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Based on the information provided by this map, where did Abraham’s journey originate?
answer : Mesopotamia
People do not often create records for the benefit of historians. They produce them for other reasons….
answer : evidence that can be biased
Which concept is essential to the study of economic systems?
answers : factors of production
Which major geographic feature has hindered cultural diffusion between India and China?
answer : Himalaya Mountains
Which statement about the Bantu migration is an opinion rather than a fact?
answer : Bantu civilization was superior to those civilizations that it displaced.
Historically, the Huang He has also been known as the \”River of Sorrows\” because
answer : floods have destroyed crops and villages
Both the Han dynasty and the Roman Empire were known for
answer : having long periods of stable government
Which belief system is considered monotheistic?
answer : Judaism
The Golden Age of India’s Gupta Empire is known for its
answer : advancements in mathematics and medicine
Which geographic factor enabled the cities of Nanjing and Mogadishu to develop into powerful trading centers?
answer : location on waterways
What does this archaeological find indicate about Southeast Asia during the 10th century?
answer : The region served as a crossroads between Arab and Chinese traders.
Development and expansion of banking, insurance companies, and stock exchanges were essential to the system of
answer : capitalism
A key feature of European Renaissance culture was
answer : an outlook emphasizing classicism, secularism, and individualism
Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Henry VIII all played a key role in the
answer : end of religious unity in Europe
The practice of Islam throughout much of West Africa is evidence that
answer : Islam spread beyond the borders of the Arabian peninsula
Which statement is consistent with the ideas of Niccolò Machiavelli?
answer : The law should be subject to the will of the leader.
What was a major cause for the shift in European trade from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean during the late 1400s?
answer : Ottoman Turks seized control of Constantinople.
The location of the Inca civilization of South America demonstrates the
answer : ability of humans to adapt the environment
Why is Ferdinand Magellan’s voyage considered a turning point in world history?
answer : One of his ships was the first to circumnavigate Earth.
In the 17th and 18th centuries, the primary goal of mercantilism as practiced by European countries was to
answer : increase their supply of gold and silver through a favorable balance of trade
The impact of the printing press, astrolabe, and caravel on 16th-century Europe demonstrates the ability of technology to
answer : redefine human understanding of the world
One way in which Peter the Great, Louis XIV, and Philip II are similar is that each
answer : sought to centralize power by limiting the power of the nobility
New scientific knowledge and understandings that developed during the Scientific Revolution were most often based on
answer : observation and experimentation
Which pair correctly links the region where Enlightenment ideas first developed to a region to which those ideas spread?
answer : Asia → eastern Europe
Baron de Montesquieu believed that a separation of powers would
answer : prevent tyranny by acting as a check on power
Which mountains were an obstacle to Simón Bolívar’s efforts to unify Gran Colombia?
answer : Andes
• Abundant coal resources • Development of steam power • Building of an extensive canal system
answer : England
Laissez-faire practices are most closely associated with a
answer : market economy
As a result of the Russo-Japanese War, Japan came to be seen by Europeans as
answer : an emerging global threat
What is the primary focus of these speakers?
answer : religious persecution
Which condition is most closely associated with Mexico between 1910 and 1930?
answer : revolutions and political instability
The difficult, year-long journey made by Mao Zedong and his Communist followers in 1934 through China’s mountains, marshes, and rivers was called the
answer :Long March
The World War II military action shown on this map was significant because it
answer : forced Germany to fight the Allies on eastern and western fronts
Which statement about the Soviet economy under Joseph Stalin is accurate?
answer : The Soviet Union increased its power by developing heavy industry
In the 1940s, the leadership of the Indian National Congress and the leadership of the Muslim League supported the goal of
answer :removing British control from the subcontinent
Which region is directly associated with the events shown on this time line?
answer : Middle East
Which type of political system is being depicted in this 1943 cartoon?
answer :totalitarian
Immediately after World War II, which country exerted political and economic control over Poland, Hungary, and Romania?
answer :Soviet Union
The main reason oil-producing states formed the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was to
answer : influence the price of oil and set production levels
What was a goal of the student protestors in Tiananmen Square in 1989?
answer :democratic reforms
What is one way post-World War II North Korea and post-World War II East Germany are similar?
answer : Both communist governments faced economic stagnation.
The cartoonist’s point of view is best expressed in which statement about the United Nations?
answer : It engaged in acts of war as a method of peacekeeping.
• Tutsis and Hutus in Rwanda • Russians and Chechens in southwestern Russia • Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka
answer : brutal civil conflict
During the 20th century, in which area has deforestation been a significant environmental issue due to the expansion of industrial mining, the growth of corporate farms, and the development of new road networks?
answer :Amazon Basin
The policies of which 20th-century leader helped to create the situation shown in this 2006 cartoon?
answer : Deng Xiaoping
Based on this passage, a valid conclusion would be that
answer : technological advances sometimes create unforeseen problems
In which period of western European history was the relationship described in this passage most common?
answer :Medieval
During the feudal period of Japanese history, the emperor had mainly symbolic authority. Which statement best explains the reason for this situation?
answer :Power had been granted to shoguns and daimyos.
Which generalization is best supported by these images?
answer :Potatoes have been a key source of food for diverse populations at various times
Which historical event connects the activity shown in Image A to the activity shown in Image B?
answer : Columbian exchange

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