The percentage of restaurant sale attributed to tourism is
A person trip is
one person who travels 100 more miles away from home
The most common means of tourist travel is
The following has not contributed to the growth of tourism
decreased cost of leisure activities
the age group that travels most is
35-44 years of age
The following statement is correct about demographics as major tourism factor
two income families have become a major factor in tourism
The most significant reason that people give for traveling is
to visit friends and relatives
The job that both managers and supervisors perform is
People are traveling more than they have in the past in part because of the
increase in the number of two income families
Management as a field of study
is relevant to non-business areas such as administrative dietetics
Management as practice and as a field of thought
is evolving with our society
The term
management usually includes supervision
the man who developed “scientific management” as a way of analyzing task was
Frederick Taylor
The work process focus
refers to the function of production control in a factory
The “:task idea”
focuses on the one best way to do the job
The controlled shop
involves management’s study and planning of work.
Staffing is significant in the hospitality industry because
of the importance of the right person in a job to personal service
The labor market in the hospitality industry today has
an under supply of employees.
The most important factor in developing effective employees is
the work managers do to determine their specific personnel needs is called
today proper management in the hospitality industry staffs their organization
by selecting the right person for the job
The first step in staffing a position is to define the
job to be done
Human resource management is important in the hospitality industry because
the success of the operation may rest upon the kind of employee and how he/she performs a certain job
A job description includes
the minimum standards for the worker
when we define the hospitality industry, we mean
any operation that provides food and/ or shelter to people away from home
the basic work of managers in the hospitality industry calls for
making the guest welcome. making the operation run correctly and keeping control of operating costs
Making a profit means that
in addition to recovery of costs there is enough left over to pay debts and provide a return to the owner.
According to management expert Peter Drucker, the most productive worker in today’s society is the
knowledge worker
A knowledge worker is one who
applies ideas, information and knowledge to their work
The outlook for employment in the hospitality industry looks as if it will be
solid in most segments
In today’s social context, work
produces something of value for people
The “job benefit mix means”
a money and knowledge gained from any job
Profit in a business is treated in two ways
Return on investment and retained earnings
Consumers spend approximately the following amount of their food budget on food away from home
almost half
A recent survey indicated that
98% of households had eaten out in the past month
Total food service sales ( in dollars) are highest in the following segment/s:
The restaurant, cafeteria, and fast food areas
A segment within the commercial food service industry which has declined in sales is
employee cafeterias
If you wish to be promoted rapidly in the restaurant business usually your best avenue is through
the key responsibility for the front of the house is
guest satisfaction
The kind of service that should be delivered has a great deal to do with
what the guest wants and expects
Empowerment in the front of the house refers to
giving employees enough discretion to favorably affect the guest’s experience
The smallest size settled on by a motor hotel chain for full service hotel as economically viable is
100 units
A limited service hotel
typically offers guest rooms only
A large hotel with 500 or more guest rooms, extensive meeting and function space, and large ballrooms is
a convention hotel
What type of hotel offers an important “extra” service transportation to and from the airport
Airport hotels
Generally speaking which type of property has the highest rate
A property offering well designed learning environments, a variety of small meeting rooms with full audiovisual and technological support is
an executive conference center
Which of the follow statement is NOT true about an eco tourism resort
It’s only open in the summer
Vacation ownership
Is a type of shared ownership in which the buyer purchases the right to use a residential dwelling unit for a portion of the year.
The statement about tourism that is NOT correct is
the most significant factor in fueling the growth of tourism has been infrastructure improvement
The percentage of restaurant sales attributed to tourism is
For families today, vacation needs are for
quality time vacations
The average group that travels most is
35-44 years of age
The following statement is CORRECT about demographics as a major tourism factor
Two income families have become major factor in tourism
The most significant reason that people give for traveling is
to visit friends and relatives
A recent vacation trend among younger travelers has been
weekend mini vacations
The following statement about the economic significance of tourism is correct
the travel ” multiplier” effect and actual travel receipts make tourism one of the top retail businesses
The tourism ” Multiplier” refers to
the effect of repeated spending resulting from the initial tourism expenditure
Over the last 20 years since 1988, the number of overseas visitors to the U.S. has increased
International tourism is measured by
arrivals and receipts
For cultural reasons, the destination people would travel to is the
Smithsonian Museum
The destination which is NOT an example of a primary tourist destination is
The term ” mass market tourism” refers to
destinations that attract a wide variety of visitors
Planned play environments
are artificial environments created for the enjoyment of tourists
Theme parks
cater to people’s need for fun and fantasty
Which description below is NOT correct about LEGO Land California
It is a traditional amusement park
The following is NOT a factor that has influenced the growth of gaming
deregulation of the industry
One of the causes of Las Vegas’ continued success is
It’s ability to offer the “entire package.”
