Htc Business Model Essay Example
Htc Business Model Essay Example

Htc Business Model Essay Example

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  • Published: October 13, 2017
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Executive sum-up

Using Google’s Andriod platform has given HTC a encouragement. but now the Chinese French telephone shaper are vulnerable to underwhelming gross revenues in America and Europe. Their hope? China.

HTC merely entered China in early 2010. much later than its established equals. It is playing catching up with international premium trade names. such as Apple. Samsung and LG. where HTC is presently taking to acquire a piece of the pie. However. the company is besides confronting stiff competition from local trade names who operate at the lower monetary value market.

In this Global Marketing proposal. we propose several enterprises for HTC to turn its current 1 % marketshare in the China nomadic phone market. including new merchandises for HTC to tap into the lower monetary value market every bit good as localized publicity runs to sell phones in rural countries. ...


It is clip for HTC to rock off from satisfied with being ‘quietly brilliant’ .

Context analysis

Company Background

HTC Corporate. founded in 1997. was a comparatively vague Taiwanese original design maker ( ODM ) . Incorporated as High Technology Computer. HTC focused on fabrication of computing machine notebooks. The company created the world’s foremost pocket size Personal computer in coaction with Microsoft in 1998 [ 1 ] ; it subsequently developed the iPAQ. one of the earliest Personal digital assistant for Compaq in 2000.

HTC’s close tie with Microsoft led them to develop XDA [ 2 ] in 2002. first of all time smartphone operated on Windows. The company remained true to ODM rules when it produced smartphones by expeditiously providing for carriers’ specifications and petitions. HTC’s ODM smartphones continued to bring forth net income border every bit high as

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20 % compared to industry norm of 5 % [ 3 ] . Harmonizing to Harvard Business Review. HTC shipped more than 70 % of the world’s Windows smartphones in 2006 at its extremum.

HTC won a repute for first-class smartphones. But it wanted more. and began to put more in invention before finally making its ain trade name in 2007. HTC set up a unit called Magic Labs [ 4 ] . where applied scientists from assorted subjects come up with tonss of thoughts. even if most were rapidly discarded. From this unit bred several land interrupting thoughts. including HTC touch. a touch screen device that appeared few hebdomads before Apple’s foremost iPhone ; and first of all time Android phone in coaction with Google.

Reaping from the Android’s high incursion rate. the company experienced unprecedented growing from 2008 onwards and became the top marketer of smartphones in America in 3Q of 2011. harmonizing to Canalys Research. HTC has late eclipsed Nokia in market capacity and has climbed up to the no. 3 topographic point for smartphones sold worldwide. behind Apple and Samsung. In footings of trade name equity. the company has invested to a great extent in developing its ain trade name and broke into Interbrand’s top 100 Trade names 2011 [ 5 ] ( no. 98 ) .

China: Macro-environmental Factors


China remained a individual party directed state since the initiation of People’s Republic of China in October 1949. Puting political political orientations differences aside. efficient decision-making is widely seen as a feature of China’s political system. The profound alterations that have taken topographic point in assorted Fieldss of this state: from Deng Xiaping’s Special Economic

Zone in the 80s to the economic springs in the bend of the century.

Inefficiencies in the political system such as corruptness still exist today. but China’s communist party has taken bold stairss for reform. The party has embraced market socialist economic system to take China out of poorness and surge to one of the most powerful states in the universe.


Despite China has mounted new highs in her economic system. outshining Japan as the 2nd largest economic system in the universe. the lag in economic growing has non abated. The lodging roar in the past decennary is now over. connoting that growing now weigh on heavy industry and local ingestion. In the past. China has offered monolithic substructure stimulation. as it did to shore up up growing following SARS and the planetary fiscal crisis. However. local authoritiess have learned non to overheat the economic system. as evidenced by the late 2011 recognition crunch in Wenzhou [ 6 ] . Cardinal authorities is anticipating a moderate GDP growing of 6 % . but China is due for rectification in its belongings and perchance stock market.


