Impact Of Outward Bound Singapore Sport Essay Example
Impact Of Outward Bound Singapore Sport Essay Example

Impact Of Outward Bound Singapore Sport Essay Example

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  • Published: October 8, 2017
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Outward Bound believe in making out to people who invariably seek to dispute themselves people with the will to trail their dreams and the zest to drive others frontward. Through a broad scope of merriment and alone activities, Outward Bound brings out the kineticss of teamwork and drives people to travel beyond themselves. Outward Bound believes that no obstructions are unsurmountable every bit long as we work together.

Outward Bound Singapore is portion of planetary web of Outward Bound Centres and is recognised locally and internationally as a leader in out-of-door instruction and escapade acquisition. Outward edge is a learning escapade - 1 that impels you to detect more about your inner self as it challenges your organic structure, head and psyche to react to an unfamiliar journey.

It inculcates both mental and physical huskiness and enables you


to be more adaptable to alterations and unafraid of the unknown. It besides fosters teamwork and prepares you for the service of the larger community. OBS believe that while life pieces and values may be taught in the schoolroom, they merely gain true significance through existent life experiences. Through direct and purposeful outdoor experiences, OBS facilitate their trainees to confront escapades and travel beyond their personal boundaries to detect themselves.

Ob was established in 1941 in UK. Outward Bound 's out-of-door instruction classs are based on the rules learnt from developing immature British mariners to last in the North Atlantic Ocean during the 2nd universe war. It was inspired by Dr. Kurt Hahn who was a German pedagogue. Dr. Kurt Hahn recognized the demands of Lawrence Holt who is the caput of the Blue Funnel Shipping Line which was a

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merchandiser transportation company.

During World War II, when Blue Funnle Shipping Line was hit by German gunmans the new mariners from Blue Funnle Shipping Line could non digest the milieus in the lifeboat as compared to the sophisticated mariners. Hahn felt that non holding adequate life experience might be the ground for the Blue Funnle Shipping line to be unable to digest the conditions in the boat during World War II. The German experient mariners learnt a batch of piratical accomplishments and they besides knew how to manage a hard state of affairs which enabled them to hold more assurance and ability to get by with the demanding challenges.

Enhancing the immature people assurance and the capacity to get by with life was the chief purpose of the strength and mini-life experiences of outward edge. To detect his pupils true capablenesss through life experience that would assist them happen their greater capablenesss, was one of Hahn 's doctrines.

The name Outward Bound was given by Lawrence Holt. "Outward Bound '' is used to mention to the flag Papa, flown on a ship when it was shortly to go forth port. It would be a signal to the crewmans to return to the ship if the `` Outward Bound '' flag was winging. `` Outward Bound '' literally refers to the minute a ship leave 's the seaport. This symbology remains of import in Outward Bound, and participants on classs in many Outward Bound schools today receive a pin lapel of the flag dad.

History of Outward Bound Singapore ( OBS )

In 1967, the thought of an Outward Bound School of Singapore ( OBSS ) was suggested by the Minister

of the Interior and Defence and Deputy Chairman of the People 's Association, Dr. Goh Keng Swee. Then, the state was traveling through a period of uncertainness and to face challenges in front, Singapore 's leaders had called for the edifice of a "rugged society '' .

The original school was started by two New Zealanders - Hamish Thomas and Al Cameron in December 1967. It began with the aims that still form the footing of the OBS today: "To supply instruction, leading and character preparation ; developing the physical, mental and religious modules of male childs, misss, immature work forces and adult females of all races of Singapore '' .

The direction of OBS was moved from the People 's Association to the Ministry of Defence ( Mindef ) in 1971. Besides supplying escapade preparation and leading preparation to immature work forces and adult females, it was an avenue to give ordinary Singaporeans a gustatory sensation of military life.

OBS was returned to the People 's Association in 1991 and the school was been renamed Outward Bound Singapore. The purpose of the school was to offer Singapore 's immature people exciting activities to develop their physical and mental huskiness, personal assurance and leading qualities.

What is OBS mission & A ; vision, slogan and nucleus values?

To develop character, leading accomplishments and squad spirit through direct and purposeful experience in the out-of-doorss. To be a first Outward Bound Centre for out-of-door instruction and leading development. Safety is the foundation of the OBS. We are committed to the highest safety criterion in whatever we do. We contribute separately and as a squad to accomplish our vision and mission. We strive

for unity and excellence in our work and behavior. To be the best in our field of parts.

We invariably challenge ourselves towards new countries of betterments and growing. We value our staff. We recognise good public presentation of our staff and are committed to developing them to their fullest potency. We value our clients and commit ourselves to constantly present first-class quality service. We strive to run into and transcend outlooks.

