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In the 1970s, the publication of the research of John Garcia was significantly delayed because
his findings challenged the prevailing view in stimulus/ response (S-R) learning theory.
The viewpoint that whatever discovery was about to happen today, Freud would discover it would be an argument for which of the following theories
Psychology became an independent discipline during the
last quarter of the nineteenth century.
The three contextual forces in the history of psychology were
economic opportunities, wars, and discrimination.
The question of the distinction between mental and physical qualities refers to
mind/body problem
Descartes posited that the mind
body interaction occurred in the – pineal body
The pursuit of knowledge through the observation of nature and the attribution of all knowledge to experience is
Descartes is often called the author of the theory of
reflex action
The doctrine that acts are determined by past events is
Contemporary cognitive psychologists’ computer model of artificial intelligence is a direct descendant of
Babbage’s calculating machine
The doctrine that natural processes are mechanically determined and capable of explanation by the laws of physics and chemistry is
The doctrine that considers the facts of the universe to be sufficiently explained in physical terms by the existence and nature of matter is
Before Descartes, the accepted point of view was that the interaction between mind and body was essentially unidirectional, that the
mind influenced the body
James Mill: ____; John Stuart Mill: ____.
Passive; active
Hartley argued that the human brain and nervous system transmitted impulses
nerve vibrations
Hume’s response to Locke’s and Berkeley’s arguments about objective versus subjective reality was that
we have no real way of knowing
Association in time or space defines
Hume’s law of contiguity
John Stuart Mill’s metaphor of mental chemistry came to be known as
creative synthesis
Empiricism attributes all knowledge to
Both the term and concept of positivism represent the thought of
If a tree falls in the forest and no one is present to hear it, no sound occurs; in fact, the tree doesn’t exist until someone perceives it. This argument illustrates the position of
A fundamental difference between Descartes’s psychology and that of Locke was their position about the existence of
innate ideas
What is psychology
the scientific study of behavior and mental processes
This person’s two major contributions to the new psychology involved the two-point threshold and the just noticeable difference
The point of sensitivity below which no sensation can be detected and above which sensation can be experienced is a definition of the
absolute threshold
With regard to the speed of the nerve impulse, perhaps the most important conclusion of Helmholtz’s research for psychology was the determination
thought and movement do not occur simultaneously
Who devised a theory of color vision as well as conducted research on audition
Electrical stimulation as a method of mapping the cerebral cortex was introduced by
Fritsch and Hitzig
Fechner wrote satirical essays ridiculing medicine and science under the pen name
Dr Mises
This researcher systematically destroyed parts of the brain using extirpation
____ among other things, discovered that the brain had both white and gray matter, and that fiber connect the two halves of the brain
Perhaps the most valuable outcome of the study of the history of psychology is that one will learn the
relationships among psychology’s ideas, theories, and research strategies.
Kenneth Clark was rejected by the graduate program in psychology at Cornell because the university
could not tolerate Blacks working closely with Whites.
Who conducted a research program on racial identity and self-concept issues for Black children that was cited in the 1954 Supreme Court decision to end racial segregation in public schools
Kenneth and Mamie Clark
The school of thought that deals with how the conscious mind enables and facilitates one’s adaptation to one’s environment is the ____ school
In the first years of psychology’s emergence as a new discipline, this man determined its direction
Wilhelm Wundt
A wave of employment possibilities in applied psychology in the first two decades of the 20th century was partly due to
700% increases in public school enrollment
Julian Rotter, a leading personality theorist was told that “____ simply could not get academic jobs, regardless of their credentials.”
The new discipline of psychology was the product of the union of
philosophy and physiology
Wundt’s doctrine of apperception was also known as the
law of psychic resultants
Ebbinghaus measured learning by
counting the number of repetitions needed for one perfect reproduction of the material
According to Wundt, psychology should be concerned with the study of
immediate experience
Other than Stumpf’s research, his greatest influence on psychology may have been
educating the founders of Gestalt psychology
According to Wundt, there were two elementary forms of experience, namely
sensation and feelings
Ebbinghaus’ curve of forgetting shows that
material is rapidly forgotten in the first few hours after learning then slows down
What may be “the most brilliant single investigation in the history of experimental psychology”
Ebbinghaus’s On Memory
Ebbinghaus is important for the history of psychology because he
successfully challenged Wundt’s claim that higher mental processes, such as learning and memory, could not be studied in the laboratory.
“The examination of experience as it occurred without any attempt to reduce experience to elementary components” is a definition of
Wundt’s term voluntarism reflects his emphasis on the
power of the will to organize the mind’s contents
Külpe opposed Wundt by claiming that conscious thought processes can be carried out without the presence of sensations or feelings. Külpe’s view is known as
imageless thought
Act psychology, in contrast to Wundt’s approach, claimed that psychology should
study mental processes or functions and not mental structure.
Saturation effect
seeing color on a white screen
Can’t study immune responses in an analytical way
you have to look at the whole view
Are free will and determinism incompatible?
Institute for experimental psychology
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