HIST1301. Chapter 6

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By raising taxes in the early 1780s, the Confederation was able to reduce the national debt
Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were close friends
One important new development in the mid 1780s was the opening of US trade with China
Alexander Hamilton presided over the Constitutional Convention
Delegates to the Constitutional Convention sharply debated whether to establish a monarchy or a republic
The New Jersey Plan proposed keeping unicameral legislature with equal representation for each side
Under the Constitution, each slave would count as one person for purposes of representation, but as only half a person for taxation
The Articles of Confederation required unanimous approval for amendment
Federalist favored a decentralized federal system of government
The essays that made up The Federalist were originally published in New York newspapers during the fight for ratification
The phrase \”critical period\” refers to
America under the Articles of Confrderation
Which one of the following gave the Confederation government the most trouble
The Newburgh Conspiracy involved
A military threat to enlarge congressional powers
Under the Articles of Confederation western lands would be
Owned by the national government
The 640 acre sections created in the Northwest
Would likely be bought by land speculators
The Northwest Ordinance of 1787
Banned slavery in the Northwest
An ongoing source of American tension towards the British was
British forts along the Canadian border
American contended with Spain over
Freedom to navigate the Mississippi
One serious economic problem under the Articles of Confederation was
The differing tariff policies of the states
The movement for states to issue paper money in the 1780s was led by
Shays’s Rebellion was led by
Indebted farmers
After Shays’s Rebellion
There were numerous calls promoting a stronger central government
The Constitutional Convention met in
The Convention,which assembled in May 1787, was supposed to
Revise the Articles of Confederation
Madison’s Virginia Plan
Would create a 2 house congress
The Constitution addressed slavery by
Stating that the African slave trade could not be banned before 1808
Under the proposed constitution, members of the Senate would
Be chosen by state legislatatures
Amendments to the constitution
Would be proposed by a two thirds vote if Congress
The Constitution was to he considered ratified as soon as it had been approved by
Nine of the States
The Federalist argued that
The size and diversity of the large new country would make it impossible for any one faction to control the government
As the new Constitution went into effect, Founding Fathers like Franklin and Washington viewed its future with
The emergence of political parties
Reflected basic philosophical differences between Jefferson and Hamilton
Edmond Genet
Encouraged Americans to attack Spanish territory on the frontier
The Whiskey Rebellion resulted in
The sending of a massive army to western Pennsylvania
Jefferson’s election in 1880
Had to be settled by the House of Representatives

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