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US History: Chapter 23- The New Deal

The New Deal 1933-1937 Government sponsored programs implemented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to revitalize the economy and alleviate poverty and despair caused by the Depression. Agricultural Adjustment Act Gave farmers money to reduce crop size to reduce production and bring up the value of crops Civilian Conservation Corps Hired young, unemployed people to do […]

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Humanities Chapter 4

question What were some Roman contributions to western civilization? answer alphabet, division of the year into twelve months( calendar), Christian church, democratic republic, and a legal system question What did the Romans value more: good government and military prowess, or cultural and artistic achievements? answer good government and military prowess question What are the two […]

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US History Unit 5 Test Review

question Manifest Destiny answer the American belief that it was necessary to expand US territory all the way to the Pacific Ocean question California Gold Rush, 1849 answer this event is described by the following events: John Marshall found gold in Coloma, California which led to an increase in the population; people from Oregon, Latin […]

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History 101 Chapter 5, 6, 7

question The romans were a military society almost from the moment they settled in italy because they answer Were continually forced to defend their own conquests against invaders question What is the legend that explains the end of the roman monarchy and the founding of the republic? answer The rape of Lucretia question The division […]

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Atomic History Worksheet

question The Law of Conservation of Mass follows from the concept that answer Atoms are indivisible question If two or more compounds are composed of the same two elements, the ratio of the masses of element that combine with a fixed mass of the other element is a simple whole number. This is a statement […]

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AP World Review Items for Mr. M period 4- 1450 to 1750 CE

question 1. We are still missing None 🙂 . YAY!!!!! answer Thanks! question who scored the most goals in one full year? answer Lionel Messi question Whatt are the school colors answer Orange & White question 40 *a. Astrolabe answer This helped sailors tell latitude. With this tool they were able to travel farther and […]

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World History: Ancient Civilizations of the Americas

question Which of these statements is the best summary of the textbook authors’ apparent attitude toward human sacrifice by the Aztecs? A) It seemed to serve religious and political purposes, but it was also horrific and probably contributed to the fall of the Aztecs. B) It was the only thing that brought the Aztecs to […]

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AP world history ch 19 terms bentley

question stateless societies answer term realating to societies such as those of sub saharan africa after the Bantu migrations that featured decentralized rule through family and kinship groups instead of strongly centralized rule. question Sundiata answer founder of the Mali empire (r 1230-1255) also the inspiration of Sundiata, the african literary and mythological work. he […]

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World History Chapter 32 World War II

question nonaggression pact answer a pact between soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and Hitler where they agreed to divide Poland between them and that the USSR could take over Finland and the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia question blitzkrieg answer \”lightning war\” which involved using fast moving airplanes and tanks followed by massive infantry […]

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APUSH Chapter 26 (America’s History, 8th edition)

question kitchen debate answer A 1959 debate over the merits of their rival systems between US vice president Richard Nixon and Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev at the opening of an American exhibition in Moscow question Bretton Woods answer An international conference in New Hampshire in July 1944 that established the World Bank and the International […]

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AP World History Ch. 24

question Muhammad Ali answer Egyptian leader who modernized in 1800s. Ruled Egypt as Ottoman governor, but had imperial ideas. Descendants ruled Egypt until 1952. (1769-1849). question Janissaries answer Originally slave infantry that used Firearms and were the main Ottoman army force. Abolished in 1826. question Serbia answer Ottoman province in Balkans that resisted Janissaries in […]

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question Briefly summarize the causes and effects of imperialism: answer Nationalism- a want to gain power leads to Colonization – Europeans control land and people around the world Economic Competition- demand for materials and markets leads to Colonial Economics- Euro’s control trade and set up cash crop economies in colonies Missionary Spirit – spread Christianity […]

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Intro Into Art: Artistic Inspiration

question Medium is _____________. answer A. The materials used by an artist. question Hercules, the Great Warrior, and the history behind the saying, \”an elephant never forgets,\” are both examples of what type of artistic inspiration? answer D. Myth/Legend. question Which of the following is not likely an intention of Da Vinci’s, when he created […]

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Essay about US History Chapter 8 Review

question These are taxes on foreign imported goods answer Custom Duties question This agreement doubled the size of the United States answer Louisiana Purchase question This was a demand of the Barbary pirates which was money paid for protection answer Tribute question The area west of the Mississippi River was known as answer Louisiana Territory […]

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bio chapter 24
01 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Which of the following statements about species, as defined by the biological species concept, is (are) correct? I. Biological species are defined by reproductive isolation. II. Biological species are the model used for grouping extinct forms of life. III. The biological species is the largest unit of population in which successful reproduction is possible. […]

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question mercantilism answer an economic policy under which nations sought to increase their wealth and power by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver and by selling more goods than they bought question Stamp Act 1765 answer Was issued in order to raise revenues to support the new British military force. Mandated the use of […]

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Ch 20 EMT
31 Jul 2020 Essays&Flashcards

question ____________ is what you can see of a person’s response to the environment. answer Behavior question The term “behavioral crisis” is MOST accurately defined as: answer any reaction that interferes with activities of daily living or is deemed unacceptable by others. question From a mental health standpoint, an abnormal or disturbing pattern of behavior […]

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EHR – Ch#5
29 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Rosemary Lane told the healthcare professional that she has been suffering from a headache with pressure above her eyebrows and a low grade fever for the past four days. This is known as _______________. a) subjective information b) objective information c) an assessment d) a diagnosis answer a) subjective information Information which is given […]

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Flashcards on Mastering Astronomy Chapter 1

question If we represent the solar system on a scale that allows us to walk from the Sun to Pluto in a few minutes, then: answer the planets would all be marble size or smaller and the nearest stars would be thousands of miles away. question What do astronomers mean by the Big Bang? answer […]

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question social stratification answer the division of society into groups arranged in a social hierarchy question social inequality answer the unequal distribution of wealth, power, or prestige among members of a society question slavery answer the most extreme form of social stratification, based on the legal ownership of people question caste system answer a form […]

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Chapter 10 AP World History

question Augustine of Hippo answer (Roman Catholic Church) one of the great fathers of the early Christian church question Black Death answer the epidemic form of bubonic plague experienced during the Middle Ages when it killed nearly half the people of western Europe question Charles Martel answer Carolingian monarch of Franks; responsible for defeating Muslims […]

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WGU FTC4 Foundation of Teaching

question summative evaluation answer refers to tests of student knowledge at the end of instructional units (such as final exams) (should also be closely tied to formative evaluations and to course objectives) question affective objectives answer Objectives that have to do with student attitudes and values question criterion-referenced interpretations answer Assessments that rate how thoroughly […]

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