China’s Communist Party maintained its strong bridgehead in the state. as the state enjoyed a period of unprecedented prosperity in the past decennary. As China’s economic system take flight. the figure of local billionaires and millionaires grew by springs and bounds. The wealth spread. at the same clip. widened drastically. As a effect. there have been several localised pro-democracy runs since 2011. Termed ‘Jasmine revolution’ . citizens used societal web site such as microblogs to form public protests demanding equity. lodging and nutrient – societal issues that are frequently overlooked during economic roar.

Such agitations were rapidly put to rest as Beijing aims to extenuate any signifier of dissenters since larning the difficult lessons from Tiananmen protests in 1989. Other than localised protests and occasional contention in human rights. China’s societal order have been maintained.


China has sparked its technological roar since it gained accession to the universe trade organisation in 2001. Internally. China has developed a full-blown cyberspace market which now boost one of the largest cyberspace users in the universe. In nomadic phones. the market evidenced a dynamic growing due to the rapid development of nomadic subscriptions and turning third-generation ( 3G ) webs.

China: Smartphone Market

Industry analysis

After China’s telecommunications operators acquired 3G licences. they formed several strategic confederations with nomadic phone trade names. For illustration. China Unicom has established confederations with Apple’s iPhone and Lenovo’s LePhone. whilst Motorola and HTC and strategic spouses with China Telecom.

Customer analysis

Harmonizing to authorities statistics in 2012. China has become to first state to exceed 1 billionThe cell phone users. a zoom from 2010’s 787 million users. The figure of users is tantamount to 74 % of China’s population. That being said. merely 14 % of users are 3G users. Mobile phones are seen as a necessity. as clients on a regular basis use phones for texting and micro-blogging.

Rival analysis

Mobile phones are comparatively amalgamate in China. with the top five trade names deducing about 72 % of entire retail volume stales in 2010 [ 7 ] . Top five trade names are Nokia ( 34. 2 % ) . Samsung ( 18. 1 % ) . LG ( 6. 8 % ) . ZTE ( 6. 3 % ) and Huawei (

6. 3 % ) . Apple ( 1. 4 % ) and HTC ( 0. 7 % ) are late boomers in the market. with both companies holding entered China in 2009 and 2010 severally.

Harmonizing to market research by Canalys [ 8 ] . international trade names such as Samsung. Apple and HTC should go on to rule in the infinite above RMB2. 500 ( US $ 400 ) . Leading local tier-one trade names. such as Huawei and ZTE. are diversifying beyond the entry degree by establishing a figure of high-profile. flagship smart phones. As of late. Lenovo has made attempts to perforate the low cost. rural market by presenting theoretical accounts get downing from RMB700 ( US $ 158 ) .

Company Analysis

HTC in China

HTC merely entered China in 2009 and occupied a market portion below 1 % as of figures in 2010. Its scheme is to dispute Samsung and Apple as the biggest smartphone participants in Mainland. but it besides faces stiff competition from local trade names such as Tianyu and ZTE

Despite its geographic propinquity in Taiwan. HTC started off late in China than in richer parts of the universe mostly because the country’s 3G construction was non every bit matured in 2009 as today.

Targeting & A ; Positioning

HTC’s mission statement is “to become the taking advanced provider of nomadic information and communicating devices by supplying value-added design. universe category fabrication and logistic and service capablenesss. ” Whilst this may hold been a successful expression over the past 10 old ages in geographic location. HTC is in danger of falling behind rivals in China.

HTC presently has 10 % of the market for smartphones

bing more than RMB2. 000 ( US $ 320 ) . Its scheme is to aim those high-end clients who utilizes 3G web and appreciates international trade name. As if HTC’s Magic Lab works indefatigably to come up with legion advanced merchandises. HTC presently adopts a similar volume attack in its phones. HTC on a regular basis pushes forward phones in the market. In 2011. when Apple had launched one new iPhone. HTC introduced 15 new theoretical accounts.

HTC’s Challenge

After a meteorologic rise which placed it briefly atop the U. S. smartphone gross revenues charts. HTC gross as a whole in the first two months of 2012 was a astonishing 45 % down on last twelvemonth. HTC has run afoul of punitory legal steamroller Apple. which delayed the handiness of HTC’s French telephones. Determined to avoid the destiny looming over troubled challengers like Research in Motion. HTC saw a large revival push in China. championed by several flagship phones such as HTC One X and Evo 4G Lite. Gross saless in Europe have been dropping but HTC saw better than expected gross in China.