Ob does non merely aim young persons, it is for everyone. With the broad scope of classs, there will be something for everyone at OBS. OBS courses is customized to run into the society needs. Outward Bound Singapore mark groups can be categorized into: Professionals, Youths, Kids and Family and for out-of-door partisans.

In the corporate sphere, leading is the key to success and teamwork is indispensable to acquiring things done better, faster and more expeditiously Many corporate leaders need to hone their ability to take and actuate their squads. Through OBS 's specially designed programmes, they will hold the perfect chance to unleash their true potency and take themselves and their squad to new highs. For executives looking to turn in the countries of leading, team-building and alteration direction, OBS 's Professional Development Programmes ( PDP ) has a scope of class that will assist fit them with accomplishments to get the better of future challenges.

At OBS, they believe in assisting immature people make the most of their possible. Through learning-driven out-of-door activities including rafting, kayaking and mounting guided by OBS 's professional teachers, they give young persons the chance to dispute themselves and develop valuable life accomplishments.

OBS offers customised programmes for pupils aimed at

furthering independency and mutuality life accomplishments. Making usage of out-of-door experience such as encampment, trekking, raft edifice, stone mounting and more, these programmes give kids the chance to larn from each other and develop leading qualities early in life.

In add-on, OBS 's household programmes are designed to maximize quality clip together for parents and kids in which emotional bonds and household ties can be strengthened. When it comes to nurturing future leaders, an early start goes a long manner.

Whether you 're a fledgling to the great out-of-doorss or an experient out-of-door leader, OBS has preparation programme which will hone your accomplishments and heighten your development. Nothing makes for a better outdoor experience than entire assurance in your accomplishments.

OBS programmes are designed to be physically and mentally rugged, the programmes utilise the out-of-door scenes to develop character, values, mental huskiness and a community spirit. By leting them to larn through focussed treatments and practical applications within merriment environment, OBS 's programmes complement what the participants have learnt in schools to supply them with a complete acquisition experience.

Some programmes offered by OBS are:

  • Character and leading programmes
  • Global programmes
  • Particular programmes/Youth-At-Risk

Character & A ; Leadership Programmes

OBS Youth Programmes are drawn out to pull the young person with an action-packed blend of escapades and surprises. Young persons develop competences such as self-awareness, societal consciousness, self-management, relationship direction and responsible determination devising as they move increasingly through disputing problem-solving activities and expeditions.

  • Orientation & A ; Induction Programmes - Esprit de Corps
  • My Outward Bound Journey
  • A Leader 's Journey

Orientation & A ; Induction Programmes - Esprit de Corps

The Orientation & A ; Induction Programmes aims to construct greater

apprehension and coherence, school or category spirit in freshly formed school cohorts.

This programme focuses on ego and squad find. In Primary four and Secondary One, the pupils are comparatively new to each other. In order to construct greater apprehension, coherence, category spirit and strong bonds between the category mates, there is a particular designed programme which is specially made for them, which is called “Camp Discovery.”

Character Development Programmes - My Outward Bound Journey

Outward edge programmes is non merely an out-of-door escapade, it sis basically an inward odyssey. It helps an person to happen out about his or her capablenesss or potency and besides learn to better personal and leading qualities.

Character edifice, teamwork, covering with the unfamiliar, acquaintance with Challenge, Initiative, Tenacity and Personal Mastery are what one can derive from My Outward Bound Journey.

Leadership Development Programmes - A Leader 's Journey

By developing the key features and competences of an effectual leader, one can be equip with the cognition and accomplishments of leading through A Leader 's Journey by OBS.

The leading Development non merely allows personal growing but every bit good as skill of squad direction accomplishments. Numerous leading theories are included in each faculty and can be included in the Primary Four course of study. Features and manners of a leader and theoretical accounts of leading are besides used in the programme.

Global programmes

OBS besides has abroad programmes. They have partnered with abroad Outward Bound and escapade Centres to convey profusion of an abroad experience to the participants.

These abroad programmes are designed to give our young person a planetary mentality in life. OBS purpose to instill:

An Adventurous Spirit

An adventuresome spirit is fundamentally assisting young persons to:

  • Accept and overcome challenges and obstructions.
  • Discover new skylines.
  • Travel beyond their bounds.
  • An Enterprising Spirit

    Help young persons to:

    • Knowledge the value of teamwork, trust, common support, leading in determination devising and job resolution accomplishments.
    • Become resourceful and originative.

    An International Position

    The ground why OBS started the Global Programmes was because they wanted to give immature people exposure to foreign civilizations and environments. Each programme helps young persons in edifice assurance, leading, doggedness and other personal properties aimed at assisting young persons develop a more adventuresome and enterprising attitude.

