Health and Physical Education Final

Which physical education leader played an instrumental role in the development of the “new physical education’ in the early 1900s?
During World War I the Selective Service examination demonstrated that ….
one third of the men were unfit
Physical education programs in early modern Germany focused on all of the following EXCEPT
emphasized correction of posture and promotion of health
In ancient Rome, individuals…
enjoyed watched professionals competing in gladiatorial sports
In the 1970s the focus of health care shifted from the treatment and cure of disease to….
health promotion and disease prevention
Opportunities for participation by girls and women in sport have grown since the passage of
Title IX
The National Children and Youth Fitness Study I and II revealed that….
young people today are significantly fatter than the young people of the 1950s
Developments in athletics in the 1950s included all of the following except
A. decrease in male athletics due to increased abuses
B. increase in sport opportunities for boys and girls below high school level
C. decrease in emphasis on team sports and increase in emphasis on lifetime sports
D. increase in intramurals as a means of providing opportunities for all students, not just the elite
In 1955, which president established the President’s Council on Youth Fitness?
President Eisenhower
The philosophy of muscular Christianity stressed that …..
sports activities reinforced moral values and should not be prohibited by religions
Physical education settings include the following EXCEPT
A. community
B. medical
C. school
D. commercial
E. all of the above