International Management exam 3

the firm’s strategy
Which of the following should ideally dictate the organizational structure and staffing needs of the firm?
__________ are employees assigned to a country other than their own
parent-country national
Kelly Roberts, an American, is a senior manager at her firm’s headquarters in New York. Kelly is a _____
A(n) ________________ staffing approach is more likely to be effective when implementing a multinational strategy.
global staffing approach
In which of the following staffing approaches, are the best managers recruited from within or outside of the company, regardless of nationality?
third-country nationals
Who, among the following, when used to manage subsidiaries, usually brings more cultural flexibility and adaptability to a situation?
regiocentric staffing approach
Recruiting managers from Latin America for a position in Brazil is an example of ________
___________ staffing approach usually results in a higher level of authority and decision making at headquarters compared to the polycentric approach.
autocratic leadership qualities
According to Mansour Javidan, which of the following is NOT a global mind-set attribute that a successful expatriates posseses?
technical training
Which of the following is the least critical area of expatriate preparation?
culture shock
A state of disorientation and anxiety that results from not knowing how to behave in an unfamiliar culture is called __________
lack of managerial effectiveness of PCNs in foreign countries
Which of the following is a disadvantage of the ethnocentric staffing approach?
New arrivals are fascinated by aspects of the new culture
Which of the following is most likely to occur in the honeymoon stage of culture shock?
the need for training is high
In the global stage of a firm’s globalization, ___________
motivate employees
An appropriate compensation and benefits package is most likely to ___________
extending the expatriate’s tour
Which of the following methods is used by many firms to reduce the overall costs of expatriate assignments?
standard of living is at par with that of colleagues at home
The concept of “keeping the expatriate whole” in terms of compensation most likely means ensuring that the expatriate’s ________________
balance sheet approach
The ____________ is often used to equalize the standard of living between the host country and the home country, and to add some compensation for inconvenience or qualitative loss.
Relocation expense is an example of a(n)__________
localization approach
The ______________ pays the expatriate the going rate for similar positions in the host country, plus whatever allowances and benefits for the assignment that the manager negotiates.
Many multinationals wish to train their employees to bridge the divide between the firm’s successful corporate culture and practices, and the local culture and work practices
Which of the following is true with regard to training and compensating host-country nationals?
provides a greater pool of qualified and willing applicants from which to choose
A global staffing policy_________
international human resource management
____________ is increasingly being recognized as a major determinant of success or failure in international business.
Alec is an American working for a software company in Texas. He has been assigned to work on a project in China for a year. He would be considered as a(n) ________ in China.
Felix wants to maintain close control of the Nicaragua store for at least three years.
Felix Department store has over 900 stores in the U.S. and over 300 stores in Mexico and Canada. Felix has been particularly successful in Mexico, and the firm’s executives believe Felix should expand into other Latin American countries. As a result, plans are underway for the construction of a new Felix store in Managua, Nicaragua. The construction, once started, is expected to be completed within a year, so staff selection needs to begin soon. Felix’s executives are considering the idea of using parent-country nationals to manage the new store in Nicaragua. Which of the following, if true, best supports the argument that parent-country nationals should manage the Felix store in Managua, Nicaragua?
Japanese workers typically feel strong kinship to their employers
Which of the following is true with regard to Japanese workers?
low uncertainty avoidance
__________ suggests being motivated by more risky opportunities for variety and fast-track advancement.
people would be more motivated by teamwork and relation with peers
Low power distance implies that ________
Which of the following is characterized by low dependence on an organization and a desire for personal time, freedom, and challenges?
power distance
People generally prefer little consultation between superiors and subordinates in cultures where ______ is high
people are motivated when they feel that the company is providing them with good working conditions, fringe benefits, and training
Which of the following is true about collectivist cultures?
The division of work and roles tend to be looser, motivating people through more flexible roles and work methods
Which of the following is true about highly feminine cultures?
the degree of general importance that working has in life of an individual at any given point in time
Work centrality refers to ____________
In the Middle East, _______ plays a major role in all aspects of life, including work.
helping employees realize their highest potential in the workplace
The task of _________ is the essence of leadership.
global mindset
The critical factors necessary for successful leadership abroad have come to be known as the ________
global business savvy
__________ refers to the ability to recognize global market opportunities for a company and having a vision of doing business worldwide.
managers on international assignments try to maximize leadership effectiveness by juggling several important, and sometimes conflicting, roles
Which of the following is true with regard to the global leader’s role?
they rank low on uncertainty avoidance
Which of the following does NOT accurately characterize workers in the mexican culture?
In Mexico, _________ is of central importance.
Mexican workers need more reassurance than employees in the U.S.
Which of the following is true with regard to Mexican workers?
Most managers in Mexico find that the management style that works best there is _______
harmony in the workplace is extremely important
Which of the following is true about the Mexican culture?
resistance to change
Which of the following is typical of the Mexican business culture?
a relatively low standard of living for most workers
Which of the following helps explain why Maslow’s higher-order needs are generally not very high most Mexican workers’ lists of needs?
Rewarding the individual is frowned upon in ________ because it encourages competition rather than the desired group cooperation
Which of the following is considered to be an incentive in China and gives workers more power?
social prominence
Industry leaders in France and Italy are highly regarded for their __________.
must adjust their leadership behaviors according to the context, norms, attitudes, and other variables in the host country
According to the contingency theory of leadership, international managers __________.
develop effective global management teams
There are various categories of resources–both people and processes–which IHR managers and other must develop and maintain; in particular it is essential for them to ___________.
successful repatriation of the executive into company headquarters
Effective human resource management of a company’s global cadre ends with ___________.
reverse culture shock
The psychological process of readapting to one’s home culture after working in a host-country culture is called _______.
expatriates feel unappreciated and dissatisfied both during and after the assignment and leave the company
Which of the following best explains the attrition rate for expatriates?
managerial skills
__________ are all about learning how to deal with a wide range of people, to adapt to their cultures through compromise, and not to be a dictator.
distributed around the world
In the globalized economy, the knowledge and management resources required for the firm to succeed are no longer concentrated in a single region but are __________
global management team
The term __________ describes a collection of managers in or from several countries and who must rely on group collaboration if each member is to experience optimum success and goal achievement
The members of virtual teams interact through computer-mediated communication systems
Which of the following is true with regard to virtual teams?
task facilitation
________ is the ability to convey goals and train team members to use the collaborative technology effectively.
Overall, more managerial opportunities are available for ______ women than for women in most other countries
collective bargaining
________ refers to a process of negotiations between workers and managers
limits on the firm’s ability to vary employment levels when necessary
Which of the following is a constraint frequently placed on management by organized labor?
rising proportion of temporary and part-time workers
Which of the following is the most likely reason for falling union membership in industrialized countries?
______ unions are based on certain occupational skills
ensure that humane conditions of labor are maintained
The mission of the International Labor Organization is to ___________

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