IS Exam 4

Which of the following best describes CRM?
A way of thinking and acting
Which of the following is an important enabler of CRM?
recognizing there are many customer touchpoints
____ systems support the front-office business processes which directly interact with customers.
operational CRM
The sales, marketing, and service functions are part of:
operational CRM
AT&T sells telephone services that include local and long-distance service, voice mail service, caller ID, and digital subscriber line access to the Internet. This is a form of:
_____ is a form of _____.
Bundling, Cross selling
_____ are simple tools for answering repetitive customer questions.
Which of the following statements about loyalty programs is false?
The purpose of loyalty programs is to reward past behavior
Potential problems with on-demand CRM include all of the following except:
increases cost for organization
_____ is the ability for all organizations in a supply chain to access or view relevant data on purchased materials as these materials move through their suppliers’ production processes and transportation networks to their receiving docks.
Supply chain visibility
A company’s suppliers, suppliers’ suppliers, and the processes for managing them is the:
upstream portion of the supply chain
_____ are the physical products, raw materials, and supplies that flow along a supply chain.
material flows
_____ involve money transfers, payments, credit card information and authorization, payment schedules, e-payments, and credit-related data.
financial flows
Interorganizational information systems result in all of the following except:
increased cycle time
Which of the following is not a problem along the supply chain?
decreased cycle times
The _____ is erratic shifts in orders up and down the supply chain.
Bullwhip effect
The bullwhip effect comes from which of the following?
all of the above
When Wal-Mart sells a package of diapers, the company captures data on that sale at its point-of-sale terminal and transmits that data to the company that makes the diapers. When it is necessary, the diaper company restocks the diapers in that Wal-Mart store. This process is called:
vendor managed inventory
Which of the following is not a benefit of EDI?
length of messages is longer
The FedEx extranet that allows customers to track the status of a package is an example of which type of extranet?
a company and its dealers, customers, suppliers
Being a figurehead and leader is part of the _____ managerial role.
Being an entrepreneur, disturbance handler, and negotiator is part of the _____ managerial role.
In the _____ phase of the decision-making process, managers examine a situation and identify and define the problem.
Which of the following is not a reason why managers need IT support?
The number of alternatives is decreasing
Which of the following is not a characteristic of a structured decision?
the first three phases of the decision making process need not occur in any particular sequence
________ decisions are more common at lower organizational levels.
Calculating gross pay for hourly workers is an example of ________ decision making.
A large foreign automobile manufacturer is considering where to build a new manufacturing plant in the United States. They are making which type of decision?
_____ is the efficient and effective execution of specific tasks.
operational control
Computer support is greatest for which of the following problems?
structured and operational control
Searching for valuable business information in a database, data warehouse, or data mart is referred to as _____.
data mining
_____ provides users with a view of what is happening, whereas _____ addresses why it is happening.
multi dimensional data analysis, data mining
company wants to use data from past promotional mailings to identify people who would likely respond favorably to future mailings. This company would most likely use:
data mining
Which of the following is not a characteristic of DSSs?
they only support lower and middle level managers
Which of the following is not a characteristic of organizational decision support systems?
they are standalone systems
Which of the following information systems are very user friendly, supported by graphics, and provide exception reporting and drill down?
digital dashboards
Digital dashboards provide all of the following capabilities except:
Transaction processing
The management cockpit best exemplifies which type of system?
digital dashboard
The primary distinguishing characteristic of geographical information systems is:
every record or digital object has an identified geographical location
geographical information systems are being combined with _____ to form geospatial technologies.

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