Guarantees And Contingent Liabilities Of Easyjet Tourism Essay Example
Guarantees And Contingent Liabilities Of Easyjet Tourism Essay Example

Guarantees And Contingent Liabilities Of Easyjet Tourism Essay Example

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EasyJet was founded by Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the boy of a Grecian transportation baron. The company was originally set up in 1994. As a low-priced air hose, looking to undercut traditional bearers such as British Airways, it needed to make a thin operation. To accomplish this, Haji-Ioannou decided on a individual gross revenues channel in order to last. He chose the phone. At the clip this was groundbreaking, but the proprietor was encouraged by companies such as Direct Line insurance, and the nest eggs, which direct merchandising, would convey.


2009- EasyJet truly becomes a pan European air hose, runing over 400 paths with over 175 aircraft in 27 states. For the first clip, over 50 % of easy Jet 's riders originate from outside the UK.

2008- EasyJet completes the acquisition of GB Airways, a London Gatwick-based air hose runing to finishs across Southern Europe and North Africa

2007- EasyJet moved to its new central office in an aircraft airdock at Luton airdrome

2006- Speedy Boarding is introduced, giving riders greater pick over their seating agreements

2005- EasyJet takes bringing of its 100th aircraft. It 's a monumental alteration from the two leased aircraft it started with 10 old ages antecedently

2004- The air hose becomes the first to take advantage of the newly-enlarged European Union by get downing flights to Hungary and Slovenia.

2003- The first Airbus A319 goes into service in Geneva, 12 months after the trade to buy up to 240 aircraft was announced

2002- EasyJet purchases Stansted-based low-priced air hose Go ( which had originally been set up by British Airways ) to make Europe 's figure one


air conveyance web

2001- EasyJet makes Gatwick its 5th base and becomes the 2nd largest scheduled air hose at the airdrome

2000- EasyJet floats on the London Stock exchange at an offer monetary value of 310p, valuing the company at ?777m. Shortly after, EasyJet joins the FTSE 250 list of companies

1999- The first series of 'Airline ' , which follows the lives of easy Jet 's staff and riders, is shown on ITV, on a regular basis pulling over 10 million viewing audiences

1998- EasyJet buys 40 % of Swiss charter operation, TEA Basel AG, subsequently renamed 'EasyJet Switzerland '

1997- EasyJet launches to supply information on the air hose. Four old ages subsequently the air hose sells its 10 millionth on-line place.

1996- EasyJet takes bringing of its first wholly-owned aircraft and goes international with flights to Amsterdam from London Luton.

1995- EasyJet founded by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou. Inaugural flights go from Luton to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Guarantees and contingent liabilities

The Company has given a formal project to the Civil Aviation Authority to vouch the payment and discharge of all liabilities of EasyJet Airline Company Limited, a subordinate of the Company. The warrant is required for that company to keep its operating licence under Regulation 3 of the Licensing of Air Carriers Regulations 1992. The Company has issued a warrant in favour of EasyJet Airline Company Limited, a subordinate project, in relation to the processing of recognition card minutess, and besides in regard of fudging minutess carried out harmonizing to exchequer policy.

The Company has guaranteed the contractual duties of EasyJet Leasing Limited,

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a subordinate project, in regard of its contractual duties to Airbus SAS in regard of the supply of Airbus 320 household aircraft. The Company has guaranteed the refund of adoptions that financed the acquisition of aircraft by subordinate projects. The Company has besides guaranteed the payment duties for the rental of aircraft by subordinate projects. The Company has guaranteed certain letters of recognition which have been issued by a bank on behalf of subordinate projects.

Income statement and statement of recognized income and disbursal

In conformity with subdivision 408 of the Companies Act 2006, the Company is exempt from the demand to show its ain income statement. The Company 's net income for the twelvemonth was ?263.6 million ( 2008: ?15.2 million ) . Included in this sum are dividends received of ?261.7 million ( 2008: ?nil ) . The Company recognised no other income or disbursals in either the current or anterior twelvemonth. The Company has eight employees at 30 September 2009 ( 2008: seven ) . These are the Non Executive Directors of EasyJet plc ; their wage is paid by EasyJet Airline Company Limited. The Executive Directors of EasyJet plc are employed and paid by EasyJet Airline Company Limited. Details of Directors ' wage are disclosed in the Report on Directors ' wage and in note 4 to the amalgamate histories.

Situation Analysis

EasyJet was selected as a Business Super trade name by the Super trade name Council which recognizes companies with an outstanding trade name name in November 1999. Other Super trade name companies include such globally-recognized names as Virgin, Coca-Cola and Manchester United.