The rise of HTC in China despite its late entry could be partly attributed to their advanced runing systems with Android and first-class hardware. such as double nucleus treating units and friendly characteristics where the phone rings louder when in a bag. But with rivals catching up hardware specifications overnight these yearss. can HTC prolong its China growing?

The challenge of HTC faces is non neither merely in hardware nor package. HTC needs to explicate a selling and stigmatization scheme for China. as to fend off the ferocious challenge by international trade names (

Apple. Samsung ) and local participants.

Proposed Selling Political campaign

For the proposed selling run. we propose a bi-polar attack to aim bing high-end clients of HTC’s and besides tap into the basic clients specturum. an country HTC has non entered so far.

High-end clients

HTC is presently concentrating on high-end clients who are tech understanding. able and willing to pay for premium nomadic phones. These high-end clients are presently up and coming professionals. live a fast moving life style and largely shack or work in first or 2nd grade metropoliss. such as Beijing. Shanghai and Xi Chuan. All of these clients have subscribed or are traveling to subscribe 3G web. in order to do the most of out HTC’s smartphones.

In add-on to merchandise quality and operating system. high-end clients presents besides care about trade name repute and image. The proposed selling run for HTC’s high-end clients is hence to enrich the trade name experience and differentiate HTC’s personality.

Basic clients

As mentioned earlier. 3G users histories to less than 20 % of China’s nomadic phones market. Harmonizing to market analysis. local participants. best represented by ZTE and Huawei. are more popular amongst monetary value sensitive mass and lower-end clients. These basic clients reside in 3rd tier metropoliss or rural countries. demand basic maps for their phones and besides aspires to have a smartphone one twenty-four hours.


Interior designers coactions are nil new. Indeed. they are now a well-established selling tool – every bit good as beginning of income. Standard Hotel Group in America has joined forces with the likes of surfwear trade name Quiksilver to supply sole short pantss and Bikini that invitees can buy in the group’s resorts. H &

A ; M. the Swedish manner giant. took rise after inquiring Karl Lagerfeld. interior decorator for Chanel and proprietor of Fendi. to come up with a particular aggregation back in 2004.

For nomadic phones. it is no different narrative. RIM collaborated with Porsche design and launched a high-end epicurean blackberry in 2011. LG and Prada started working together in 2006 [ 9 ] and continued to pull fashionistas for their crossing over phones.

For high-end clients. HTC should leverage connexion with a celebrated trade name within the Chinese community and bring forth collaborate merchandises. Nike would hold to be an appropriate pick. given the trade name is held in high respects among Chinese and its advanced trade name image aligns with that of HTC’s. Nevertheless. Nike has strong connexion with Apple as Nike presently produces Nike+ – a trailing device that connects an athletes’ public presentation informations with iPhones. iPods etc.

If there is a trade name for energetic professionals which lucifers HTC’s pricing and aiming scheme. Adidas would be a great tantrum. Rather than taking a luxury trade name such as LVMH or Gucci. a partnership with Adidas could non merely appeal to the athleticss lovers. but besides be perceived as socially acceptable. Partnering with epicurean goods might put on the line farther disaffection as the wealth spread widens in China.

Adidas is actively puting on its myocardial infarction adidas platform that rivals Nike+ . The athleticss company enjoys a good repute in China after patronizing Team China in Beijing Olympics. and its advanced roots in merchandises and designs could enrich the HTC trade name experience.

For basic clients. HTC could construct 2G or even really basic 3G phones

to pull the mass. With much reduced functionality and a lower monetary value point. HTC could pull the 80 % users who have non yet subscribe to 3G web. While the simpler French telephones should hold less fancy maps. incarnating the HTC names mean that that the phones should still be advanced. HTC could be more localize with these phones by holding local maps such as Chinese keyboard and improved lastingness that adapts to environment in rural countries. Possibly basic phones could hold a brighter screen for users to see the screen easy in unfastened rural countries. or made in anti-sand stuffs as desertification is common in northwest China.

