hb 307 Final

it is recommended process that termination meetings should be held
in a neutral location, such as a conference room
alternative dispute resolutionn procedures, such as arbitration
may be required of an employee by employer in lieu of a lawsuit
in a peer review board, employee represntatives are
elected by coworkers
an open door policy
identified varies levels of management above an employees immediate supervisor that an aggrieved employee may contact
the cornerstone and major benefit of mediation is
that the parties involved maintain control over the settlement outcome
federal and state courts generally view the privacy rights of employees as
the concern in a workplace romance is
employer liability
the ombudsman is an advocate for
a fair process
discharge for refusing to violate a professional code of conduct falls under which exception to employment at will?
violation of public policy
employers defend their intrusion into employee privacy by noting
their legitimate business interest
it is estimated that __ of employees in the us work without benefit of an employemen contract
80 percent
which of the following is not an example of how an implied contract may become binding?
failing to create an employee handbook or conducting performance appraisals on a routine basis
an advantage of impairment testing is
it identifies employees who are impaired for reasons other than drug use
employers should use all of the following guidelines in developing a search policy except
engage in search publicly, so employees understand that searches do take place
these agreements prohibit exemployees from soliciting clients or customers for a specific period of time and from disclosing or making use of confidentail employer information
nonpiracy agreement
__ is the most frequent EEO complaint
which management group has primary responsibility for the development of disciplinary policies and procedures?
HR department
a gallup oll found that the average employee with internet access spends more than __ per day surfing websites that have nothing to do with their jobs
an hour
carmen, a new supervisor, wants to correctly document the poor performance of an employee. what of the following would she not have to do?
perform a current performance appraisal
the __ prohibits educational institutions from supplying information about students without prior consent
federal education rights and privacy act
the __ prohibits the interception, recording, or disclosure of wire, electronic, and aural communications through any electronic, mechanical, or other device. an interception takes place when an employer monitors a telephone call while it is occuring. permits employer monitoring for legit reasons
electronic communications privacy act
joint discussion and problem solving activities to overcome employee misconduct are central to
positive discipline programs
at the second step of a positive discipline system to correct undesirable employee conduct, managers will issue a __ to employees to improve their unacceptable performance
written reminder
the __ applies to federal agencies and to organizations supplying goods or services to the federal government; gives the individuals the right to examine references regarding employment decisions, allows employees to review their personnel records for accuracy. Employers who willfully violate the act are subject to civil rights
privacy act
a duke study found that morbidly obese workers file __ compensation claims and take __ to recover from injuries
more, longer time
lack of personal fulfillment in a job may be a symptom of
when dealing with stress, receiving inadequate feedback on performance and no recognition for a job well done is known as
low reward
the __ department is usualy responsible for the safety program for most employers
under OSHA __ employers are required to train employees as required by OSHA standards
jobs least likely to cause cumulative trauma disorder would be
outside salesperson
injuries that result from workers using the same motions again and again are known as
cumulative trauma disordersA
in terms of workplace violence, which of the following should organizations avoid?