The combination of favourable market conditions, robust runing rules and world-class selling, underpinned by the entrepreneurial vision of the adult male now known to the public merely as Stelios, brought success and celebrity to EasyJet.




It derive efficiencies compared to traditional carries with rapid turnaround melodies, and progressive landing charge understanding with airdrome, maximise assets useful.

Highly strong, advanced and proactive leading provided by the ex - Chief executive officer which is being continued.

Overall cost leading theoretical account ( utilizing derived function priced menus )

The trade name name `EasyJet` has all the qualities required for long term memory storage and will non be easy to bury.

The air hose files to chief finish airdrome throughout Europe doing it really attractive to concern travellers.

The air hose does non have the `EasyJet ` trade name ( ain by sir Stelios ) and as consequence, does non hold control on its public presentation of other merchandises and service utilizing the same name. Besides loss of use in hereafter could adversely impact its ain market public presentation.

The air hose must be continually advanced maintain its current advantage in e-tailing.

Continue nutriment of cost leading can be hard in a dynamic market.

The two drivers of growing, the focal point on monetary value and the focal point on conveyance ( frequent flights, small connexion, more nearby airdromes ) seem to be making their natural bounds. Differentiation from at that place could go hard.

The concern theoretical account can over clip become blurred under contentious force per unit area and consolidation of the LCC industry.



Increase entrepreneurial activates in the

new EU member state will be a beginning for concern and economic system travel.

Consolidation could assist EasyJet to certain degree offset the force per unit area on its cost and pares.

Immense growing of concern and leisure rider predicted in the following 5 old ages.

Immigration into Europe is bound to increase due to high collapsible shelter instability in the middle-east part in the resent old ages.

Resent enlargement of the EU has resold in gap of new markets for the LCCs. There low pares will increase motion of occupation searchers across boundary lines and besides promote the truism industry, taking to economic growing.

Technology promotion in the behavior of concern meeting like video-conferencing can be damaging to short distance flights.

Impending addition in environmental revenue enhancements colt be hurdle in future enlargement programs.

Terrorism or ruinous loss can ensue in lesser air travel loss off infrastructural support.

Due to its limited flue hedge policy, EasyJet is more valuable to fuel monetary value fluctuations ( than Ryan air ) , increasing variableness in its costs.

Ware menaces and eruption of epidemics increase apprehensivenesss about air travel.


Political Factors: In UK, one can ne'er over-look the political factors which influence each and every industry bing in the state. Like it or non, the political intervention has to be present everyplace. Overall Countries recent political environment has been mostly unstable due to international events & A ; continued tenseness with terrorist onslaughts. The most important political event nevertheless has been September 11. The events happening on September had particular significance for the air hose industry since aeroplanes were involved. The immediate consequences were a immense bead in air traffic due to safety & A ; security concerns of the people. International air hoses are greatly affected by trade dealingss that their state has with others. Unless authoritiess of the two states trade with each other, there could be limitations of winging into peculiar country taking to a loss of possible air traffic.

Economic Factors: Business rhythms have a broad making impact on the air hose industry. During recession, air hose is considered a luxury & A ; hence disbursement on air travel is cut which leads to cut down monetary values. During prosperity stage people indulge themselves in travel & A ; monetary values addition. After the September 11 incidents, the universe economic system plunged into planetary recession due to the down sentiment of consumers. In UK, even a company like Bankss was forced to cut costs to increase net incomes for which even the top degree directors were given first category railroad tickets alternatively of plane tickets.

Social Factors: The altering travel wonts of people have really broad deductions for the air hose industry. In a state like India, there are people from varied income groups. The air hoses have to acknowledge these persons and should function them consequently. Air India needs to concentrate on their patronage which are largely low income clients & A ; their wonts in order to maintain them satisfied. The finish, sort of nutrient etc all has to be chosen carefully in conformity with the gustatory sensations of their major patronages.

Technological Factors: The increasing usage of the

Internet has provided many chances to air hoses. Major Airline Service suppliers besides provides many cyberspace based services to its client such as online ticket engagement, updated flight information & A ; handling of client ailments. USTDA ( US trade & A ; development association ) is funding a feasibleness survey and workshops for the Airports Authority of India as portion of a long-run attempt to advance Indian air power substructure. The Authority is developing modern communicating, pilotage, surveillance, and air traffic direction systems for India 's air power sector that will assist the state meet the expected growing and demand for air rider and lading service over the following decennary.

