Human Resources Management Exam 2

What business is pepsi in?
People Business
What has Pepsi doe that others don’t do?
Invested in college communities
What is the availability of workers with skills the company needs
labor supply
What is the number of qualified workers a company will need?
Labor demand
This is the process companies use to make sure HUMAN RESOURCES are available…
HR Management
______ _______ is when the labor supply exceeeds the labor demand.
Labor surplus
______ _______ is when the labor supply is less than the demand.
Labor shortage
_____ labor market is the pool of quilified workers inside a company.
________ labor market is the pool of qualified employees that apply for a job.
________ is being prepared for an influx of necessacry HR. ie – there will be a large order in the next 6 months and we need to hire more workers.
_____ forecasting is subjective and includes expert opinions.
_______ forecasting is the amount of data a company anticipates needing
_______ is when a company wants to GENERATE INTEREST in a pool of qualified applicants.
________ is the process of deciding to hire or not to hire a candidate.
Orientation is also referred to as what?
Recruitment, selection, and socializtion are all apart of __ ________
HR Planning
Turnover is ____
Personal Characteristics, Measurement, Motivation and who decides are the 4 challenges in what?
The hiring process
This source of recruitment has the lowest 1 yr turnover.
Employee referals
This source of recruitment has many benefits, including, leadership, discipline, and the ability to easily accept authority
former military
This form of recruitment has a worldwide pool of candidates; however, that can also overload your hr staff.
Current employers, former employees, print/radio ads, employment agencies, temp workers, college recruiting, and customers are all_________ of _______
Sources of Recruitment
When the economy is going well, many companies resort to using nontraditional groups because unemployment is low – What are these Nontraditional Groups
Prisoners, Disabled workers
These job candidates are already familiar with policies and cultures.
These candidates can bring a fresh perspective to your company.
This approach to recruitment involves trying to attract as many applicants as possible and to emphasize the good points of the job.
Flypaper approach
True or false – The flypaper approach leads to unrealistic expectations of the job
Realistic Job Preview approach to recruitment involves trying to show the good and the bad parts of the job. Also, it produces less turnover.
Approach to Recruitment – Advertising a high hourly wage and flexible hours.
Informing people that they will have long, boring hours; cannot leave work station; people will be rude to them.
Yield ratios, Cost per hire, and applicant quality (by source) are all a part of ____________ ___________
Evaluating Recuitment
Cost divided by hire =?
Cost per hire
Quits / hires =
Applicant quality
Selection tools should be ___-______ if not, the co. may have LEGAL exposure
job related
T/F – Statistics are not a good measurement to see if a selection tool is job related
This expresses the strength of the relationship betwen 2 variables
Correlation Coefficient
Selection tools should be _____ and _____
valid reliable
The Checklist for selection tools
1. Is the selection tool ________?
2. Is the measurement _______ valid?
3. Is the measurement _________ valid?
reliable, content, empirically
When we say, “the content on a selection tool must be reliable”, what do we desire the tests to have?
If there is an error because not questions are asked on the selection test, what type of error do we have?
If there is an error because there is too much excess crap on the test, what type of error do we have?
_______ Validity is using concurrent and predictive validity, a company can create evidence that a test is statistically valid.
If an emploee’s score on the intelligence test predict his or her job performance at Time 1, we have evidence of ________ ______
Concurrent validity
If an employee’s score on the intelligence test predict his or her job performance at time 2, we have evidence of ________ ________
Predictive Validity
Using a test that has a broad range of topics makes the test…
Using a test that is consistent over time makes the test….
Content valid
Using a test that has statistical data makes the test….
Empirically valid
The _____ _________ (r) is a statistic expressing the strength of relationship.
relation coefficient
This relation coefficient is useful between selection tools and job performance.
A +1 correlation is a _____ _____ relation
perfect positive
A 0 correlation has __ relation
A correlation of -1 is _____ _____ relation
perfect negative
If a candidate does great on the selection test but has low job performance, the test provided a
false positive
If the company did not think a candidate would do a good job but the candidate turned out to do a great job, the test provided a
False negative
poor on test and poor performance the test gave a
true negative
Letters of recommendation, Biodata, and General cognitive ability are all examples of what?
Selection tests
Work sample tests, emotional intelligence, personality traits, and honesty tests are all examples of what?
Selection tests
Interviews, Drug tests, reference checks, and handwriting analysis are all examples of what?
Selection tests
Are letters of recommendation useful?
A more detailed version of the application form in which applicants respond to a series of questions about their background, experiences, and preferences
Biodata form
Are biodata forms a valid selection tool?
Past behavior predicts future behavior is the rationale behind which selection tool?
This selection tool measures a candidates ability to learn quickly
IQ tests
This selection tool is the MOST VALID
Work Sample Test
This selection tool evaluates a candidates ability to “see and manage other’s emotions” and is INCONCLUSIVELY VALID
Emotional Intelligence
Definition: A stable and enduring characteristic
The big five traits are a part of which selection tool?
Personality tests
Are honest tests valid?
These questions ask if a worker is okay working under certain conditions.
worker requirement questions
Intervies are ___ _ _______ leading to low validity
open to biases
Which type of interview question is this: Tell me about a time when yopu had to work with a difficult customer. How did you handle the situation?
Which type of interview question is this: Are you willing to travel 3 months out of the year?
worker requirements
Which type of interview question is this: What are specific ways the marketing research suggests that a company can improve customer loyalty?
Job knowledge
Which type of interview question is this: What if….
If you have an interview with 2 or more people, it is said to be a ____ interview
Children, age, disabilities, physical characteristics, marital status, citizenship, arrest records, smoking, disease, religion are alll…..