Aside from hardware reengineering. HTC needs to redesign its package capablenesss. HTC is comparatively weak in content when compared to challengers such as Apple. It has no programs to establish its ain app shop. preferring alternatively to answer on Android market place and its apps. HTC acquired Gallic content supplier Abaxia in June 2010 [ 10 ] to develop advanced apps for its devices. Recently. it has installed digital map apps in HTC Sense interface. Presently. there is a market spread in smartphone maker originated apps in China. Almost all of the apps available on Android/iPhone system are developed by single package company. HTC could potentially develop runing system with apps linked to popular Chinese societal media sites. such as QQ and Sina’s Microblog.

Monetary value

HTC should go on to aim upper grade monetary value points for its high terminal clients. Its presently monetary value point closely resembles Apple’s and Samsung’s. averaging around RMB2. 500 ( US $ 400 ) . The high monetary value puting scheme farther

illustrates HTC’s aspiration to vie with the international trade names but the company could see underselling its monetary value by a fraction. say less than 10 % . than the leaders so as to derive stronger market portion. Price decrease should non be advertised sharply. as it might signal a loss in quality.

For merchandises in the lower terminal market. HTC should seek to be a monetary value leader in the sphere. Lenovo markets its cheaper line of phones around RMB700. and HTC should seek to undersell Lenovo. It is of import to capture the basic clients foremost. with the hope that HTC could carry basic users to exchange to more expensive phones over clip.

Topographic point

Harmonizing to Economists. HTC now as 2. 300 authorised retail merchants in China. Apple has 3. 500 – non defying its flagship Apple shop and website – while Nokia and Samsung have 9. 000 each. HTC could open more stores by allowing authorised retail merchants license. but it is easier said than done as trade names jostle retail merchants for shelf infinites.

Rather than puting to a great extent in opening its ain store. HTC could organize a strategic partnership with popular online store Taobao or Alibaba to make clients in the 2nd or 3rd tier metropoliss to congratulate its e-shop. Further topographic point publicity could been referred in ‘HTC ambassador’ run in People subdivision.

In first grade metropoliss. HTC could theoretically leverage on Adidas’s shop presence and distribution web. Nonetheless. HTC should follow a selective attack by opening flagship shop that can exemplify its client experience.


In HTC’s officeholder planetary selling run. the company motto is ‘quietly brilliant’ . HTC commercials do non

concentrate on the precise functionality of their French telephones but the manner people use them. The construct itself is intuitive. but the run is non every bit much advertised in China as other topographic points – the motto does non even has a Chinese interlingual rendition. As a consequence. HTC’s publicity in China is merchandise focused. HTC One Ten advertizements were filmed where a lensman takes images with HTC phone while sky diving – emphasizing the superior camera quality of the French telephone.

To revamp the publicity run. HTC should foremost come up with a better motto for China or even for its planetary run. Stressing on the manner people interact with HTC cell phones is a good thought. but conceptually the motto could be more consecutive frontward – Nokia’s ‘connecting people’ or LG’s ‘life is good’ are good illustrations.

For China specifically. HTC needs to construct on physique on enriching users experience. Yan Siqing. head runing officer of China Telecom said HTC grew quickly despite its late start because it provided a “good user experience” . Countrywide publicity run should concentrate on how HTC helps people to capture their minutes in life. Whether is at work. in featuring minutes or holiday. a user-friendly HTC French telephone is ever at that place to do things go on.


Simliar to Unilever’s “Shakti Revolution” to assist adult females in rural India to go enterprisers [ 11 ] . HTC could further partnership with non governmental administrations. Bankss and local counties. to advance French telephones at rural countries through using ‘HTC ambassadors’ . Ambassadors are underpriviledged occupants in state sides and they are invited to go direct-to-consumer gross revenues distributers for

HTC’s basic French telephones for 2nd or 3rd tier metropoliss. Contrary to normal mom-and-pop stores. HTC should supply developing in selling. commercial cognition and clerking to assist embassadors go micro-entrepreneurs. This proposal could non merely spread out HTC’s range in the lower grade markets. but besides been seen as a socially responsible act of good will.

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