refraining from hiring persons with arrest records
most employers should recognize that alchoholism is a
disease that follows a rather predictable course
if a supervisor suspects that a subordinate has a sever drinking problem, the action to be avoided is
confronting the employee with his or her alcoholism during the first meeting and threatening dismissal if the employee does not seek help
stress becomes __ when we begin to sense a loss of our feelings of security and adequacy
a recent study by liberty mutual found that employers saved __ dollars for each dollar invested in workplace safety
according to a national highway traffic safety administration study, people who send texts while driving are __ times more like to crash
under the occupational safety and health act, the us department of labor may do anyt of the following except
close plants that are extremely dangerous
osha may adjust penalties for violations for all of the following except
employers ability to pay
voluntary protection programs
attempt to get employers to go beyond the basics of osha law and provide workers with better protection on the job
material safety data sheets
are a primary method of informing employees about health risks and handling instructions associated with chemicals and potentially hazardous substances
an OSHA investigation of valid employee complaints of alleged violations of standards or of unsafe or unhealthful working condition is a __ priority
third level
penalties for violation of safety rules by the employees are usually stated in the
employee handbook
which of the following would not be considered a recordable case under osha
employee’s finger is cut at home
to obtain employee input regarding benefits packages, employers of use
opinion surveys
flexible benefit plans
allow employees to choose benefits suited to their needs
the social security insurance program is funded by
employee contributions with matching employer contributions
tax revenues derived from social security pay for each of the following benefits, except
the amount of survivors insurance benefits paid by social security
is based on the workers lifetime earnings covered by SS
a typical unemployment insurance program does not require that
recipients must bewilling to accept any job that is offered to them
unemployment compensation payments to individuals vary according to
the type of job held off before layoff
the qualify for old age benefits, a person must reach retirement age and have earned
40 credits
under the family and medical leave act, if an employee is returned to an equivelant job, rather than their original job, it must have
identical pay, benefits, and terms of employment
despite its high unemployment rate, in 2011, __ became the first state to cut the number of weeks to 20 because its unemployment fund was so far in the red
orgs of physicians and other health care professionals that provide a wide range of services ot subscribers on a prepaid basis are known as
health maintenance orgs
groups of physicians that contract with an employer to provide medical resources on a more cost-efficient basis in exchange for a greater share of patients are known as
preferred provider organizations (PPOs)
beginning in 2014, firms that employ __ or more people who work 30 or more hours per week but do not offer them health insurance will have to pay a penalty to the goverment
disease management programs
assist employees by providing information on monitoring and treating health conditions
the health insurance protability and accountability act
grants employees the right to switch medical insurance between former and present employers
federal government employees can usually be expected to paid for __ holidays a year
a __ is a plan in which employees fund account by having money deducted from their paychecks
flexible spending account
a pension plan where contributions are made solely by toe empoyer is referred to as a
noncontributory plan
a pension plan where the amount that employee is to receive upon retirement is set forth in advance is referred to as a
defined-benefit plan
vesting guarantees
accrued pension benefits at retirement age
employer-sponsored child care programs and elder care programs are similar in that
both programs try to maintain or increase productivity by assisting employees with their responsibilties outside the workplace
workers compensation insurance may be provided through private or __ insurance
state funded
employers pay for workers compensation insurance in __ states
contemporary reasons given by organizations for implementing incentive plans are
high productivity, employee efforts on specific performance targets, to link compensation rewards to achievement
when setting performance measures for incentive systems, we can say that the best measures are
quantitative, simple to understand, and show a clear relationship to improved performance
when employees receive a certain rate for each unit produced, they are working under
straight peicework
when employees receive a right rate of pay for all of their work if production exceed a standard level of output, they are getting
differential piece rate
research shows that a merit increase in the range of ___ is necessary to serve as a pay motivator
7 to 9 percent
if employees pay is based not on the actual amount of time it takes them to complete a job but instead on a predetermind aount of time for completing the job
standard hour plan
an appropriate reward for a customer service rep who worked long hours to fill a new customer’s large order is a
spot bonus
the straight commission plan is limited by all of the following disadvantages, except
salespeople will stress low-priced products
in most profit sharing plans, about __ of the net profit is shared
20 to 25 percent
management should guard against incentive payments being seen as
an entitlement
special benefits given to executive employees, such as assigned chauffers, country club memberships, and special vacation policies, are known as
group incentive plans do all except
reduce free-ride effect
a problem with creating team incentive plans is
not all teams are alike
the gainsharing plan that has as its most significant feature effective employee participation through committee representation is
the scanlon plan
the philosophy behind the scanlon plan is
employees should make suggestions to improve performance and be rewarded for their contributions
profit sharing refers to any procedure by which an employer pays employees
current or deferred sums based on the organizations financial performance
noncash incentive rewards are most effective as motivators when the award
is combined with a meaningful employee recognition program
performance of sales people can be affected by all of the following external factors except
change in the sales volume standard
a sales incentive plan that permits salespeople to be paid for performing various duties not reflected immediately in their sales volume is known as
a straight salary plan
common output measures for producitivity include
advantages of ESOPs include all the following except
the employers pensions are less vulnerable due to diversification
the most widely used sales incentive program is the ____ plan
combined salary and commission
elements of the compensation package are said to have __ when an employee’s high performance leads to monetary rewards that are valued
elements of the job such as skills, effort, responsibilities, and working conditions are referred to
compensable factors
the predominant approach to employee compensation
job based pay
another basis for compensation centers on whether employees are classified as nonexempt or exempt under the
fair labor standards act
which of the following is not an internal factor affectng the pay mix?