The following statement best reflects how gambling has changed over the last 10 to 20 years
Gaming has become a part of living in the 1990’s
Fairs and festivals can best be characterized as
important mainstays of numerous communities
Fairs and festivals are examples of
temporary tourist destinations
Casino hosts
handle problems at the table
The most prominent impact of man-made tourist attractions is
economic benefits to the community
In contrast to tradition amusement parks, modern theme parks
operate on a huge scale
The most important group for regional theme parks is
visitors from nearby
The first step in staffing a position is to define the
physical requirement of the employee
Job standards
include the physical requirement for a job
Internal sources for recruiting
include former employees, current employees and their relatives and friends
When a worker arrives at work for the first time, he or she is given
an orientation period
The most commonly used training procedure in the hospitality industry is
pairing an inexperienced worker with a trained worker
The cybernetic loop refers to
control systems which provided information to serve as a basis for management corrective action
To achieve control, managers use two kinds of accounting
financial and managerial
The budget is used in responsibility accounting
to determine variance from target and initiate corrective action
The following statement is true about worker motivation
There are many different motives for working
Douglas MacGregor’s Theory X statement about attitudes towards work
uses rewards and punishment as major keys to employee productivity
Douglas MacGregor’s Theory Y statement about attitudes towards work states that
employees have a greater capability for problem solving than most organizations realize.
Theory X is based on
rewards and punishments
Theory X and Theory Y
are two different ways of looking at a worker’s attitude towards work
Authority, both formal and informal
is established by legal rights
Employee morale in the hospitality industry
is more important than in factory settings
The best kind of praise
is your respect for the worker and your appreciation of the work well done
Since the working group develops into a social group, managers
try to build a link of communication with the informal leader
Potential barriers to communication at work are
semantic, different social backgrounds and the immediate environment
Morale in a service organization is important because
employees are involved in guest contact and their attitude becomes a part of the service
Worker participation in decision making
can be beneficial because workers can sometimes anticipate problems.
Service is
the performance of the organization and its staff, from the guest’s point of view
The hospitality “product”
includes tangible goods and intangible services
A characteristic of service is
it is experience for the guest and performance for the staff
The performance standard for service organisations should be
zero defects but defects are defined by the type of operation and the guest’s expectation
Face to Face transactions
are the most powerful in making an impression on the guest
A “product” view of service”
emphasizes service as a task
The process view of service best fits
upscale operations that involve personal attention and individualized service
Motels were built after World War II because of the
huge growth in auto ownership and its effect on travel
A motel in the first part of the 20th century
was usually located at the edge of town
The smallest size settled on by motor hotel chains for full service hotels as economically viable is
100 units
A limited service hotel
typically offers guest rooms only
Which of the following type of hotels offer an important” extra” service transportation to and from the airport
Airport hotels
Generally speaking which type of property has the highest rate
A property offering well designed learning environment a variety of small meeting rooms with full audiovisual and technological support is
an executive conference center
A major difference between “all suite” rooms and traditional hotel rooms is
room size
The highest percentage (52%) of travelers are
leisure travelers
Transient business people
usually travel in a group
Association business travelers
often are cost conscious than the corporate segment
SMERF refers to
business that originates from five resources: social, military., educational. religious and fraternal
A major reason for international travel is
global economic expansion
Hotel segmenting means that
different types of hotels have been built to respond to specific travelers needs
The fundamental need for business travelers is
the access to information
Which type of travelers show the least seasonal travel pattern
senior travels
Which of the following best describes the impact of technology on lodging
Technology makes guests connected from any location in some hotels
In a large hotel the person under the general manager who assumes responsibility for day to day operations is the
resident manager or hotel manager
The size and type of hotel determines to a great extent it organization, The following statement related to the size of hotel organization is generally correct
Large properties over 1000 rooms require more than one general manager
The major source of profit in hotels is in most cases from
room sales
In a typical rooms department the departmental income should be about
70% or more
In a typical food and beverage department the departmental income should be about
15 to 20%
The system that improves operational efficiency by eliminating repetitive tasks and improves service by providing information more quickly and accurately is
PMS ( Property management system)
The department that is notified as soon as a guest checks out of a hotel is
the housekeeping
The most time consuming duty of the morning front desk shift is
checking out guests
The lifetime of a new hotel and the cycle of hotel building
has meant times of excess capacity
The demand for hotel rooms changes direction
three to six months after the economy does
The major factor that sets off over building in the hotel industry is
an increase in demand for rooms
When domestic economy has become better in 2003, the hotel industry
was faced escalating land and construction prices.
