Intro to Human Resource Management UWGB

The process of anticipating and making provision for the movement of people into, within, and out of an organization is known as:
human resources planning.
The ________ ideally clarifies the long-term direction of the company and its strategic intent.
vision statement
The mission, vision, and values drive the second component of the strategic management process which is
an analysis of external opportunities and threats
The competitive environment of a firm includes customers, rival firms, new entrants, substitutes, and
Which of the following is not an example of HR forecasting?
Lynn is computing how much of a merit increase she can give to each of the stock pickers in the warehouse this year.
Which of the following is not part of a SWOT analysis that an HR manager might perform?
Firms using a differentiation strategy can differentiate themselves from their competitors by all of the following EXCEPT:
operating the most efficiently
At its most basic level, HR’s role in the strategy implementation process is:
to reconcile (1) human resources demanded and (2) human resources available.
Organizations can reduce excess labor supply by
Offering early retirement.
The Balanced Scorecard has four related cells. They are
financial, customer, processes, and learning.
Professional organizations such as SHRM and HRPS conduct ongoing studies of the most pressing competitive issues facing firms. One of these competitive issues is:
Effective HRM balances the competing needs of
competitive challenges and employee concerns
________ is the planned elimination of jobs
The introduction of advanced technology tends to reduce the number of jobs that require little skill and increase the number of jobs that require considerable skills. This transformation has been referred to as a shift towards
knowledge workers
Which of the following is NOT a benefit of an effective human resources information system (HRIS)?
It has produced a class of workers known as “intellectual” workers on whom HR must depend
Organizations that have been successful in engineering change have done all of the following except:
linked the change to the past trends in the market
Employee leasing has become an attractive option for companies because
it allows the organization to maintain its working relationships but shift its administrative costs to another firm.
Which of the following statements does not support the current trends of the ethnic and racial diversity of the American workforce?
By 2050, the number of workers of Asian and Hispanic descent in the U. S. workforce will double.
Family friendly options by employers to employees would not include
mandatory overtime.
HR professionals need to know the business of their organization thoroughly. This is known as ________ competency.
business mastery
A common employee concern in today’s organizations is ________.
job security
Mary Santorini, the CEO of a small firm, is concerned that it is having a hard time offering the higher benefits to its employees larger firms can. So, she has designed to implement employee leasing. To which of the following competitive challenges is Mary responding?
cost containment
________ refers to a company’s ability to produce a good or service without depleting the world’s resources and doing the least amount of harm to the environment as possible.
Technology, transportation, communication, and utilities industries tend to spend the most on ________.
Researchers at the Boston College’s Center for Corporate Citizenship found that as a company’s reputation improved, ________.
so did the number of people saying they would recommend the firm
John needs to contain costs while retaining top talent and maximizing productivity. Which of the following approaches to controlling labor cost would allow John to reduce labor cost temporarily by having employees take time off with either no pay or reduced pay?
________ is the practice of moving jobs to other countries.
The best way to improve company productivity is to
increasing employee abilities, motivating them, and improving their work environments.
“Managing diversity”
means being aware of the characteristics common to all employees, while managing them as individuals.
Major responsibilities of HR managers include:
giving advice and counsel to supervisors, managers, and executives.
Using people skills and talents to increase efficiency and effectiveness is the ______
approach to combining business planning with people planning.
strategic human resources management
The actions an employee takes should underlie the ___
that represent the essence of a company’s culture and expression of its personality.
core values
_____ cannot be directly controlled by a company but can affect its strategy.
The business environment
Sony began conducting a______
when it distributed surveys and interviewed employees to determine their values, attitudes, beliefs, and expectations.
cultural audit
Sun Microsystems’ use of expert sources on international markets, such as the World Bank, is a type of _____
to determine future employment needs.
management forecast
With_________, organizations are better able to match job openings with employee backgrounds.
skills inventories
With a _______
matrix, a company can see its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
SWOT analysis
Apple, over and over again, has illustrated its_______
as it continuously develops new products to remain ahead of the competition.
organizational capability
“Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all the time” is an example of a company’s
core value
________ provides strategic decision makers with an inventory of organizational skills and resources as well as their performance levels.
