Indolence of the Filipino People – College Essay Example
Indolence of the Filipino People – College Essay Example

Indolence of the Filipino People – College Essay Example

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  • Published: October 7, 2017
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According to my reading, Rizal described the contrasting behaviors of people in tropical and non-tropical regions. In tropical countries, individuals tend to work less during hot weather, particularly at noon when they require rest due to the intense sun. This is exemplified by students feeling drowsy when the weather is warm. Conversely, in regions with four seasons, people are compelled to work more during spring and autumn since extreme summer heat and winter cold make it challenging to work efficiently. Overall, the workload remains similar. It is crucial for humans to adapt to their environment and its conditions; hence it is justifiable for individuals to be "indolent" during hot weather.

I can substantiate that Filipinos were not lazy during the Spanish and pre-colonial periods without relying solely on textual evidence. The presence of Banaue's Rice Terraces serves as proof of this fact. Filipinos would begin planting and


tending their vegetables and crops before dawn. Upon Miguel Lopez de Legazpi's arrival, he observed that the people had an abundant food supply and displayed qualities such as generosity, energy, and hard work ethic.

However, when the Spaniards colonized the Philippines, they inflicted significant damage upon our society: destroying numerous houses, confiscating resources, killing Filipinos,and disrupting economic and commercial activities. They took control over most farms and small towns,resulting in many areas becoming uninhabitedAlmost two-thirds of the population declined as a result. Male children, particularly adolescents, were asked to participate in Polo Y Servicios, leading to uncultivated farms and enforced encomienda. The only beneficiaries were beggars and Spanish officials who received high taxes and church offerings. Starting a business required permission from authorities, but not everyone was granted this opportunity

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causing many Filipinos to give up their work, land, and lives due to hopelessness and feelings of inferiority. Gambling became prevalent as luck seemed the only way to improve status, with examples like cockfighting still existing today. Beggars spread the misleading concept that "the rich man will not go to heaven", manipulating innocent minds. Equal education was not provided for all while government reforms remained unimplemented dreams. The conditions were dire! Today, laziness and hopelessness persist among the population due to corruption, ineffective reforms, poverty, unequal distribution of wealth, poor living conditions, illiteracy, slow progress; history repeats itself. This highlights the importance of education and studying the past.If we do not address and understand these traits and systems, as history has taught us, there will be severe consequences. We will face repeated suffering. Therefore, it is imperative to educate ourselves and thoroughly examine these facts, both for the present and future generations.

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