The People You See in the Beach Essay Example
The People You See in the Beach Essay Example

The People You See in the Beach Essay Example

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  • Published: July 21, 2017
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The beach in Singapore is undoubtedly one of the most popular places for leisure and socializing.

Sentosa is renowned for its significant weekend crowds. Among the numerous visitors, seven distinct categories of individuals can be identified in this densely populated beach. This essay will center on these seven easily recognizable types among the rest.

Even those who don't like going to the beach can still find enjoyment in watching cats wearing sunglasses and admiring the attractive tourists.

The beach is a popular spot for relaxation and fun, attracting different groups of friends like the PDA duo, Chewbacca, and tanning misses. However, there are people who don't enjoy the beach scene, like the "Not a beach person".

Upon arriving at the beach, he immediately voices his distaste for it, stating "I simply do not enjoy the beach." Instead of


changing into suitable clothing, he meticulously selects an ideal spot on the mat to settle. While his friends opt to swim or engage in beach activities, he remains seated in his chosen spot and politely declines their invitation with a composed demeanor.

While his friends enjoy themselves, he gazes at the sky and munches on some food, while also sipping from a can. Contemplating a trip as he observes the heavens, he hesitates due to not wanting to disappoint or disrupt the pleasant ambiance for his friends. Eventually, after griping all day long, he ultimately decides that he will never return to the beach.

Next week, his friends are planning a beach celebration for his birthday. In addition, there will be cats wearing sunglasses who have their own distinct way of enjoying themselves - by charming girls. They resemble wise owls, carefully watching

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and assessing the girls in different ways. The well-liked rating game will occur, and numbers will be spoken as they continue to find it amusing.

Whenever a attractive person walks by, their attention is immediately drawn to her and they start following her with their heads moving in sync with her walking pace. When they are feeling confident, they may approach a woman who is sunbathing and hope to achieve their desired outcome, either winning the woman's affection or obtaining her contact information. Tourists regard Singapore as the top destination for financial resources. Undoubtedly, they will not miss out on the excitement available in Sentosa.

The tourists are fully equipped with their ideal beach attire and cameras to capture everything they see at the beach. The things they capture with their cameras can be amusing at times. The typical ones will be the landscapes, people, and the food they had at the restaurants. However, the unusual ones they took would make no sense to us. It could be anything from a dog rolling around to uncover a trash bin next to a restroom. The tourists can also be good athletes.

Join in the fun as a group of teenagers happily bury their friend in the sand and create strange or eerie body parts on their victim. The next favorite group to join would be the hotties. Without these attractive individuals coming to the beach, our envisioned world would be extremely dull and mundane.

The beauties will showcase their flawless hourglass figures in bikinis and strut like supermodels, while avoiding eye contact with onlookers who can't take their eyes off them. The hunks, with their sculpted abs and muscular bodies,

will attempt to catch the attention of the girls by posing as if they were in a photo shoot, effortlessly brushing their hair and presenting themselves in the most fashionable way possible. Nevertheless,

No one dares to approach these attractive individuals as they appear to be impeccably flawless in the public's perspective, owing to their exceptional beauty. In contrast, the attractive men and women congregate together, causing even the most affectionate couple to feel insecure. These overly affectionate couples, also known as the PDA couples, are considered to be one of the most vexatious groups of people. They have a singular purpose.

They want to showcase their love to everyone they encounter at the beach, proving they are the most affectionate couple ever. They engage in dramatic displays of affection typically seen in movies, and share grapes from their homes with each other. Making out is a vital activity on their agenda, as they strive to make the entire world aware of their love. They can spend hours together until they fully understand their partner's preferences, even when it comes to lunch.

However, if a girl missed, this class group could potentially be a big hit instead. Continuing with The Chewbacas, or The Hairy Ones as they are also known, they could be formidable on the beach. Why? Well, to put it simply.

Excessive amounts of hair and water are not a good combination, as it tends to appear in inconvenient places such as the chest, around the belly button, on the back of thighs, and above the buttocks. This emergence of hairs from aquatic sources causes chaos and traumatizes observers.

This beach class is extremely rare to find, but

if you do, consider yourself lucky. They are known as The Tanning Misss. These misss truly enjoy the beach and soak up the sun eagerly, often ending up with a nice sunburn by the end of the day.

Girls who are near cats and sunbathe in open areas wearing bikinis are often targeted by strangers who take their pictures. To avoid drawing extra attention, these girls try to go in groups of three to four people. By doing so, they can prevent unwanted attention with the assistance of their peers. However, if they choose to go alone or with just one person, they essentially invite trouble.

There are seven types of people at the beach: those who do not like the beach, cats wearing sunglasses, tourists, attractive individuals, couples engaging in excessive public displays of affection (PDA), Chewbacca look-alikes, and finally.

The beach is an intriguing location where people from different backgrounds come together for various purposes, each displaying a distinct image to the public. These individual viewpoints do not reflect a collective agreement but instead represent the personal opinions of a minority group.

Therefore, specific content may be classified as offensive to certain individuals. Personally, I find it intriguing to recognize that different groups can elicit diverse reactions from different audiences.

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