DON’Ts of Interviewing
What is the fist way to handle a question the interviewer should not have asked?
Answer it
What is the second way to handle a question the interviewer should not have asked?
Not answer it
What is the third way to handle a question the interviewer should not have asked?
Address why it was asked
Yes/No Validity – Letters of recommendation
Yes/No Validity – biodata
Yes/No Validity – general cognitive ability
Yes/No Validity – Work Sample test – BEST
Yes/No Validity – Emotional intelligence
Yes/No Validity – personality traits
Yes/No Validity – honesty tests
Yes/No Validity – interviews
Yes/No Validity – drug tests
Yes/No Validity – reference checks
Yes/No Validity – handwriting analysis
T/F – Applicant reactions to your selection tests do not matter, applicants are happy to just get a job.
What are the 2 most DISLIKED selection tests?
Personality IQ
What are the 2 most Liked selection tests?
This principle states: If employees are careless and hire a person with a history of violence – you can be held liable.
Negligent hiring
In the case against Ford Motor Co., The co. had to pay ___ billion dollars because there was a better selection tool available
T/F – If there is a tool that would result in higher adverse impact, employers must use it.
False – Lower
When we watched the Office, what type of training was taking place?
On the Job
T/F – Training gives employees specific skills or addresses deficiencies.
Deninition: an effor to provide employees with the abilities the org will need in the future
Training or Development? – Current job, individuals, current time frame
Training or Development? -Current and future jobs, long term
Is training always an apporopriate solution?
the __ ____ __ _________
1. Needs assesment
2. Dev and conduct training
3. Evaluation
3 phases of training
How do we know when training is appropriate?
Phase 1 Needs Assesment
Goals for your training program should be ___ __ ____
clear and realistic
How does a company know if their training program was worth the money they spent?
Phase 3 evaluation
These are the 3 levels of _________
1. Organizational analysis
2. Task analysis
3. person analysis
This is a level of assesment and is an examination of the job to be performed.
Task Analysis
These are positives of what? Everything a person learns will be job relevant. The company incurs no loss due to training.
On the job training
This gives manager a broad understanding of the company
Job Rotation
As a manager we should ________ positive behaviors and ________ negative behaviors
encourage, discourage
Motivation is influenced by ____ ______
self – efficacy
These are the feelings about one’s ability to perform a certain task.
This souce of self efficacy is domonstrated here:
I’ve been able to do the same thing in the past
past accomplishments
This souce of self efficacy is domonstrated here:
If he can do it, then so can I
observation of others
This souce of self efficacy is domonstrated here:
c’mon… I know you can do it
Verbal persuasion
This souce of self efficacy is domonstrated here:
I’ve succeeded at something very similar, so I should be able to do this, too…
logical verification
learning things to automaticity
over learning
Effective learning
spaced vs. massed learning – time
whole vs. part learning – content
Content and timing
Receiving input on a task that you recently completed.
What are the 3 ways to make practice more effective?
Over learning, feedback, content and timing
What are the four levels of training evaluation?
reactions, learning, behavior, results
This training evaluation technique wants to know whether or not the person like the training.
This training evaluation technique is like a final exam
This training evaluation technique asks if behavior has changed.
This training evaluation technique looks at Numbers, Sales, and ROI
The ultimate goal of training is _____
The ______ of ______ occurs when you use the KSA learned in training OTJ
Transfer training
____increases training transfer.
How realistic the physical surroundings of training was to OTJ.
Physical fidelity
How you think and feel in training how you would on the job.
Psychological fidelity
Truthful surroundings are an example of ___ fidelity
What is the main legal concern with training?
Do not deny
Performance appraisal items come from:
1. Job ______
2. Job ________
3. Performance Appraisal items
analysis description
What are the three reasons for job performance appraisal?
Identify, measure, manage performance
The aspect of job performance in question
This type of judgement asks supervisor to evaluate comparitively.
This type of judgement asks supervisors to judge objectively
This type of judgement is
+easy to use
+ranks employees
– Makes manager differentiate
This type of judegement is
+ Considers many dimensions
+ Allows us to give good feedback
– Difficult and time consuming
– vulnerable to errors
These are all types of what judgement?
1. Straight Rank: (tallest to shortest)
2. Paired comparisson: (comparative)
3. forced distribution: (firing bottom 10%)
These are all types of what judgement?
1. Narrative essays (rater gives comments)
2. uses anchors (1-5)
What is a critical incident judegement?
This gives information in a narrative form but is time consuming and relys on the managers writing ability.
Narrative essay
This may be used to assess traits and behaviors. It uses anchors. It’s easy to use, but presents limited information
Graphic rating scale
These are used in graphic rating scales to rate the employee.
These are examples of good and bad performance.
Critical incidents
This assigns behaviors to anchors in a graphic rating scale
Weighted checklist
This generates critical incidents and weighs them on a never, sometimes, always scale.
Behavioral Observation Scale
This generates critical incidents to ANCHORS in a rating scale
Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale
What is the best focus for an appraisal?
these are all disadvantages to ___ ___ ____Confusing for employees, Information overload, issues with confidentiality
360 degree feedback
This is an error that is has a consistent bias on the feedback
Rater error
This is the tendency to rate similarly accross dimensions
halo error
giving someone bad ratings overall
horn error
This is when the range of a test is too high
leniency error
this is when the range is too harshly rated
severity error
this is when the range is down the middle of the road
central tendency error
Focus feedback to be on ____, not on the person
don’t use words like ____ or____
always never
Be constructive – discuss ______

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