An internal analysis
R&D scientists in a pharmaceutical company are an example of
strategic knowledge workers.
Methods used to track the internal labor supply include all of the following except:
cultural audits
In HR forecasting, gap analysis refers to the gap between the average amount of compensation usually paid for a given job and the amount a firm can actually afford to pay.
American Airlines, Kraft Foods, and Procter & Gamble and Gillette are all examples of
mergers and acquisitions.
Firms using a differentiation strategy can differentiate themselves from their competitors by all of the following except?
operating the most efficiently
To meet the demand for human resources, one of the staffing possibilities for an organization is
to recall laid-off workers
What is the process of identifying best practices in a given area and then comparing it to existing practices and performance within a firm?
Which measurement framework helps managers translate strategic goals into operational objectives?
The Balanced Scorecard
If a manager or supervisor violates the law while acting as an agent for the organization only the organization can face legal consequences.
This act prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.
Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
One of the significant allowances under the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is that
employees can claim discrimination after years of getting unfair pay and demand to be compensated for the lost wages.
This act prohibits discrimination in employment against people with physical or mental infirmities or the chronically ill and enjoins employers to make reasonable accommodation to the employment needs of those people.
The Americans with Disabilities Act
An attempt by employers to adjust, without undue hardship, the working conditions or schedules of employees to account for disabilities or religious preferences is ________.
reasonable accommodation.
State and local ________ often ban discrimination more harshly than federal laws.
fair employment practices
The requirements of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) in The Handbook for Employers state that employers must
have employees fill out their part of Form I-9.
A situation in which protected-class members receive unequal treatment is called
disparate treatment.
The four-fifths rule, or ________, is a rule to determine adverse impact.
the adverse rejection rate
What is the first step for employees or job applicants who believe they have been discriminated against when they contact the EEOC?
file a charge form
“Protected Classes” do not include
those who have been released from prison on a work release program.
This act requires all employees covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act and others to provide equal pay for equal work, regardless of sex.
The Equal Pay Act of 1963
Bona Fide Occupational Qualification is
a defense used in a discrimination charge when age, religion, or sex is an actual qualification for performing the job.
Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, an employer
need only make reasonable accommodation for religious observance or practice.
Reducing job duties of employees over age 50 would be a violation of
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act.
This act protects seniority and benefits of individuals in the private sector who enter the military for a short period of service.
The Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994
This act prohibits federal contractors from discriminating against people with disabilities in any program receiving federal financial assistance.
The Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973
The Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures
assist employers in complying with federal laws prohibiting discrimination.
The unintentional discrimination against a protected class defines
adverse impact.
All of the following are basic steps in developing an effective affirmative action program except:
Appoint a member of each protected group to a committee to assess affirmative action plans.
The right of an employer to fire an employee without giving a reason and the right of an employee to quit when he or she chooses is called
the employment-at-will principle.
Which of the following is not a discharge that violates public policy?
stealing from the employer
When an employee voluntarily terminates his or her employment because of unreasonable employment conditions, it is referred to as
constructive discharge.
Which of the following is not a recommendation for a drug-free workplace policy?
Perform post-employment drug testing on all new hires
Which of the following is a misconception regarding e-mail and internet privacy?
Employees’ rights to privacy do not extend to their personal e-mail accounts.
Discharge guidelines that should be followed for “just cause” include all but one of which of the following?
There should have been opportunity for peers to voice their opinions about the discharge.
Complaints to governmental agencies by employees about employers’ illegal practices are known as ________.
Paid-leave given as part of the discipline process to an employee to allow the employee time off work to decide whether he or she wishes to continue working for the organization is referred to as
decision-making leave.
