Hurricane Katrina Narrative

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When the United States of America was affected by one of the most heinous global calamities – hurricane Katarina, the entire global community realized the fact that nothing can help to withstand the power of the nature. Although the United States of America is known to keep the leading positions in terms of the technological advancements and scientific accomplishments, nothing helped to cope with the consequences of the hurricane.

The military as well as the civil aid agencies of the United States of America were easily subjugated to the mercy of the elements. Although the scientists in close collaboration with the meteorologists of the leading universities of the United States and the globe timely anticipated the advent of the cyclone which may prospectively cause such a devastating hurricane, the proper actions have not been taken.

The aim of this essay is to outline the way and the efficacy of the United States military and the United States civil services which were summoned to tackle the repercussions of the calamity, the way the government treated the evacuated and the assaulted people, the imperfections of the undertaken safety measures and rescue operation and the responsibility of the government authorities. The advent of the hurricane and the way it was treated

The civil services as well as the leading, military meteorologists of the United States of America timely anticipated that the environmental calamity was gradually, but steadily approaching the shores of the city of New Orleans. The civil services of the city, in particular the fire brigades and the ambulance crews were put on alert and the military rescue commandos were informed that the casualties among the civil population of the United States were highly possible

An extensive set of the different measures was launched by the state officials of the United States of America in order to ensure that the civil community of America was not endangered by the imminent natural catastrophe. It was reported that the big informational campaign was launche in the mass media system of the country and the citizens of the affected areas were routinely alarmed that the coming hurricane was of the great potent and the citizens were strongly advised to fortify their habitations and to close the doors and the windows.

Subsequently, when it became evident that the forewarning of the citizens was not a sufficient measure to aver the prospective negative consequences of the hurricane and the evacuations to the nearest cities were launched to be planned (Dudley,2006). However, while these plans were being drafted by the civil and military safety engineers, numerous mistakes were perpetrated by them.

First and foremost, the engineers failed to calculate the force of the hurricane correctly and therefore, the automotive techniques which were used by the recue forces were easily destroyed by the elements.

Secondly, the direction of the hurricane was also calculated and anticipated improperly. In particular, the hurricane transcended the evacuation ways and a huge variety of those, who were aspiring to leave the assaulted city, was ensnared by the attacking natural force. This miscalculation cost thousands of the human lives which were bereft by the hurricane. The Governmental Treatment

When the people were being rescued and subsequently transferred to the evacuation camps, the government authorities of the United States of America in fact did their best to diminish the consequences of the catastrophe in question.

The affected people were treated with extra care and support both before, during and after the hurricane. While the hurricane conquered and devastated the city, those who were wounded or deprived of accommodation, forced to live their households and experience other hardships of that tragedy, the social institutions, the medical crews and the rest of the civil services did their best to alleviate the gravity of the situation. Overall, they did their best to alleviate the sufferings of the victims.

Moreover, when the hurricane was over, those who were particularly destitute were provided with the ffinancial aid by the United States government, so that the people got the opportunity to rebuild their households or to purchase newly built ones. What Went Wrong

The major mistake of the safety forces was the improper dislocation of their forces, because the calculations provided by the scientific and meteorologist departments were substantially underestimated. Primarily, the directions of the wind channels were wrongfully predicted (Vidgor, 2008).

Finally, big attention was paid by the civil services to save the belongings and possessions, in particular the banking archives of the banking institutions.

Moreover, a great many of items of the first urgency were absent. The physicians reported that after the first hours after the tragedy, they didn’t have even enough bandages at their disposal in order to ensure that all victims were ligated properly. Many wounded lost their extremities (hands and legs) because the surgeries could not have been timely executed. The Responsibility

There is a unified opinion among the scholarly community of the United States of America that the reliability must be equally shifted to the federal and state authorities of the United States of America. While the firs failed to provide an adequate supervising (Benoit,2012), financing and to organize a timely aid, the main blunder of the second group is their fiasco to formulate a proper set of actions and to ensure that the elaborated safety measures are implemented by the safety services. The published evacuation and safety plans seemed to be merely of declaratory nature. Summary

Overall, considering the facts outlined above, it has become evident that the safety measure conducted by the United States federal and local authorities happened to be questionably effective. Whereas the rationale prognosis of the scholars happened to be correct, the main attention of the official was focused on the monetary aspect and the finds to organize the timely evacuations were duly economized.

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