E-Marketing Strategy

Strategy and concern theoretical account

Easy Jet 's operational policies were based on maintaining costs to a lower limit to let the air hose to offer the lowest menus possible. It adopted a figure of patterns that helped control uneconomical disbursals and provided the best possible service within the bounds prescribed by cost.

Easy Jet 's scheme has six cardinal foundations:

Committedness to client service: It targets both concern and leisure travelers. Customer proposition of EasyJet is `` Low cost with attention and convenience '' . EasyJet has adopted the doctrine of supplying basic service with a smiling. It has been accomplishing above mean client satisfaction, proven by the awards that it has been having over the old ages. It does non hold any weight limitations on manus luggage but merely limits the size of luggage. They besides have the installation of suiting a rider who has missed flight on the following flight at an excess charge of merely ?35 within two hours of the going of the original flight. It besides provides seating in EasyJet sofas at a rate where the early rider can wait and loosen up.

Network scheme: EasyJet follows a point-to-point path connexion and grows by fall ining points. It focuses on catchment countries and low monetary values to obtain traffic. Unlike Ryan air, it flies to finishs within metropoliss but uses smaller airdromes ( like Luton and non Heathrow, London ) within the metropoliss itself throughout Europe. It expands by increasing frequence of flights. It operates 289 paths from 79 airdromes, connects 36 metropoliss and has 17 chief bases.

Strong stigmatization: EasyJet has invested a batch in PR and advertisement. It has been coming in air hose Television plans and created strong trade name profiles in catchment countries through advertisement. The neon orange 'easy ' trade name represented value for money. Sir Stelios has been known come out in public and show against any addition in revenue enhancements and besides exhibit strong support to a greener environment.

Pricing and gross direction: The air hose follows a one-way, time- dependent pricing with lone on-line reserves except for two hebdomads before take-off, when tele-booking is allowed.

Lower unit costs: Although EasyJet does hold lower operational costs, its operating borders are much lower than Ryan air. This is because it flies to major airdromes most of the clip, uses two chief types of fleet, invests to a great extent in advertisement and public dealingss and adopts limited fuel hedge. Its menus are besides much

higher than that of Ryan air ( but it gets to some extent gets neutralized by the higher distance of Ryan air airdromes from metropolis and town Centres ) .

Employee civilization: EasyJet employs around 4,859 people around Europe. In footings of civilization, EasyJet favours an informal company civilization with a really level direction construction, which eliminates unneeded and uneconomical beds of direction. All office-based employees are encouraged to dress casually. Neckties are banned - except for pilots! Remote working and 'hot-desking ' have been features of EasyJet since the beginning. Employees can purchase company portions and besides are given public presentation awards appreciating their services.

Features of the concern theoretical account:

EasyJet keeps costs low by extinguishing the unneeded costs and frills. Their concern theoretical account meets the clients ' demand for a simple, budget-driven travel option. This is achieved in a figure of ways:

Pioneer in the usage of cyberspace: EasyJet was one of the first air hoses to encompass the chance of the cyberspace when it sold its first place online in April 1998. Now over 95 % of all seats are sold on-line, doing EasyJet one of Europe 's biggest cyberspace retail merchants, well cut downing its distribution costs. The riders who book online receive an electronic mail incorporating their travel inside informations and verification figure, instead than tickets through the station. Online purchasers besides benefit from paying the monetary value of a local call, alternatively of the standard national rate of EasyJet 's engagement line. Easy Jet 's cyberspace engagement procedure is simple and straightforward for which it has won many awards ;

Safe and efficient flight operations: The mean age of EasyJet fleets is about 2.5 old ages. It has merely one category in flights. Easy Jet 's Airbus A319 have two braces of cowing issues alternatively of the standard one-pair issues, carry throughing excess safety demands required for higher rider denseness. It besides uses the cyberspace and the telephone as efficient selling tools.