What is the term applied to different employee complaint or dispute resolution methods that do not involve going to court?
Alternative dispute resolution
A step-review system
is based on a pre-established set of steps for review of an employee complaint by successively higher levels of management.
Negligence is
the failure to use a reasonable amount of care when such failure results in injury to another person.
The expectation of a fair exchange of employment obligations between an employee and employer is called
a psychological contract.
Exceptions to the employment-at-will doctrine include all except:
a constructive discharge
Which of the following statements about drug testing is not true?
State governments are not allowed to regulate drug testing.
Searches of employee work areas are
legal where there is justification and when notification has been given
A discipline approach intended to nip the problem in the bud by using just enough corrective action to remedy the shortcoming is
progressive discipline.
A discipline approach that has employees assuming responsibility for their own personal conduct and job performance is:
positive discipline.
Due process
is an employee’s right to present his or her position during disciplinary action.
A peer-review system
is a committee of an equal number of employees and management appointees that serves as a jury to review employee complaints.
A mediator
is a third-party neutral who helps the two parties reach a compromise decision.
The first federal law pertaining to labor relations was the ________.
Railway Labor Act
Which act lists unfair labor practices of unions?
The Taft-Hartley Act
The labor relations process consists of the following steps of (1) a group of workers desiring collective representation, (2) voting in a union, and (3) striking.
Employees unionize because of all but which of the following?
employee fraternization
A(n) ________ requires employees to join the union as a requirement for their employment.
union shop agreement
A bargaining unit is
a group of two or more employees with common employment interests and conditions and may reasonably be grouped together for the purpose of collective bargaining.
National unions provide various services to their members. Which of the following is not a service provided by national unions?
benefits packages
Which of the following factors may influence the union-management negotiation process?
a. the economy

b. laws and administrative rulings

c. public opinion


A party’s ________ consists of its economic, political, and social influence to achieve its demands at the expense of the other side.
bargaining power
A formal procedure that provides for the union to represent members and nonmembers in processing a grievance is called ________.
a grievance procedure
Laws governing labor relations include all except which of the following?
The Unfair Labor Practices Act of 1973
Which of the following is not an unfair labor practices (ULP) under the Wagner Act?
a ten day strike notification for the steel industry
Which act safeguards union members’ rights and prevents unscrupulous practices by employer and union officials?
The Landrum-Griffin Act
Which act gives union members the right to attend union meetings?
The Landrum-Griffin Act
A(n) ________ indicates an employee is willing to be represented by a labor union in the collective bargaining process.
authorization card
A craft union is
a labor organization that represents skilled workers.
What is the term applied to the goals of U. S. labor organizations that collectively bargain for improvements in wages, hours, job security, and working conditions?
Business unionism
For federal employees, collective bargaining is governed by executive orders and
the Civil Service Reform Act.
During the third step of collective bargaining, conducting negotiations, all of the following are part of the process except:
developing bargaining terms
In the private sector, hours of employment and conditions of employment are considered
mandatory topics for bargaining.
A job description
is a statement of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of a job.
What are the most common methods of collecting the data needed to analyze jobs?
questionnaires, observations, and diaries
A task inventory analysis
is an organization-specific list of tasks and their descriptions used as a basis to identify components of jobs.
A job description is composed of all of the following except a:
job benefits statement
Ergonomics is
an interdisciplinary approach to design equipment and systems that can be easily and efficiently used by humans
Autonomy refers to
the degree to which a job provides freedom, independence, and discretion to the jobholder.
The job characteristics model proposes that three psychological states of a jobholder result in all except the following:
higher skill identity
A group formed specifically to design a new product or service is a
project team.
Which of the following is not a form of flexible work schedules?
job rotation
permits employees the option of choosing daily starting and quitting times, provided they work a certain number of hours per day or week
A job specification is
a statement of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of the person performing the job
The critical incident method
is a job analysis method by which important job tasks are identified for job success.