cost of living
the biggest challenge with competence based pay is
developing appropriate measures of skills and competencies
the major provisions of which act are concerned with minimum wage rates and overtime payments, child labor, and equal rights
fair labor standards act
the fair labor standards act prohibits the employment of those between the ages of __ in hazardous occupations such as mining, logging and meatpacking
the equal pay act prohibits wage discription based on
____ may create problems for managers who wish to maintain pay secrecy among employees
internet salary survey data
when cost of living pay increases are given routinely, employees may view them as ___
pay for the performance programs
tie rewards to employee effort
when the organization pays wages that are relatively equal to that of other employers for similar work, this is the basis of
external equity
there is a reason to believe pay secrecy can do all except
generate feelings of commitment
employees covered by the overtime provisions of the fair labor standards act are labeled
nonexempt employees
under the fair labor standards act, exempt employees
are those employees not covered by the overtime provisions of the act
equity is also known as
distributive justice
the measure of average change in the prices over time in a fixed market basket of goods and services is known as
the consumer price index
clauses found in labor agreements that periodically adjust compensation rates upwards to help employees maintain their purchasing power are known as
escalator clauses
with respect to pay equity theory, which of the following is not considered an input?
managers often first assume poor performance of subordinates is due to
lack of ability
research suggests that when it comes to our performance, most of us first attribute our bad performance
external constraints
employees who earn performance-based pay are more
reasons for not using peer appraisals more frequently is not because
adverse court decisions
if your primary objective for a performance appraisal is to give employees developmental feedback, which of the following appraisal methods should you use?
if an appraisal focuses on a narrow set of results criteria to the exclusion of the other important process issues, the system may suffer from
criterion deficiency
requirements for successful MBO programs include all of the following except
both trait and critical incident objectives must be set
the choice of an appraisal method should be largely based on
the purpose of the appraisal
which is not a reason for failure of performance management systems
they are too simple
the appraisal interview should be divided into two sessions one each for
performance review and developmental planning
tips for using criticism constructively includes all of the following except
use the sandwhich technique
it is recommended that a diagnosis of poor employee performance focus on all of the following except
if a manager rates an employee higher than he or she deserves in order to look good as a manager in the eyes of his or her own superiors, this is an example of
organizational politics
what is not an advantage of the trait method appraisals?
high potential for rating errors
the strategic relevance of performance appraisals refers
the extent to which standards relate to the overall objectives of the organization
the courts have found that
orgs should have carefully defined and measurable performance standards
in most instances, who is in the best position to perform the function of appraising an employee’s performance
the employees supervisor
one advantage of peer appraisals is that
peers may furnish more accurate and vaild informaton than supervisors
a performance rating error in which the appraiser is reluctant to give employees either unusually high or usually low ratings is referred to as a
error of central tendency
a performance rating error in which the appraiser tends to give employees either unusually high or unusually low ratings is referred to as a
leniency or strictness error
if you rate an employees performance based largely on the employees recent behavior, you are committing a
recency error
if you rate an someone high because everyone else was love you are committing a
contrast error
if you inflate the evaluation of the people with whom you have something in common, you are committing a
similar to me error
disadvantages of the essay method include all of the following except
it must follow a job-specific format

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