Which is NOT correct about asset managers
Only a few hotels in the US apply asset management
Which of the following terms refer to ownership
Securitization refers to increased use of
financing form public markets
A major change in the hotel financing has been
The growth of funds from public markets
Conduit lenders
consolidate and sell mortgages to public and institutional inbestors
Mezzanine financing
is higher risk than mortgage debt and thus has a higher interest rate
The framework for the analysis of competition in the hospitality industry is
the marketing mix
Which of the following is not a factor of competition for the hotel industry
a weakening economy
Which of the following is likely to fundamentally change the way hotels do business
The internet
The hotel industry can be characterized competitively as
highly competitively
The best description of the lodging “product” is
the guest’s experience
Hotel room prices are
changed with demand
Promotion in the lodging industry
includes individual and mass communication media
The work of a manager does NOT involve
setting policy
The job that both managers and supervisors perform is
Management as practice and as a field of thought
is evolving with our society
Consumer decisions and competition are integral to the
market system
The task idea
focuses on the on the best way to do the job
Planning in organizations at the upper level
is general in nature
A plan
attempts to describe future events and how they will be offered to achieve the organization’s goals
A general guide for dealing with the future which indicates how to reach a decision is
a policy
A reasoned means of moving towards some goal which may include rules, methods, procedures, standards and budgets is
a plan
A procedure that must be carried out in an organization without deviation is a
The specifications of both procedures and outcomes are
a sequential set of operations in an organization that cannot be deviated from is a
Large-scale high-level and long term commitment is contained in a business
The dollar results expected from a plan of operation is found in a
Tactics are
required to carry out business strategies
are high level and long term
the characteristics of a well thought out goal is that it is
objective and measurable
The adoption of a recipe kitchen is an example of
the basic work of managers in the hospitably industry calls for
making the guest welcome making the operation run correctly and keeping control of operating cost
The concept of retained earning as applied to work experience means
seeking learning as well as income form your job
Who is responsible for what and who reports to who is an aspect of
formal organization
The informal organization refers to
the pattern of groups or cliques found within any social organization
The “back of the house” of a restaurant refers to the
Important areas for observation in a field experience are
formal and informal organization. physical plant and management style
Seeking work abroad in the hospitality industry
is enhanced by having job experience
The most important force driving changes in the hospitality service is
consumer demand
“Generation Xers”
are relatively young and face a competitive job market
The Generation Y are
the children of baby boomers
Between now and the year 2020, marketing aimed at appealing to families with children under five
will target families using special rates and child oriented services
Family composition affects hospitality industry demand and the following has occurred
families without children spend more on take out than groceries
Land resources are an important supply factor in the hospitality industry because of
existing operations and environmental pressures
Food supplies are expected to
pose no major price changes in North America in the foreseeable future
Employee turnover in the hospitality industry is highest in
Work force diversity in the hospitality industry refers to
the presence of more minority workers and woman in the work force
A segment within the commercial food service industry which has declined in sales in
delivery restaurants
A recent survey indicated that
98% of households had eaten out in the past month
Economy of scale means
that as a chain grows the unit cost of centralized activities decreases
Brand recognition advantage go to
chain specialty operations in the national market because of their ability to use mass media effectively
The role not of the front of the house is
food preparation
When discussing independents and chains
independents have strength’s in some area that chains find difficult to compete with
Advantages in the mass media for chain specialty restaurants arise principally from
simplicity of message, enormous spending and the additive effect
The level of marketing spending as a percentage of sales is usually
higher in full service restaurants than limited service restaurants
The statement that best describes competition in the restaurant business is
The nature of competition has changed because the better locations have been taken
In the food service market today
The giants in the chain industry compete for market share.
Some hospitality companies have sold off their restaurant divisions because
they were a less profitable and competition was increasing
Independent operators today
are usually either large or fill niche markets
The marking mix consists of
product, price place and promotion
The meaning of new product
includes both new to chain and new to world products
In on site food service success is measured by
the participation rate of guests
The following is NOT considered one kind of on site food service
shopping mall food courts
A trend in on site food service is
the use of national brands
The statement which best describes the difference between a guest and a client is
The client refers to the institution and the guests are the people being serviced.
A sub-segment of the business and industry segment is
employee cafeterias
A characteristic of the business and industry segment is
increased out sourcing by business
Health diet nutrition and exercise as issues in food service
are important to consumers but seem to be a little less important in the 1990’s
The American public’s greatest concern is
The object of consumerism is to
raise consumer consciousness
In general the food service industry has responded to key consumer problems
positively as theses concerns surface
is a reaction to companies emphasis on selling a product
The best way to think of consumerism is as
a social movement
Dietary schizophrenia refers to a person who
expresses interest in nutrition but does not always choose healthful food when eating in restaurants
Junk food
is a problem of American dietary habits
A program in which one person does not drink and is responsible for diving other people home is called a
designated driver program
At the present time, nutritional labeling covered by the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act
is required only for menu listing with nutrient or health claims
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