The ________ part of the job description is of psychological importance because it provides status to the employee.
job title
Job design
is concerned with structuring jobs in order to improve organizational efficiency.
Job enrichment
involves making work more rewarding or satisfying by adding more meaningful tasks to an employee’s job.
Task significance is
the degree to which the job has a substantial impact on the lives or work of other people.
Employee empowerment is
a technique of involving employees in their work through the process of inclusion.
The process of structuring organizations not around job but around projects that are constantly changing is called ________.
What type of team is championed as the highest form of teams because of the high level of autonomy afforded the team?
Self-directed team
Compressed workweeks allow employees to work fewer hours per week.
Of the following, which is not a factor that can affect a firm’s recruiting strategy?
professional associations
There are several potential advantages to internal recruitment. Of the following, which would not be considered an advantage to internal recruiting?
access to more specialized skills or experience
Which of the following is NOT a sign of a weak talent bench?
The organization never grants promotions.
What is the most commonly used search tactic by job seekers?
internet searches
________ is the preference for hiring relatives of current employees.
An advantage of realistic job preview (RJP) is
enhanced communication through honesty and openness.
A yield ratio is the percentage of applicants from a particular source that make it to the next stage of the selection process.
A change of assignment to a job at a higher level in an organization is called a
Which of the following is true about mentors?
The age of the mentor does not matter.
Increasing numbers of blacks and Hispanics are now in upper income tax brackets by virtue of ________.
their entrance into professional, engineering, and managerial positions
The process of outsourcing an organization’s recruiting function to an outside firm is called ________.
Recruiting process outsourcing
Labor markets in which workers are hired into entry level jobs and higher levels are filled from within is called ________.
internal labor markets
________ is an internal source of recruitment.
Job posting and bidding
Which of the following is a sign that firms need to work harder at grooming internal talent?
Replacements for positions are often unsuccessful in performing their new duties.
A yield ratio describes
the percentage of applicants from an individual source who make it to the next stage of the selection process.
A line of advancement in an occupational field within an organization is called a
career path
The typical age range of midcareer stage is ________.
What helps terminated employees find a job elsewhere?
Outplacement services
Services, like help in moving, provided to existing employees who transfer to a different location are called
relocation services
Which of the following is an ineffective way of reaching minorities who are inner-city residents?
advertisements in major newspapers
Jack needs to hire an assistant manager, as well as an HR director, but he has to focus his time on the accounting aspect of the business. In order to let himself focus on non-recruiting aspects of his job, Jack decided to userecruiting process outsourcing Correct

and hires Global Recruiting Incorporated to recruit qualified candidates for the jobs.

The process of choosing individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill existing or projected job openings is called
The degree to which interviews, tests, and other selection procedures yield comparable data over a period of time is known as
Which of the following is not a purpose of application forms?
They collect information on existence and nature of disability of applicants.
An interview in which an applicant is asked questions about what he or she actually did in a given situation is referred to as a ________.
behavioral description interview
One method to increase the reliability of the interview and avoid discrimination is to ________.
standardize the interview questions asked
Which question is appropriate to ask in an interview?
Where did you go to school?
The failure of an organization to discover via due diligence that an employee it hired has the propensity to do harm to others is referred to as ________.
negligent hiring
Which test requires the applicant to perform tasks that are actually a part of the work required on the job?
work sample test
________ is the degree to which someone is intellectual, philosophical, insightful, creative, and curious.
Openness to experience
Which of the following cannot be used as part of the selection process for most jobs due to a law prohibiting its use?
polygraph tests
The extent to which a test can predict an applicant’s job performance is known as ________.
The difference between the situational interview and the behavioral description interview is
the situational interview focuses on hypothetical rather than actual work situations.
In a panel interview,
a group of interviewers questions and observes a single candidate.
A format in which a candidate is interviewed by multiple people, one right after another is called a ________.
sequential interview
Which of the following is not a cognitive ability test?
