Into the world – bily elliot

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Tony conforms to society’s expectations by taking part in the miners strike and has an overall defiant and violent attitude whereas Billy is seen as a sensitive and caring young boy who struggles to fit in the male stereotype put down. This stark comparison is presented effectively in sequence seven during Tony’s arrest where a long shot Is seen of the riot police advancing on the strikers. The non- dietetic sounds of The Calash’s “London Calling” which lyrics go, “Now war Is declared and battle come down” effectively captures the angst and anger felt by the miners urine the strike.

This scene Is quickly contrasted to Billy standing on a brick wall that has him In an elevated position with a low angle compared to his brother who Is now lying on the floor being beat by the police, suggesting their different partaking in the strike and overall temperament. Tony’s change only comes about when he decided to accept his brothers dreams by stepping out of his comfort zone and past opinions on gender stereotypes. If Billy didn’t have the courage to pursue his dream than the path that not only both the brothers but also Jackie wouldn’t have positively

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Fighting Spirit” Is a first person short story of Australian born Muslim named Blanch Elmer, and her struggle to convince her Islamic traditionalist mother of her love for the ‘unconventional’ female sport, kickboxing. It presents two different yet Intertwining stories of a mother and daughter duo who have Influenced each others lives significantly by stepping out of their comfort zones. The first point of transitioning into the new world is drawn from Banana’s mum.

Her mother experienced, as what Bianca described a “culture shock” when she moved to Saudi Arabia after getting married at the age of 19. Having grown up in Queensland and placed in an unfamiliar environment, the strain of adapting to a different culture broke her parents relationship. Her mother was brave enough to “kidnap” Bianca and transition into the new world and start her life again in Australia without her husband as, “she picked me up in a car, sped to Beirut airport, got on a plane”.

The use Assonated in this sentence has sped up the tone which in effect sets a tone of urgency. Just as Bills determination to pursue his dream of dancing allowed Tony and Cackle to enter Into the new world, so did Balance’s mum with her daughter. Her willingness to step out of her comfort zone altered her daughters perception of life, as banana’s interests could have been completely different if she had stayed in Saudi opportunities of her own to move into the new world, simultaneously allowing her mother to undergo additional transfiguration.

Banana’s unconventional passion for ‘kickboxing challenged Islam gender roles and they way in which women are expected to behave in line with social, cultural and religious codes. Having grown up second generation Australian, Bianca tried assimilating both Islamic and Australian radiation. However, at times she “found it really hard to negotiate between the two”. Banana’s self determined Journey opened her mother to another world that she initially dismissed, which allowed her to allow for changes in her beliefs.

An individual’s determination to pursue a dream can encourage them to challenge peoples expectations and beliefs as they transition into the new world. Billy had grown up in a world of rules and traditions, one of these traditions being that of boxing. Jackie, Billy’s father and Tony, Billy’s brother are hugely critical of his boxing ND encourage him strongly. However it is highly evident early on that Billy is not warming of the sport. Sequence one establishes Billy’s outlook on boxing, in this sequence Billy is seen swinging the gym door which suggests his reluctance to go boxing.

The added dialogue from his friend Michael, “look at you, you’re chit”, confirms Billy’s lack of talent in the sport but Billy is dismissal of the truth, and instead of Justifying his passion for the sport he refers back to his father which validates his participation in boxing is only to satisfy his dad’s expectations. The issue f gender stereotypes is initially suggested in sequence two when Billy is drawn to the girls practicing their ballet. This scene acts as the necessary pivot that starts to push the boundaries of gender expectations that have been set down.

The effective use of a close up shot on Billy’s facial expression as he becomes enthralled by the music encapsulates his growing interest where he is able to find rhythm with his boxing. The sudden cut from the close up too mid shot of Billy draws in the social issues. The balance beam between Billy and the girls is symbolic of the intangible vision between him and his aspirations due to the norms attached to notions of masculinity. However, the open door near Mrs.. Wilkinson, the ballet teacher, is symbolic of changes and chances that are open to Billy and the fact that he is open to grow and move into a ‘new world’ of dancing.

With the ongoing support from Mrs.. Wilkinson Billy is able to determine his own identity and influence the growth and change in his immediate life. Sequence nine is highly important as it reinforces this change, in this scene we see Billy courageously dancing in front of his father. Uplifting and grand music is used to show the significance of this moment in Billy’s transition into the new world as it is this moment that leads to his father’s willingness to be labeled a ‘scab’ and cross the picket line in order to provide for Billy’s dreams after witnessing first hand his talent.

This sequence also acts as the cornerstone that propels Tony into the new world, as he is inclined to accept his brothers passion. The final scene of the movie establishes both Jackie and Tony’s complete transition into the new world, as they are watching Billy’s performance in Swan lake. The scene of them walking up the escalator is significant as it symbolizes the positive which also draw on gender expectancies. Just as seen in Billy Elliot, Bianca has also grown up in adverse circumstances.

Her parents divorcing while she was only two, and the strict Islamic traditions she was raised in by her mother greatly restricted her life choices. Bianca informs the reader that her love for sports started young and that she has always being that girl’. The use of quotation marks alludes to Banana’s alienation and the social disapproval of her playing ‘boy sports’ such as soccer and settable from a young age. The tone used by Bianca challenges society’s prejudice, suggesting that she believes in no set gender presumptions.

Sports was an escape for Bianca, Just as dancing was for Billy. Sport was a coping mechanism that allowed her to express herself, describing her love for sports,”like a shark drawn to blood”. The use of a simile to compare herself to a shark and their immutable tendency adds emphasis on her passion and the fact that she is bound to participate in kickboxing. But Just as Billy, Bianca had to hide her sporting affiliation in kickboxing, “l hide the ropey from my mum she won’t condone fighting no matter what. The use of the high modality words “no matter what” strongly emphasis her mums opposing views, alluding that she will always stick by her decisions of limiting her daughters interaction with activities that are not considered for girls. Bianca goes on to explain that she always had the yearn to fit in with the Lebanese culture in Sydney, yet she “had conflicting feelings”. The tone that Bianca presents in this quote portray a dejected and pensive state in which she had entered, finding it hard to decide which ultra to dedicate her life to.

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