Jaydens Rescue Alternative Ending Essay Example
Jaydens Rescue Alternative Ending Essay Example

Jaydens Rescue Alternative Ending Essay Example

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and Sam anxiously awaited the reappearance of the evil Rechner so they could use the secret word they had agreed upon, AFGOI, to free Jayden. Despite several days passing quickly at camp, they kept vigil for Rechner. One day, they decided to go sailing after a water skiing accident had left them wary of the activity. While out on the lake, a sudden rainstorm forced them to seek shelter under a nearby tent. Realizing they were far from their cabin and unable to continue sailing, they opted to head back and call it a night. Despite muddy shoes and exhaustion, they were happy to finally rest in their bunks, with their counselor keeping watch over them. The following morning, hunger led the cabin to breakfast together.After Sam returned to the cabin to brush their teeth, the evil Rechner appeared a


nd all three of them shouted AFGOI. Rechner, admitting defeat, announced that Jayden could now return to her castle. Alex, Vanessa, and Sam were stunned but overjoyed, as were the other residents of Idyllia who had been eager to hold back the Emerald Queen. They received $900 from a book, with each person getting $300. With Rechner gone for good, they had successfully rescued Jayden.

In another part of the story, Schmo went through two green lights, Mane went through one red light, and Torch went through three yellow lights. In total, there were six lights (2+1+3), which happened twice for a grand total of twelve lights. Torch went through three yellow lights twice, totaling six. Each ticket cost $300, so six lights multiplied by $300 equals $1,800. Torch only had $100 bills, so the total neede

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to be divided by $100, equaling eighteen bills. Additionally, Torch encountered four ducks who each bit his hand causing four red bumps each time, resulting in sixteen red bumps in total.

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