________ is the degree to which someone is social, active, talkative, and excitable.
Which test asks the job applicant to do a piece of the job for which he or she is applying?
work sample test
Validity coefficients range from ________.
−1. 00 to +1. 00
The extent to which a selection instrument adequately samples the knowledge and skills needed to perform a particular job is called
content validity.
Which of the following involves selecting only the applicants with the highest scores at the initial stages to go on to subsequent stages?
The multiple hurdle model
The steps in conducting a needs assessment include all of the following except:
a curriculum analysis
The overall purpose of task analysis is to
determine the exact content of the training program.
Instructional objectives
are clear statements of what you intend the results of training or instruction to be.
One of the most common ways to increase the receptiveness and readiness of participants in training programs is ________.
to have them complete questionnaires assessing what they hope to accomplish in the training program
Which of the following is an undesirable trait of a trainer?
Which training programs use self-directed learning tools like books, manuals, or computers?
Programmed instruction
Learning that takes place via electronic media is called
Which method of on-the-job experience can involve horizontal movements through different departments, along with potentially upward movement in the organization?
special assignments
What training evaluation approach would ask the question, “Did you like the program?”
The process of measuring one’s own services and practices against industry leaders is called:
The systems approach to training involves four phases. The first phase is
a needs assessment.
The objective of competency assessment is to
focus on the set of skills and knowledge employees need to be successful for decision-oriented and knowledge-intensive jobs.
The aim of person analysis is to
determine which employees need training.
John is offering a safety training course. Which of the following is a principle of learning that he should address to ensure that the wide variety of participants benefit from the training?
The training programs should account for and facilitate each person’s learning style.
The most common method used for training nonmanagerial employees is:
on-the-job training.
In which of the following situations would the simulation method of training be most appropriate?
It is impractical or unwise to train employees on the actual equipment used on the job.
All of the following allow for on-the-job experiences except:
Which of the following types of training relies most heavily on a continuing flow of instructions, comments, and suggestions from managers to subordinates?
One of the components of behavior modeling is
learning points.
Which of the following is the simplest and most common approach to evaluating a training program?
the assessment of participants’ reactions
A performance evaluation is
a process, typically delivered by a supervisor annually or biannually, to help employees understand their roles, objectives, expectations, and performance success.
A developmental purpose of performance evaluations is
providing feedback about an employee’s strengths and weaknesses.
During the performance evaluations of his two employees, Tom Jones, a manager, ignored the fact that one of the employees had a newer machine than the other employee. This is an example of
criterion contamination.
A performance rating error in which the evaluation is based largely on the employee’s most recent behavior rather than on behavior throughout the evaluation period is referred to as ________.
recency error
Performance evaluations are grouped into three main methods. These are:
trait, behavioral, results.
In the essay evaluation method,
the rater composes statements that best describe the employee.
When the management by objectives (MBO) approach is used,
performance is rated on the basis of the employee’s achievement of goals mutually agreed on by the employee and his or her supervisor.
The three factors that influence performance are:
ability, motivation, and environment.
Becky appears to be unable to complete her job tasks in a timely manner. Her supervisor evaluates the situation and notices that Becky’s desk is located in a high traffic area and she is frequently being interrupted. Which factor is the likely source of ineffective performance?
Becky’s environment
Research consistently shows that when managing performance problems managers often
attribute poor performance to characteristics of the individual performer.
Which of the following is not one of the obstacles that can hamper the effectiveness of performance appraisals?
Biased ratings because managers hold personal grudges against employees
________ refers to the relating of standards to the strategic objectives of the organization.
Strategic relevance
During performance evaluation of his sales staff, a manager decided to focus only on sales revenue while ignoring other important but less quantifiable performance dimensions, such as customer service. This is an example of
criterion deficiency.
Which of the following is not an advantage of the 360-degree appraisal?
The system is complex in combining all the responses.
A concern of using 360-degree feedback is that
the system requires training to work effectively.
