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For instance, they had taught me that “when life throws oh lemons, make lemonade” . Perhaps you are wondering what SONS had did or faced in the past? Well, let me tell you the secret. First of all, there is an incident called the black ocean occurred in the Dream Concert. Dream concert is a concert where many popular Korean groups will perform on stage. However, during the performance of SONS in Dream Concert on 7th of June 2008, all the audiences except SONS (Sand’s official fanciful) remained silent and turned off their light sticks.

Therefore, only Cones were cheering for their group, making Sand’s official color pink as the only visible color in the stands. Can you imagine how disappointing and heartbreaking it must have been for them to perform in front of a silent and dark crowd? Being as busy as they are with their hectic schedules, an incident like that must have been such an emotional and mental strain. Nonetheless, SONS was trying hard to hold back tears and continue to perform until the end. After that incident, SONS didn’t give up their dreams but keep on working even harder to contribute in the Kop industry.

Furthermore, SONS faced another obstacle in the same year when their song and music video named “Dancing Queen” cancelled due to legal and copyright issues. This caused them unable to release their first Korean mini album. However, SONS thinks that as a part of the process in order to success. Instead of releasing “Dancing Queen”, the group came out with “Gee” instead, becoming a sensation overnight as listeners fell in love with the cute song of love. The song also went number one on all major digital music charts within two days.

Gee” went on to become a phenomenal hit, breaking the record for consecutive number one wins on KBPS Music Bank with nine consecutive wins, as well as receiving a triple crown on CBS Insignia. Moreover, in the begin of this year Sand’s comeback has been postponed due to an incident with the music video. A considerable amount Of data Of the music video for “Mr.. Mr.. ” was corrupted during the editing process. Because of the loss, the music video cannot be released on February 1 9 as originally planned. Besides, their new songs were leaked in Tunes before the official lease date.

Despite having these obstacles, SONS still manage to rank first in many music programs and maintain top 5 in Korea Power Celebrity 40 for 7 years. In a nutshell, “When life gives you lemons make lemonade”. Challenges come into all of our lives. If we allow it, each obstacle can be an invitation to grow. I feel truly blessed to have immersed myself into this fantod because little thing that we have done to support the girls and every little gesture the girls have done to reciprocate our is truly amazing.

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