Individual Moral Integrity In The Crucible Essay Example
Individual Moral Integrity In The Crucible Essay Example

Individual Moral Integrity In The Crucible Essay Example

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  • Published: August 5, 2017
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Individual moral unity and the deficiency thereof are illustrated by Arthur Miller in his drama. The Crucible. The fright of witchery engulfs the Puritanical society therefore making a rabble regulation. The destiny of the town depends upon the ethical motives of its people. John Proctor and Reverend Hale are cardinal participants in reprobating the Witch Trials ; governing the rabble are Abigail. Judge Danforth. and their followings. Even though the tests were intended to stop when Salem was cleansed of the alleged witchery. it remained the duty of the person to guarantee that the bulk did non go wholly overthrown by mass craze.

The deficiency of moral unity displayed by characters in the drama causes a twine of destructive events. Because of Reverend Paris’s exclusive concern of societal credence and political power. the Acts of the Apostless of Abigai


l and her followings go unpunished. This sends the town of Salem into a whirlwind of prevarications. A Domino consequence takes its toll as accusals multiply. Abigail. in the driver’s place of the confederacy. is granted a loyal followers. This group lacks a regard for themselves and a regard for others. The townsfolk and particularly the misss caught dancing provender the mass conformance. As a consequence of blind conformance and weak ethical motives. many friends and neighbours are cynically disowned and pitilessly executed.

Judge Danforth. who is condemning decease upon many guiltless victims. farther illustrates a deficiency of single moral unity. He does non hold the power to acknowledge the errors he has made and acknowledge the unreason of the tests. “You will subscribe your name or it is no confession. ” Danforth forcefully explains to John Proctor

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142 ) . Danforth will non stir even after Proctor has verbally admitted to “seeing the devil” . By this climactic point of the drama. Reverend Hale has ended the confederation between himself and Danforth. He has now grasped the true motivations behind the enchantress confederacy.

Hale. when he foremost enters the enchantress tests. believes all of it to be legitimate. He expresses a strong will in the Hunt and a strong position of his ethical motives. He is partly responsible for acquiring the full cleaning proceedings under manner. As the events of the town continue to go through. and the Numberss of the accused continue to lift. Hale begins to reevaluate his sentiment towards the tests. He objects to Judge Danforth. “We can non wink it any more. There is a colossal fright of this tribunal in the country” ( 98 ) . Hale easy begins his transmutation from advocate to adversary. “Let you non misidentify your responsibility as I mistook my ain. ” Hale says as he pleas with Goody Proctor in an attempt to save John Proctor’s life ( 132 ) . It becomes clear to Hale the absurdness of the tests. and he is one of the first people to openly reprobate the unfairness. As a figure of authorization. his sentiment has a big impact on the populace. In add-on to Hale’s influence. John Proctor lets his moral unity lead him in his reactions to the tests.

Proctor is right in the bosom of the calamity. Because he is haunted by old actions. a terrible bend in the tests is needed to acquire him involved. After his married woman is arrested for witchery.

Proctor understands that he can no longer conceal away on his farm. “Now Hell and Heaven grapnel on our dorsums. and all our pretence is ripped off. ” Proctor says to Mary Warren. while seeking to convert her that they must travel to the tribunals ( 80 ) . He realizes the earnestness of the state of affairs. and forfeits his ain good being towards that of his married woman. Still. it is dry that Proctor has ever viewed himself as one with low moral unity.

“My honestness is broke. Elizabeth ; I am no good adult male. ” says Proctor in his concluding conversation with his married woman ( 136 ) . However. the actions he takes in the coda are that of reverent aristocracy and moral unity. His ethical motives lead him to catch a glance of the large image ; he will non allow the Salem enchantress tests conquer him as they did so many others. His determination to decease an honorable adult male frees him of the torture felt in his psyche of being unfaithful to his married woman and he can at last be at peace with himself. He lets it be known to the populace. through his actions. that he has non had dealingss with the Devil. and that the enchantress Hunt is wholly in vain.

In the drama. The Crucible. single moral unity AIDSs in the fortunate prostration of the insane Salem enchantress tests. John Proctor and Reverend Hale take a base against the authorization figures and allow their ethical motives shine through to the public oculus. By proclaiming and conveying notice of the wrongs of society to the populace.

Proctor and Hale allow the rabble regulation to be stopped. Without the rebellious attitude of a certain few. more guiltless victims would hold been denied such cardinal rights as life. autonomy. and the chase of felicity.

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