When the graphic rating scales method is used,
each trait or characteristic is represented by a scale on which the rater indicates the degree to which an employee possesses it.
Which of the following is not a common reason for a performance evaluation failure according to the text?
The evaluation is used as a judgmental device.
Which of the following describes an event that denotes superior or inferior employee performance in some part of a job?
critical incident method
Using the behavior observation scale,
each trait or characteristic is represented by a scale on which the rater indicates the frequency with which a rater observes the trait in an employee.
What benefit does an employee’s self-assessment have prior to the evaluation interview offer?
It ensures that the employee knows what criteria he or she is being evaluated against
Which of the following is not one of the three main components of compensation?
Social compensation, which includes the fulfillment of social needs through activities
________ should purposefully link compensation to the organization’s mission and general business objectives.
Strategic compensation
Merit based pay, bonuses, and commissions are examples of
pay for performance.
Which of the following is an external factor that influences wage rates?
legal requirements
Provisions for periodic increases in wages based on changes in the CPI are called ________.
escalator clauses
Elements of a job that can be evaluated quantitatively are called ________.
compensable factors
Which type of job evaluation system is widely used by the federal, state, and municipal governments?
Job classification system
Which of the following is a government source for wage and salary data?
Bureau of Labor Statistics
________ are defined as groups of jobs within a particular class that are paid the same rate.
Pay grades
Which of the following federal laws does not regulate wages?
Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act
Expectancy theory of motivation claims that when an employee’s high performance leads to monetary rewards that are valued, the compensation package has ________.
Employees are classified as exempt or nonexempt under
the Fair Labor Standards Act
Internal factors that influence wage rates include
the worth of a job.
A ________ is the systematic process of determining the relative worth of jobs in order to establish which jobs should be paid more than the others within the organization.
job evaluation
In which job evaluation system are jobs classified and grouped according to a series of predetermined grades?
A job classification system
Which job evaluation system uses knowledge, mental activity, and accountability to evaluate executives and managerial positions?
The Hay profile method
A wage curve
represents the relationship between the relative worth of jobs and their wage rates.
Which act contains the provisions for minimum wage rates, overtime payments, and child labor?
The Fair Labor Standards Act
Wage rate compression
is the reduction of differences between job classes.
Kiera, an HR manager for a small publishing house, wanted to determine whether the wages her company paid its employees were competitive with other similar companies in the region. Which of the following would not be a good source for the information she seeks?
Internet job postings
Which of the following would not be a form of incentive plan?
At Sam’s Bakery, the workers did not complete the day’s orders during their shift so they had to stay late to clean up; they were not paid for the overtime.
One of the advantages of an incentive pay program is
that it is a way of distributing success among those responsible for producing that success.
Which of the following is an example of an individual incentive plan?
Heather earned a $5,000 bonus for meeting her sales goal every month in the entire year.
Which incentive plan sets rates based on the completion of a job in predetermined standard time?
a standard hour plan
Which of the following can be used to assess salespeople’s performance?
all of the above
Which of the following is not a problem of team incentive plans?
The work assigned to the team is highly interdependent
Under which gainsharing program are bonuses based on the overall productivity of the work team?
Which of the following is an enterprise incentive plan?
a stock option
Which plan is a stock plan in which an organization contributes shares of its stocks to an established trust for the purpose of stock purchases by its employees?
an employee stock ownership plan
What are nonmonetary rewards to executives called?
Which of the following is not a major advantage of incentive plans?
Incentives are a means to reward all levels of performance when salary budgets are low.
Under which incentive plan do employees receive a certain rate for each unit?
a straight piecework plan
Brython is paid $1 for the first 100 toys he makes and then $1. 50 for any additional toys he makes during his shift. What type of incentive plan is this organization using?
a differential piece rate plan
The standard time for producing one unit of work in a job paying $11. 50 per hour is 12 minutes. What is the piece rate per unit?
