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The spanish had two traditions of expansions..they were
Which was more prevenlent?
What was Bernads view on this?
the Portugeese merchanlist and Spanish reconquista models.
The reconquista model was more prevelent
He believed they were more for greeed
What were the goals of the merchanlist and reconquista models?
Mer: the goal was expliotation of an area with minimum investment
recon: conquest and settlement of new lands for further long term explotation
Spanish expeditions had to recoup their sponsors’ investment, which led to an obsession with discovering gold…this led to the___ system.
Was this system close to slavery?
econmidea system
Yes it was because they took the natives labor, and resources.
Most Native Americans Died due to _____ like______ which they had no_________instead of military forces.
diseases, small pox, immunity
______ was the earliest written language.
Why were the Tarahumara different than most colonies from Spain?
They were the very few to reliate and try to invade and attack the spainish conquerers.
Economic and social consequences of Europe when building their empire
Inflation, price revolution, investment
West/East realignment
Joint stock companies, stock exchanges, banks
Cottage industry
Consumption patterns
coffee, tea, sugar; the coffee shop society
Columbian exchange – potatoes, tomatoes, corn; sheep, apples, peaches
Asian manufactures – porcelain, cotton
What were some results to slavery?
The result of debt (debt-slavery), punishment for crime, the enslavement of prisoners of war, child abandonment, and the birth of slave children to slaves
What was the black death?
a disease that the europeans had no immunity to, that originated from china, this led to the death of 25% of the population.
What did the Renascence mainly want to reflect? Where did it occur and during when?
the greatness and wonder of the human culture and world.
It mainly occured in Italy, mainly florence Italy when europe was experiencing the bubonic plague.
What were the differences between the native americans and europeans?
Economy / Agriculture
Society and culture
What was a cause between the slavery between the christains and Muslims?
constant warfare, they would both try to conquer each other and bring slaves to their country.
The difference between slavery in america compared to others was….
They brought in less volumes of slaves while the others bought in high volumes, also the Americas were a contradiction for bringing in slaves due to their emphasis on freedom.
Just like there are many types of doctors there are many types of _____ like_______
historians, specialists in culture, politics, military events, feminist history
Constaninople is now called
Who was the first to exploit Indian Resources?

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