IPC online quiz questions

Which of the following is true with respect to interpersonal conflict?
It involves perceived scarce resources

According to deception research, which of the following behavioral changes is a reliable cue to deception?
decreased gesturing

When spouses engage in the demand-withdraw pattern, who is most likely to demand and withdraw?
Women are most likely to demand; men are most likely to withdraw.

Concept of flooding
Flooding happens when someone engaged in conflict is emotionally or psychologically unable to engage the discussion further.

14. Research indicates that the average person can detect deception approximately what percentage of the time?

How do researchers study deceptive behaviors in cross-cultural environments?
They focus their research on the speakers nonverbal cues

Jon recently stopped a conflict with his girlfriend, Ana, and said to her, “You don’t know how to have a disagreement without losing your temper and swearing!” Ana replied, “Well at least I want to confront the issues instead of avoiding them!” Jon and Ana’s exchange is an example of:

Reframing a conflict
Thinking of conflict as a game if you traditionally think of it as a battle.

In her diary study, communication scientist Sandra Metts found that almost half of people’s deception attempts involved this form of deception:

Felix had been angry with his roommate Hector for some time. Hector was always playing his music so loudly that Felix couldn’t concentrate, much less have a conversation on the telephone. Despite his anger, he hadn’t expressed his feelings to Hector. Which of the following is true of this situation?
Hector and felix are not engaged in conflict bc conflict much be expressed

A listener is so suspicious that he or she doubts someone else’s truthful statement.

What is meant by the phrase “deception can serve as a social lubricant?”
People commonly engage in deception to avoid hurting others’ feelings.

Research shows that three issues top the list as sources of conflict in romantic relationships. Which of the following is NOT among them?
Relationships with in-laws

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