Human Resource Management function

Human Resources Manager
Coordinates all the activities involved in acquiring developing, maintaining and terminating employees from a organisations resources
Human Resources Management
is effective management of the formal relationship between the employer and employees.
4 main areas of responsibility for an HRM
Planning – what the objectives are and how they will achieve them

Organising – matching employees with tasks

Leading – Motivating and inspiring via specific changes

Control – Establishing measures to monitor employee performance

Typical Employee Expectations
Honest and fair treatment
Correct Payements
A clean and safe workplace
A secure and flexible work arrangement
4 Basic conditions of employment
The number of hours an employee is expected
Annual leave entitlements such as sick leaves and long service.
Public Holidays
Redundancy pay
Flexible working conditions
are conditions that allow employees to balance work and family responsibilities more effectively.
Forms of flexible working conditions
Variable working days
Work from home arrangement
Flexible hours
Benefits of a work life balance
Reduce Stress
Increase employee productivity
Enhance corporate image
Motivated workplace with enthusiastic employees
Enhancement of workplace skills
OHS (Occupational health and safety)
refers to the responsibility the employer has to ensure the workplace is safe for employees and that steps are taken to minimise harm.
Job security
is the belief that the employee will not loose their job
refers to the individual internal process that directs, energies and sustain persons behaviour
Maslow’s Theory
Everybody has needs that need to be met. When people attempt to satisfy these needs it creates motivation within the individual. However once the need is met the motivation is lost until a new need is obtained.
Herzbergs Theory
Is the idea that satisfaction and dissatisfaction are caused by two separate factors.
Hygiene factors
The hygiene factors are the external and physical conditions of the workplace. They will cause dissatisfaction or no dissatisfaction
Motivation Factors
Are the internal factors to the employee such as the nature of the job itself which causes motivation
Unlawful Dismissal
Being dismissed without reason, and their needs to be a process that needs to happen before dismal can occur
The environment should be one where people feel safe to report bullying and harassment. All incidents should be taken seriously
Work overload/Stress
Redesign their job and give them strategies to heal with the stress
Unethical work Practices/conditions
conducting activities that are frowned upon by the broader community
4 Benefits of acting ethically
Positive Image
Community Support
Staff motivated and valued
Equal employment opportunities
Human Resources Planning
Is the development of strategies to meet the organisation future human resources needs
Job analysis
is a systematic study of each employees duties tasks and work environment
Job description
a written statement describing the employees duties, and tasks and responsibilities associated with the job
Job specification
a list of the key qualification needed to perform a particular job in terms of educations, skills and experience
Job design
details the number, kind and variety of tasks that individual employees perform in their job
is the process of attracting qualified job applicants from which to select the most appropriate person for a specific job
Main sources of employees for and organisation
Advertisements in the media
Temporary / Casual services
Schools, Universities
Internal Searches
Public employment agencies
Private recruitment agencies
Involves choosing the candidate who best matches the organisations requirement
Methods used during selection process
Application Forms
Medical examinations
occurs when a policy or a practise disadvantages a person or a group based on personal characteristics that is irrelevant to the performance of the work
Enterprise bargining
is employees and employer discussing working conditions at an enterprise level
3 examples employer offer flexibility
Part time employment
Family Leave
Job Sharing
is monetary payment in return for the work an employee performs
Wage vs Salary
A salary is a fixed amount of money where as a wage is determined upon the amount of hours worked
Is the process of acquainting new employees with an organisation
Benefits of a well prepared induction programme
Reduced stress and anxiety
Build confidence of new employees
Greater awareness
Employee training
is teaching staff to perform their job more productively
Employee Devolopment
refers to the activities that prepare employees to take on greater responsibility both within and beyond the organisation
Learning organsiation
Is one that is aware of it’s actions and environment and tries to improve upon it’s operations
Link between successful training and employee relationship
Opportunities for promotion and self improvement which benefits the organisation as it results in higher productivity through better job performance and more efficient use of human resources.
Different type of training
On the job experience
Off the job experience
Action learning
Succession Planning
Focuses on preparing employees with potential to take on key management roles within the organisation
Recognition and rewards programme
Aims at acknowledging the work an employee has done and provedes some sort of benfit
Intrinsic rewards
Fair Treatment
Sense of achievement
Safe and healthy workplace
Extrinsic rewards
Individual awards
Group awards
Performance Management
focuses on improving organisation and individual performance through relating organisational objectives to individual employee performance objectives.
Performance appraisal
is the formal assessment comparing employees performance with the business objectives
Key objectives of performance aappraisal
Provide feedback on employees
Measure performance for ….R&R
Help monitor employee selection
Identify training needs
Identify new objectives
4 types of appraisal techniques
Essay method
Critical incident method
Comparison method
Performance Feedback
is the information provided to an employee after a performance apprasial
is the ending of an employees employment
Major forms of termination


occurs when an organisation dismisses an employee because there is not enough work to justify paying them
Is when an employee voluntarily leaves a workplace and workforce
is the voluntary ending of employment by the employee
is when a persons job no longer exists, usually due to technology and organisation restructure.
occurs when behaviour of an employee is unacceptable an organisation terminates their employment
Employee relations
Is the total interaction between the employee and the employer about their conditions of employment
Is someone who is under control of the employer with regards to their pay and work conditons
Trade Unions
are organisations formed by employees in an industry, trade or occupation to represent them in efforts to improve wages and working condtions
Employer associations
are organisations that represent and assist employer groups
is a legally binding agreement that sets our minimum wages and conditions for a group of employes
Collective Bargining
determines the terms and conditions of employment through direct negotiation between unions and employers
Enterprise Bargining
is employees and employers discussing working conditions at an enterprise level
2 aspects of negotiating employment agreements
Consult Widely

Lodge the agreement

2 management skills resolution of conflict
occurs when a third party participates in the resolution of a dispute and attempts to help resolve differences through discussion
involves use of a judge who hears both arguments in a dispute and makes a final outcome
is a method of resolving disputes and involves producing a satisfactory agreement on a current dispute
is confidential discussion of issues in a non threatening environment with use of a third party
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