    Through a planetary revelation the Global Programmes are intended to give young person a planetary mentality in life, aimed to instill an adventuresome & A ; enterprising spirit, and cultivate an international position. Participants can expect an experience that ranges from 8 to 26 yearss in an abroad Centre.

    The programmes are categorized into series of the Adventure Challenge Courses.

    • Adventure Challenge - A Global Positions
    • Authoritative 21-Day Challenge - The ultimate of OB Experience
    • Other Customised Programs

    Adventure Challenge - A Global Position

    OBS takes secondary and third pupils on an tickle pinking Outward Bound journey to Sabah, Perak, Brunei Darussalam, India, Mongolia, Philippines, Croatia, Taiwan and Australia for Adventure Challenge programme.

    Having terrible expeditions in deep snow conditions in South Korea, Japan and China is a challenge that will be faced by the pupil leaders given by OBS. Awareness of personal and group goal-setting, planning and coordinating as a group, squad development and personal leading manners are accomplishments that will be developed in the participants through the revelation to unknown tropical and winter environments.

    Authoritative 21-Day Challenge - The ultimate of OB Experience

    To assist immature grownups realize their possible, a mentally and

    physically demanding class that features a scope of activities and challenges are designed. The environing islands of Singapore and the rural environment of Pulau Ubin is the schoolroom of the authoritative 21-day Outward Bound programme.

    The programme uses the journey construct and allows participants to see an array of elements and multi-expeditions which keep them on the move most of the clip. It will assist participants develop their personal properties and part in the context of a group while besides researching their leading potency.

    Other Customised Programs

    OBS is specialized character development and/or leading development and squad development. OBS alter programmes merely to run into the precise demands of their clients. Before geting at the concluding decision of the programme design, OBS works with their clients to set up aims, outlooks and desired result.

    These programmes can be targeted at expressed profile groups such as Talented Education groups, Integrated Programme schools, International schools, Specialized Independent schools, School Staff Training ( Teachers/ HODs /Principal ) and many more.

    Sharing by two pupils who have attended Outward Bound Singapore 's Global programmes:

    “I 'll decidedly retrieve this Outward Bound Course for life because it has given me huge satisfaction. The safety safeguards are all kept in cheque, and I have ne'er one time felt that my safety has been compromised. It has so been a fruitful experience, and it has helped in determining my character and edifice up my ability to accommodate to different state of affairss and face greater challenges in my personal, academic and work life.”

    Particular programmes/Youth-At-Risk

    Ob does non merely cater to normal young person but besides there are programmes that aid young persons who needs particular demands and young persons

    who had one time gone through a bad stage in life ( young persons that had done things which are against the jurisprudence ) . The particular programmes are:

    • Young person at hazard programmes
    • Particular demands programme

    These programmes are developed by utilizing programming rules based on psychological science and societal work research.

    Young person at Risk Programmes

    These altered programmes are made to assist the young person to larn and cognize more about themselves. Development of life accomplishments and publicity of healthy life styles, attitudes and positions are besides achieved by these programmes.

    Basically what this programme aims to make is to instil this phrase in them, “a hard yesteryear does non intend a hard future.” These programmes might give the young persons a fast and good solution on the topographic point but instead it is assisting them to make chances to assist them detect that the solution they are seeking for is found within themselves and no 1 else.

    Particular Needs Programmes

    In these programme, the participants may hold an rational disablement, larning disablement and or a physical disablement. Through this programme these participants with particular demands can see what outdoor is. They will besides be able to construct self assurance and develop life accomplishments like teamwork, communicating and leading.

    Below are some remarks shared by the particular demand programmes participants:

    • “ Do n't give up easy, persevere, be patient, cooperate…and merely we can get the better of our fright. There is no manner we can get the better of our fright if we do n't desire to, no affair how much our friends or parents or others encourage us, if we do n't desire to get the better of

    it, we can't.”

  • “ I learnt that I should be more concerted towards others and when we make errors, the issue is that we should larn how to acknowledge it, learn from it and do n't reiterate it again” .
  • “I learned life lessons - it 's our CHOICE, our LIFE. Learn to walk out of DARKNESS.”
  • Decision

    OBS helps people discover and develop their potency to care for themselves, others and the universe around them through disputing experiences in unfamiliar scenes.

    “OBS nurtures the young persons to be physically and mentally strong. They develop assurance, resiliency, leading and teamwork. They are instilled with the resoluteness to endeavor and win, and the sense of duty to give back to the society. Through the huskiness of the OBS class, interior strength is built up and values vital to the success of our state are imbued.”

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