Intro to Business Chapters 9-12

Encouraging additional communication in the close of a negative message
should be avoided unless you are truly willing to discuss the matter further.
When you must deliver negative messages in the workplace, strive to maintain high standards of ethics and etiquette because
laws and regulations dictate content and delivery of many business messages
When rejecting a request because of company policy, you should
explain the policy so the audience can try to meet the requirements later
Employees who observe illegal or unethical behavior in the workplace may resort to ________, if they’re unable to resolve the problems through normal channels.
Whether or not you should apologize when delivering bad news about transactions depends mainly on
if you didn’t meet agreed upon expectations
If you’re using the direct approach to deliver a negative message
state the bad news at the beginning.
A crisis management plan should
define operational procedures and outline communication tasks and responsibilities
When terminating an employee
make sure reasons are objectively verifiable.
When it comes to apologizing for corporate mistakes, judges, juries, and plaintiffs tend to
be more forgiving of companies that apologize
When you’re closing a message about an error that your company made, explaining the steps being taken to avoid similar mistakes in the future
can underscore the sincerity of an apology
Which of the following is the most effective close for a letter rejecting a job applicant?
I wish you the best in your job search. I am confident you will find a match for your skills and interests
When composing negative messages, don’t use language that
pinpoints the reader’s shortcomings
A well-written buffer can
indicate empathy with the audience
When a crisis hits, corporate communicators should
get top management involved immediately.
When considering sharing bad news within an organization, managers must commit to
listening when employees have negative information to share.
During the process of composing a negative message, you should try to
gain the reader’s acceptance of the bad news.
To avoid being accused of defamation, you should
avoid any kind of behavior that could be considered abusive
Writing an effective performance review requires
evaluating all employees consistently
As a member of an online social network, the recommendations you write
become part of your online brand.
When you need to maintain a close working relationship with someone to whom you are sending a negative message, you should generally
analyze the situation carefully.
Offering discounts on future purchases, free merchandise, or other considerations in negative messages about business transactions
can go a long way to rebuilding a customer’s confidence in your company.
A letter rejecting a job applicant should
avoid explaining why he or she was not selected.
Use the ________ when you must deliver bad news, if your audience has an emotional investment in the situation.
indirect approach
To avoid a negative surprise during a performance evaluation, managers should
provide regular feedback and coaching throughout the year.
When you’re writing a negative message, use ________ to take some of the sting out of the bad news and to help your reader accept the message and move forward.
clarity and sensitivity
Differences in organizational culture
can profoundly affect the success of a persuasive message
Emotional appeals
can help audiences care enough to respond positively to your persuasive message
Addressing alternative positions in a persuasive message
enhances your credibility and can strengthen your argument.
Business professionals know that ________ is the attempt to change an audience’s attitudes, beliefs, or actions.
In general, the best persuasive messages ________ the audience’s motivations.
openly address
The purpose of the interest section of a persuasive message is to
prompt the audience to imagine how the solution might benefit them.
When writing a persuasive letter for claims or adjustments, you should
use a confident and positive tone.
As a human need that affects motivation, self-actualization involves the need to
reach one’s full potential as a human being.
Unlike more traditional promotional messages, those written for social media
enable companies to engage in conversations about their products and services.
________ information includes age, gender, occupation, income, and education.
________ data provides information about an individual’s personality, attitudes, lifestyle, and other psychological characteristics.
________ are the most common form of content marketing in the mobile arena.
Mobile-optimized videos
Successful marketing and sales messages begin with
an understanding of audience needs
Promotional messages developed for mobile devices need to
be fast and straightforward.
An effective ending for a persuasive message would be:
Simply take the enclosed coupon to any of our service centers by June 15 for your free oil and filter change.
If you can’t be sure which medium will be best to convey your persuasive message to a diverse audience, you should
use two or more media at the same time
When using the AIDA approach to persuasion, the closing should
urge the audience to take the action you are requesting
Using simple language in persuasive messages
helps avoid suspicions of fantastic claims and emotional manipulation.
An ethical persuasive argument
focuses on being both truthful and nondeceptive.
When you’re writing a persuasive message, you can encourage a positive response by
understanding and respecting cultural differences.
The best way to persuade an audience to do something is to
align your message with their existing motivation.
According to the FTC, marketing and sales messages must
be free of implied claims.
