HSC-100 Chapter 1-4 quiz

The Many Tests Condition pattern consists of several ________ periods.
The first step of the Six Steps to Strategic Reading is to:
Create chapter questions
The first rule of time management is to prepare for the predictable. True or False?
Chapter 3 shows you how to become an efficient time manager. True or False?
Multitasking while studying is a mental switching penalty because interruptions are excessive. True or False?
The key to efficiency and success is being strategic and goal-oriented in ______ and ______.
The T of the four big picture maps represents:
Time map
Reading to teach is an effective strategy that can help you prepare for exams and increase course material retention. True or False?
College is a sample of the real adult world as well as preparation for it. True or False?
The second rule of time management is to document all of your weekly responsibilities on a calendar. True or False?
Metaknowledge is put into action when you assess your current knowledge and determine the distance between what you know and need to know to do well on an exam or course assignment. True or False?
Goals describe ending points or desired outcomes and subgoals describe the actions that need to be taken to accomplish the goals. True or False?
College courses are very narrow in scope and rarely require a sense of the big picture. True or False?
Finding ways to cope with college challenges is good practice for life after college. True or False?
The most commonly addressed topics that pertain to students starting college are:
Isolation and loneliness
Distributed practice consists of 5-10 hour study sessions that are conducted on the weekend to increase focus and minimize distractions. True or False?
The best way to improve exam performance is to study your notes, reread textbook chapters, and review lecture PowerPoint slides. True or False?
Rich’s father wanted him to be a doctor but he did not share his father’s career vision and eventually became an economics major and later earned a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree. True or False?
What is the number one regret people list when asked to look back over their lives?
One of the main goals of strategic reading is to determine the ____________.
Author’s goals

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