$2. 30
Which of the following is an individual incentive plan?
merit pay
Which program permits salespeople to be paid for performing various duties that are not reflected immediately in their sales volume?
a straight salary plan
Stock option plans can be used to motivate and compensate which of the following types of employees?
All of the above
Which incentive plan is designed to increase productivity or decrease labor costs and share monetary gains with employees according to a predetermined formula?
a gainsharing plan
Which bonus incentive plan uses employee and management committees to gain cost-reduction improvements?
A Scanlon plan
What are rights granted to executives to purchase shares of their organization’s stock at an established price for a fixed period of time?
stock options
Employee benefits constitute
potentially more than 50 percent of the total payroll costs to employers.
The Social Security program is supported only by means of a tax levied against employee’s earnings.
Laid-off employees covered by the Social Security Act may be eligible for up to ________ weeks of unemployment insurance benefits.
The Family and Medical Leave Act
provides for up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave in a twelve-month period.
Which of the following Acts grants employees the right to switch their medical insurance from a former employer to a current employer?
________ are groups of physicians who establish an organization or a network of doctors that guarantees lower costs to the employer through lower service charges or agreed-on utilization controls.
Preferred provider organizations
What is a one-time payment sometimes given to employees who are being terminated?
severance pay
People in which one of the following professions are legally required to retire at age sixty-five?
Airline pilots
In what kind of pension plan is the amount an employee is to receive on retirement specifically set forth?
defined-benefit plan
Employers must consider many factors to have a successful benefits plan. Which of the following would not be a concern?
Knowledge of the number of employees eligible for merit raises
Which plans allow employees to choose those benefits that best suit their needs?
Cafeteria plans
Which act requires that employees be informed of their pensions and certain other benefits in a manner understood by the average employee?
Which of the following benefits does the Social Security program not provide?
workers’ compensation
Legally required benefits include all except for the following:
Paid sick leave
COBRA mandates that employers make health care coverage available to qualified individuals for between 18 and ________ months.
________ are organizations of physicians and other healthcare professionals that provide a large range of services to subscribers and their dependents on a prepaid basis.
Health maintenance organizations
________ are high-deductible insurance policies tied to a limited personal healthcare spending account funded by the employer.
Consumer-driven health plans
Contributions to which pension plan are made jointly by employers and employees?
a contributory plan
A standard definition of domestic partnership contains
a requirement that each not be a blood relative
Self-employed workers are not covered by OSHA laws.
One of the responsibilities of the NIOSH, an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services, is to
conduct research on various safety and health problems.
Inspection of imminent danger situations is what level of inspection priority?
first level priority
If you are an employee covered by the OSHA Act, you should
comply with all applicable OSHA standards.
Workplace injuries involving ________ do not have to be recorded.
first aid
The negative effects of computer use can be reduced by
using an adjustable-height chair.
________ generally occurs when a person begins questioning his or her own personal values.
What four factors have a major influence on employee stress?
High demand, high effort, low control, low reward
________ is a decrease in functional activity accompanied by symptoms of low spirits, gloominess, and sadness.
Which federal department created the Working Partners for an Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace?
U. S. Department of Labor
OSHA is authorized to do all of the following except:
undercover inspections
Special-emphasis inspections aimed at specific high-hazard industries is what level of inspection priority?
fourth level priority
Which of the following is a type of violation that OSHA may cite?
________ require employers to advise employees about hazardous chemicals they handle.
Right-to-know laws
Evaluations randomly conducted to determine an employee’s physical, mental, and emotional fitness for a job is referred to as ________.
Fitness-for-duty evaluations
An accidental death, accident, or illness is to be recorded on a log called:
an OSHA 300 form
Which of the following is not an example of ergonomics?
Reassigning an employee to a different work station to reduce the chance of a cumulative trauma disorder
Health complaints such as carpal tunnel syndrome are referred to as
cumulative trauma disorders
Positive stress is called
Alcoholism in the workplace is
considered a disease.

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