Suggesting that readers have made poor choices in the past
can inadvertently insult your audience, reducing the effectiveness of your persuasive message
AIDA stands for
attention, interest, desire, action
Establishing credibility in persuasive messages
is essential when you are trying to persuade a hostile or skeptical audience.
A ________ is written to validate a decision that has already been made.
justification report
When analyzing data, looking at ________ will indicate patterns taking place over time
Because of its natural feel and versatility, the ________ approach is generally the most persuasive way to develop an analytical report for skeptical readers.
2 + 2 = 4
A ________ outlines an organization’s official position on issues that affect its success.
position paper
A(n) ________ suggests an individualized solution for a potential customer and requests a purchase decision.
sales proposal
In the workplace, a formal invitation to bid on a contract is called a
request for proposal
Sources of secondary information include
newspapers and periodicals
All ________ are written in response to regulations of one sort or another.
compliance reports
When you speculate about the cause of a problem, you are forming a ________, a potential explanation that needs to be tested.
When preparing content for mobile devices, a(n) ________ will help leadership easily locate key variables and other report content.
executive dashboard
A powerful search tool that searches all the files on a company’s network is a(n)
enterprise search engine.
A survey is ________ if it produces identical results when repeated under similar conditions
When you’re writing a business plan, the ________ section explains the purpose of your business and what you hope to accomplish
mission and objectives
A metasearch engine is
a special type of engine that searches several search engines at once.
A(n) ________ is a set of technologies, policies, and procedures that a company can use to capture and share information throughout the organization.
knowledge management system
________ are initiated by a company that is trying to obtain business or funding on its own, without a specific request from a client
Unsolicited proposals
At the beginning of a research project, you need to
familiarize yourself with the subject.
Many businesses optimize their website to incorporate a
mobile-first strategy
An online survey is vulnerable to ________ because it captures only the opinions of those who visit the site and choose to participate.
sampling bias
When developing a survey questionnaire,
make the survey adaptive.
When you’re selecting people to participate in a survey, it is critical to get a ________ of the population you want to survey.
representative sample
Analytical reports for skeptical audiences should generally follow the ________ approach.
When evaluating material you’ve gathered for a report, you should
check the material for currency
A ________ studies events that happened in the past, with the hope of learning how to avoid similar failures in the future.
failure analysis report
One task in effective paraphrasing is to
check your version against the original to make sure that you didn’t alter the meaning.
When preparing electronic forms for a report that is recurring, the use of ________ will save time overall
form tools
A surface chart
shows a cumulative effect
Writing for audiences of another culture usually requires
a more formal style.
If you find a photograph online that you want to use in a document,
if it is not specifically offered free, assume that someone owns it and is entitled to credit and/or payment.
Flowcharts are used to
illustrate processes and procedures
When creating visuals for massive data sets, complex quantities, or dynamic data, use
data visualization.
When developing a document electronically, it should be
sent as a PDF.
When you’re drafting website content, ________ will help visitors find what they want fast and encourage them to return to your site for more information.
adding effective links
The advantage of incorporating visuals is
the reader is more likely to be drawn more deeply into the message.
Ideally, all visuals should
be as close to the text referring to it as possible.
A report’s close should
make sure your readers understand exactly what’s expected of them and when it’s expected
The primary value of a wiki stems from
the collective insight of all its contributors.
In computer graphics, a template
helps ensure an effective design and saves you the time of making numerous decisions every time you create a chart or graphic.
Any terms in the report that are unfamiliar to the audience should be defined in the
A(n) ________ helps readers understand the various design elements used in a visual
In the body of a proposal, you should describe
the organization’s experience in this area.
Which section of the introduction identifies what is, and isn’t, covered in the report?
The close of a report should
bring all action items together and give details about who should do what, when, where, and how
Clip art cluttering a bar chart is an example of
When you need to show processes, transformations, and other activities, the most effective visual choice would be
animations and videos
A massive collection of data from a variety of sources is referred to as
big data
A special class of diagrams called ________ contains enough visual and textual information to function as standalone documents.
If you’re planning to create a table for online use, ________ to make sure that the table is easy to read.
reduce the number of columns and rows
In a proposal, the statement of qualifications
describes your company’s experience, personnel, and facilities.
If you have a great deal of detailed, specific information to present, the best visual to use would be a

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