History The Election of 1800

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A term used to describe supporters of the Constitution during ratification debates in state legislatures.
One of nations first political parties, led by Thomas Jeffrson and stemming from the anti-federalists, emerged around 1792, gradually became today’s Democratic party. They favored a weak central government and strong states’s rights.
Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr was a Jeffersonian from New York. He served as a US senator for a few years. He was the biggest opponent of Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist policies. In the election of 1800, Burr tied with Jefferson in the Electoral College. The House of Representatives awarded the Presidency to Jefferson and made Burr Vice- President. Aaron got really mad and challenged Hamilton to a duel. Hamilton died.
Alex Hamilton
He was a federalist. He dueled with Aaron Burr after Burr lost. He was shot in the stomach and afterwards died.
1st secretary of treasury.He helped write the federalist papers and helped establish the bank of the united states, 1st treasury secretary of the U.S.
Thomas Jefferson
He was 3rd President of the United States he tied with Aaron Burr 36 times. He eventually won but Aaron didn’t like that.
The Press
The press was extremely important because it was the first election that it was involved. The press played a big roll because federalist newspapers would say bad things about the other party and the other party would do the same to the federalists in their newspapers.
John Adams
John Adams Was the 2nd president of the US and ran again he lost to Burr and Jefferson
Why was the election of 1800 important?
It resulted in the 12th amendment. It was also the last political \”war\” between jeffersonians and Federalists.
What is the 12th amendment. How does it relate to the election of 1800?
The twelth amendment states that the ballots for president and vice president must be the same. Becasue Aaron Burr was not supposed to go for president but vice.
What was the story of the election of 1800?
The story of the election is this: Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr and John Adams were running to be third president of the US. Aaron Burr and Jefferson tied and Adams lost. The final vote was to be decided by the House of Reprasentatives. They elected Jefferson to be president and Burr to be vice. Burr was unhappy and challenged Hamilton to a duel. Burr won but it ended his political career.

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