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Informative Speech Laughter BY mrodl 285 Laughter -speech outline Purpose Statement: The purpose of this speech is to inform the audience of the positive role that laughter can play in theirlives. Introduction:Have you ever heard the saying, “Let a smile be your umbrella? ” What about the observation, “Laugh and the world laughs with you”? Both of these statements deal with how a positive attitude and a sense of humor can make a bad situation a little better for both you and the people around you. However, did you know that your ability to laugh can mean a great deal more than a pleasant smile or momentary delight?

As a matter of fact, laughter can be very beneficial in many ways. Consequently, I would like to discuss the various areas I your lives where laughter can play a significantly positive role. Let’s take a look at how laughter can help you on the Job, with your friends, and family, and with your health. l. Laughter can help you on the Job. A. Laughter can make -more productive worker 1 . Mention pamphlet on employees and bosses. 2. Giving into your funny bone relieves stress and lets you see the big pictured. Laughter helps cut down on absenteeisml . Walker University -20% fewer days missed2. Worker who laughs wants to come back ll.

Laughter can help you with family and friendsA. Family problems handled better 1 . Northwestern University reports that most family disputes can be diffused with a laugh or Joke2. Trust often results from taking time to laugh with each others. People are often drawn towards laughter. 1 . Friends believe your ability to laugh with them means acceptance2. Psychological study: people are attracted to those who laugh because they see them as potential leaders. lll. Laughter can benefit your health. A. Laughter can help people with serious illnessesl

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