No `` free tiffin '' : The air hose has eliminated unneeded services which are complex to pull off such as free catering, pre-assigned seats, interline connexions and lading services. This keeps the entire cost of production depression ;

Efficient usage of airdromes: EasyJet flies to chief finish airdromes throughout Europe, but additions efficiencies compared to traditional bearers with rapid turnaround times, and progressive landing charge understandings with airdromes ;

Maximizing the use of significant assets: EasyJet flies its aircraft intensively, with fleet turnaround times each clip it lands. This gives it a really low unit cost with maximal use of its fleet. It has permission to transport riders, lading and mail in aircrafts of 20 or more seats ;

Ticketless travel: Passengers receive booking inside informations via an electronic mail instead than paper and hence ensuing in ticketless travel. This helps to significantly cut down the cost of publishing, administering, processing and accommodating 1000000s of minutess each twelvemonth ;

Paperless operations: Since its launch, EasyJet has simplified its working patterns by encompassing the construct of the paperless office. The direction and disposal of the company is undertaken wholly on IT systems which can be accessed through secure waiters from

anyplace in the universe enabling immense flexibleness in the running of the air hose ;

Accessory beginnings of Gross are:

Net income portion from in-flight sale of nutrient, drinks, and boutique points ;

Committees received from merchandises and services sold for e.g. hotel engagements, auto hiring, travel insurance, recognition card etc.

Credit card fees ;

Excess and excess luggage charges ;

Infant fees ;

EasyJet sofa fees ;

Speedy embarkation fees ;

Sporting equipment fees ;

Ticket alterations charge ;


The air hose seems to be positioned really good, with experts foretelling strong growing in the low cost-sector. Given the concentrated market and the deficit of other options in the UK, competition is likely to escalate - necessarily followed by consolidation, an early mark of which is easy Jet 's purchase of GO. The UK market offers small growing chance ; therefore concentration will be on the Continental market and other new EU member markets. So EasyJet must look at some issues with a long term position. These issues are:

How can it increase its beginnings of accessory gross?

Should it be after for spread outing outside Europe in a major manner?

How should it turn and spread out its operations without impacting its operating borders?

What should be the long term game program to battle competition and hostile coup d'etat commands?

Which are the most moneymaking geographical markets and niche sections that it must concentrate on?


Well known selling guru Seth Godin says that selling is really approximately five elements

Narratives - everything you do and state

Connection - the terminal end: making a relationship

Merchandises ( services ) - the physical manifestation of the narrative

Interactions - all the tactics a seller can utilize to `` touch '' the chance or client

Data - that which we observe ( and made the easier to garner and mine through the usage of the Internet )

4 Phosphorus

Personalisation: Databases and the usage of cookies to retrieve web visitants allow for on-line experiences to be tailored to peculiar web visitants. Amazon makes usage of personalisation to urge books to clients based on their past purchases.

Engagement: With the growing in societal media and consumer generated content, clients are demanding, and taking, a interest in the trade names that they use. Savvy companies can promote engagement through onsite reappraisals and leting clients to upload images and picture, and all companies should be cognizant of the many ways that consumers are take parting.

Peer-to-Peer Communities: Peer-to-peer communities can be seen to work with client engagement. Through societal media, bing clients can be a company 's greatest plus, or greatest disparager. Equiping an engaged and active client base with the tools to distribute a message should be an built-in portion of a long-run eMarketing scheme.

Predictive Modeling: The affiliated nature of the Internet allows for every action online to be tracked, measured and stored. Huge sums of information, both anon. and identifiable, are being stored daily. Analysis on this information can supply insight into work outing selling jobs. For illustration, in PPC advertisement, information is gathered that over clip will bespeak the optimum keywords and max CPC commands for effectual command.

Customer centric selling

Customer centric selling infers that by understanding the demands of the client foremost and first, concern results will

be achieved. Looking at the marketing mix from a client centric position should ensue in merchandises and schemes that are run intoing the demands of possible clients, as opposed to a demand to put in expensive, interruptive advertisement to convince clients of a demand that they do non hold.


Merchandises and services should be designed from a client position, based on their demands.

Monetary value

When sing pricing from a client position, it is alluring to believe that lowest monetary value is best. While that can pull clients in the short-run, concentrating on the value of the merchandise and the services offered with it is a better scheme for long-run growing. The client attack to pricing considers value. The key is to construct a long-run cost advantage.


The client centric attack to placement recognises that you can non order the mode in which clients find you online: from the hunt engine and keywords they could utilize to happen your service, to the browser and device they are utilizing when accessing your web site.


The Internet was non created as a selling tool: it was created to portion information. The figure of people accessing the Internet, the sum of clip spent online and the commercialism that takes topographic point on-line make it an attractive selling environment.

