HCM 212 Menu Marketing and Management Chapters 1-5

Explaining and showing how a business meets its customers’ needs.
What is the primary function of marketing?
Quality products at prices customers feel are fair.
What marketing strategy would provide the most value to customers?
Customers’ guest profiles.
What would tell managers the most about their targeted customers?
Allowing marketing messages to be highly targeted.
What is the purpose of segmenting guests by their demographic characteristics?
What is an example of a customer demographic?
Increase the number of guests served.
What is the main purpose of external marketing activities?
Influence the amount spent per guest.
What is the main purpose of internal marketing activities?
Internal marketing activity.
A manager trains staff to encourage guest purchases of after-dinner specialty coffee drinks. What marketing activity is the manager using?
Increase customer counts by 10% in 60 days.
What is an example of a measurable marketing objective?
$16.00= (800/50).
An establishment served 50 guests one day and achieved $800.00 in revenue. What is the check average for that day?
A brand identifier that has been given special legal status.
What is a trademark?
Operations that use identical brand identifiers.
What is a chain restaurant?
Which of the 4 Ps of marketing would be affected by a manager’s decision to advertise in an online business directory?
Brand position statement.
What is the name for the process managers use to communicate their values and company culture to target markets?
Which of the 4 Ps of marketing would be affected by a manager’s decision to add a new seafood item to the establishment’s dinner menu?
Signature items.
What is a brand identifier related to the “product P” contained in the 4 Ps of marketing?
A server is competent but is not very friendly. The server’s quality evaluations as submitted by customers are usually poor. Which service challenge must the server’s manager explain to help the server improve his or her evaluation scores?
What is the name of the concept that states customers tend to behave in ways they perceive to be in their own best interest?
Brand Identifiers.
An establishment’s employee uniforms, name, decor analog are some of the items that form the operation’s…
Poor Service.
What is the most common customer complaint in restaurant and foodservice operations?
Saturday night sales records generated by an establishment’s POS system.
Which is an internal source of marketing environment-related data?
Yearly establishment sales projections published by the National Restaurant Association.
Which is a secondary source of marketing environment-related data?
Information that will be obtained from an as yet unwritten guest survey.
Which is a primary source of marketing environment-related data?
The payment made for a birthday dinner eaten out with friends.
What is an example of a purchase made from a customer’s discretionary income?
The closing of a very large nearby manufacturing plant.
What event would have significant negative economic impact on an establishment’s market conditions?
Implementation of a local ordinance banning the use of trans fats in cooking in certain food.
Which government action would affect the legal environment in which an establishment operates?
A new produce supplier starting a business in the area.
Which activity would directly affect the vendor environment within which establishments operate?
The town’s market size for restaurant meals will increase.
A small town has just announced that a major manufacturer will be building a plant nearby that will employ 2,000 new workers. When the plant is built and operating, what will be its likely impact?
Senior citizen’s 10 percent discount on early bird meals purchased weekdays between 4 and 6 p.m.
Which internal promotion targets customers based on a specific demographic?
Tech-savy customers.
The manager of a pizza operation wants to develop an iPhone application for her takeout pizza business. Which characteristic would describe the customer she is targeting?
Recognition of need or want.
What is the first step in the decision-making process used by consumers making a purchase?
Discounted fish sandwiches during Lent.
What is an example of a promotion likely to attract customers of a similar background?
What factor would likely prevent most customers from eating every night at their area’s most exclusive establishment?
A fast-casual operation with organic entrees.
Which establishment is most likely to attract someone with a health-conscious lifestyle?
Peer group affiliation.
A college student who eats at a pizza establishment because most of his friends recommend it is influenced most heavily by which factor?
In which restaurant and foodservice industry segment will menu prices likely be the lowest?
Valet parking is most likely to be found at which type of restaurant or foodservice operation?
What is the fastest-growing restaurant and foodservice industry segment?
Beer pairings with entrees.
Which of these statements is an example of suggestive selling?
Which is a noncommercial foodservice operation?
Financial plan.
In which part of a business plan would a reader find pro forma statements?
SWOT analysis.
In which part of a business plan would a reader find information about the threats a business might face?
That a sole proprietor is operating a business with a name different from the owner.
What does the term dba (doing business as) indicate?
To detail the rights and responsibilities of each partner in the business.
What is the purpose of a partnership agreement?
A corporation is a legal entity separate from its owners.
How is a corporation’s business structure different from a sole proprietorship or a partnership?
Activities schedule.
What part of a marketing plan explains marketing-related actions to be taken and who will take them?
An establishment has an excellent location. In which portion of a SWOT analysis would that fact be noted?
A tax credit for employing targeted workers.
Which is a potential alternative revenue source (ARS) for an establishment?
A government agency that helps small businesses.
What is the SBA?
$20,000 (500,000*0.04).
Laura forecasts her operation’s revenue next year will be $500,000. She wants to establish her marketing budget at 4% of revenues. What will be her marketing budget for next year?
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