination of dad music and served as inspiration for both Korean musicians and fans.

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