Government Final_Chapter 6 & 7

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Two long term trends in the history of American voting rights include a gradual
Decrease in restrictions and a gradual increase in federal power
The 19th amendment prevents states from depriving any person of the right to vote on account of
The lack of constitutional provision about qualifications for voting suggests the Framers
Purposely left the power to set such qualifications to each State
Today, every State required potential voters to satisfy qualifications based on citizenship, residence and
The main criticism of the registration requirement for voting is that it
Tends to disenfranchise the poor and less educated
Today most States
Prohibit transients for voting
Which of the following tactics did many States once used to disenfranchise African American voters
Literacy test
Why did many African-Americans in the South not vote even after the passage of the 15th amendment
The Federal Government did not enforce Amendment
The US commission on Civil Rights was set up by the Civil Rights Act of
Preclearance requirements are meant to prevent
Changes in laws in order to dilute the voting rights of minorities
For which office are more votes regularly cast for any other
Statistically, which of the following is most likely to be a nonvoter
Gary a single 25 year old janitor from rural Georgia
The single most significant and lasting predictor of home a person will vote is
Party identification
Which of the following statements is evidence of the gender gap
More women than men tend to vote for Democrats
Since 1789 the history of American suffrage has been characterized by
Increased federal power over voting rights
Even after the passage of the 15th Amendment what group remained the largest group disenfranchised citizens in the US for nearly 90 years
According to the 26th Amendment, no State can deny any person the right to vote if he or she is at least
18 years old
All the following are universal qualifications for voting in the US except
Membership in a political party
Today went perspective votors register to voto, they are usually asked
How long they have live at their current address
Which of the following situation describes a legal restriction on voting
Bobbi is not allowed to vote because she is a patient in a mental institution
Which of the following was results of the civil Rights Acts of 1960
voting referees were appointed in places where there was voter discrimination
Which of the following elects will normally attract the greatest number of voters
A Presidential Election
Which of the following person would be characterized an a cannot voter
someone who does not vote because it violates his/her religion
Todays independent voters are often
young and above average in education, income, and job status
Which of the following factors will increase the likelihood that a person will vote, regardless of income, education, age or race
high sense of political efficay
The time zone fallout problems is most likely to discourage voter turnout in the
The most recent expansion of the electorate involved
lowering the minimum age for voting
According to the 24th Amendment no State can
require payment of any tax as a condition of voting for president
Which of the following new voters time to cbeome familiar with local candidates and issues
residency requirements
What is the main reason for nonvoting
registration requirement
Which of the following voters is most likely to practice split ticket voting
an independent
Nominations is a critically important step in the electoral process because it
limits the choices voters have
Which of the following describes the caucus method of nomination
party members debate the candidates merits and then vote in public to select a nominee
Nominations by petition would most likely be used for a
local school board candidate
On provision of the help american vote act of 2002 was that it required states to
replace all lever operate and punch card voting devices
What is the main problem with punch card voting devices
voters might not make clean punches
Advocates of voting by mail believe it
reduces the cost of conducting elections
In which of the following does congress have the power to regulate the used of money
presidential elections
All federal last dealing with campaign finance is administered by the
federal elections commission
Why is hard money more difficult to raise than soft money
hard money contributions are limited in amount and must be reported
Today the principal nominating method in most states is
the direct primary
The State of Iowa I famous for having the first what in presidential primaries
Most elections law in the US is
State law
Which of these terms refers to the great length of the ballots in many elections
Bed-sheet ballot
The largest item in most campaign budgets is
TV ads
Who can contribute directly to a candidate running for federal office
political actions committees
The conventions fell out of favor as the principal nominating method in american politics because
party bosses found ways to manipulate the process
In a blanket primary
every voter reeves the same ballot which lists every candidate and voters can select candidates of either party
Supporters of the primary would most limey argue that it
gives independent voters more of a voice in the nominating process
A runoff primary is held only when
an absolute majority of votes is needed to win a primary
In which procedure are candidate nominated by means of a document signed by a certain number of qualified voters in the elections district
In the US congressional elections are held
on the Tuesday after first Monday in November if even number years
State laws generally restrict precinct size to an area with no more then______ qualified voters
500 to 1000
Most politicians prefer the party column ballot because it
encourages straight ticket voting
Which of the following ballots is used for information purposes only
sample ballot
Opponents of online voting argue that
voter secrecy can be easily compromised
About what percentage of American voters ever make a campaign contribution
10 percent
When is campaign spending limited
when a presidential candidate accepts FEC subsidies
Hard money contributions are given
directly to candidates
what is the name of the ballot typically used in elections in the US
Australian ballot
Which of the following would be illegal under federal campaign finance law
Making a campaign contribution in the name of a co worker
Who was the first presidential nominee in history to reject public money
In the US the largest share of campaign dollars is consumed by
the presidential elections

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