Legal and ethical issues

Introduction: A The Internet allows consumers, concerns, and industry to make many new things in alone and efficient ways. The engineering around which it is built is besides altering and progressing quickly. A beginning of concern is that the legal and ethical developments sing the Internet are non able to maintain up with the fast gait of technological alteration. This tutorial touches on the chief countries of legal and ethical concern that have emerged so far, the ways in which they are being dealt with, and the deductions for suppliers of engineering related services and merchandises. These major countries are:

protection of rational belongings

bar of fraud

protection of freedom of look versus jobs of calumny

protection of privateness

control of Internet indecency versus free address

control of spamming

Internet Issues Involving Free Speech and Indecency

The Internet has become the `` great equaliser '' in footings of leting persons, irrespective of background, location, income, etc. to entree and supply information and to do their positions known. However, this has proved to be a assorted approval. The Internet has been used to propagate stuff that may be found violative by many, such as adult, hatred and other potentially unsafe stuff. Since such sites may be accessed by kids, there is a general understanding by the populace that there should be some agencies to forestall this from go oning.

In footings of ISP duty in this respect, it is good policy to develop systems that are `` household friendly '' and let parental control over sites viewed by kids. America Online, in seeking to develop a safe and household friendly service, encourages members to self patrol the system and convey to their attending content that violates the service conditions. AOL 's policy prohibits hate address or genuinely violative address. The policy has been applied to a KKK site and to a consecutive slayer web site. Recently, eBay and

other auction sites shut down their gun auction sites. Some members of the populace would wish to see ISPs held lawfully apt for the stuff on their sites.

The Internet and Issues Regarding Defamation

Defamation is a wide term covering slander and libel. Slander is a false statement made to wound the repute of a individual. Libel is a similar statement that is published i.e. is stated in some fixed medium, such as in authorship. The Internet, because of the freedoms it provides, is a possible beginning of defamatory issues that could affect ISP liability. Two illustrations of such issues, taken from Bitlaw ( 2000 ) are given below.

Prodigy was sued for calumny because of a calumniatory remark made by one of its clients in one of its treatment suites ( or bulletin boards ) . The justice had to find whether Prodigy was merely a distributer of the information ( in which instance it would non be apt for calumny by a client ) , or whether it was a publishing house of the information ( in which instance it would be guilty of calumny since, as publishing house, it has control over content ) . The justice found Prodigy guilty of calumny on the evidences that Prodigy had good publicized policies for monitoring and baning content in its treatment suites, and so behaved like a publishing house.

On the other manus, in a similar instance affecting CompuServe, the justice ruled that the company was non guilty of calumny because it did non exert any control over treatment room content and so acted simply as a distributer instead than a publishing house.

Internet Issues Involving Privacy

Businesss and authorities have ever collected information sing persons, families, the economic system, etc. through studies, interviews, etc. In general, the person about whom information was being collected knew that this was being done. However, with the Internet and telecommunications, engineering presently available makes it possible to enter and/or hint every `` chink '' or interaction by a user shoping the web, without their cognition. This has raised issues about the person 's right to maintain his or her personal and concerns activities and information confidential. The Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ) has outlined several factors that should regulate the aggregation or usage of information. These are given below ( mostly quoted from Greenstein, 2000 ; p. 73 ) :

Notice: Consumers should be made cognizant of an entity 's information patterns before personal information is gathered.

Choice. Consumers should be given the chance to accept or deny any secondary utilizations ( uses other than the processing of a dealing ) of information. Secondary utilizations include notices or transportation of informations to 3rd parties. Therefore, this would intend that the house involved in the dealing would non direct them electronic mails about other merchandises or sell or do available their reference or information to any other company without their consent.

Entree: Consumers should be able to entree their personal informations and reexamine it without important holds. They should besides be able to easy and rapidly rectify inaccurate personal information.

Integrity and Security: The information sing consumers ' personal information should be

processed in such a manner that the information is accurate. The information should besides be kept confidential as it is processed, transmitted and stored. This makes it necessary for ISPs and e-commerce units to supply unafraid minutess and storage of informations.

Enforcement: Consumers should hold some clear agencies to turn to the state of affairs if any of the above characteristics is violated.

Every ISP and e-commerce unit should seek to endeavor to run into the privateness guidelines laid down by the FTC. The U.S. authorities has given private industries the chance to develop their ain guidelines sing the privateness rights of grownups. However, a recent study by the FTC indicated that private industries have, in general, failed to develop their ain criterions sing privateness. They found that 85 per centum of 1,402 sites surveyed collected personal information but did non hold any information about privateness policies.


Easy Jet 's major strength besides its concern scheme has been the aggressive, showy selling attack adopted by its ex-chairman Sir Stelios which has enabled the trade name name to gain really high callback and acknowledgment. Hopefully this will go on and function the company good in the competitory markets.