Geography 151 (chapter 7)

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A countrys level of economic development is most commonly measured by
1.5 billions people in the global periphery depend on ______ as their primary source of energy

(core = developed, periphery =less developed)

With 15% of the worlds population, the worlds high income countries use_____________ of its commercial energy
the primary sector of the economy includes
in the worlds core, producing ________ is most important for economic well-being
quaternary economic activites are most prevalent in the
china makes most of the worlds
the worlds leading exporter of outsourced service activited is
as explained by Gunnar Myrdal, the _______- in one region causes backwash effects in another
process of cumulative causeation
The cost adavantages that manufacturaers get form high colume production are known as
economies of scale
economic development is even over space in
economic development is never even over space NEVER
To most equitably compare the relative levels of economic development of different countries, and to adjust for their different currenecies, it is best to use
Purchasing Power Parity
The gross domestic (GDP) of a region or country includes the total value (in a given year) of all but which of the following??
profits from abroad (overseas)
GLobal justive and equality (between core and periphery countries is evident when looking at maps of
None of the above
Economic development that meets the needs and aspiration of the present without compromising the ability of future generations
sustainable development
The ability of a country to explore and exploit its resources is based on all but which of the following?
All of the above
A. the value of its resources
B.technological innovation in the country and around the world
C. the political situation in that country
D. Economic conditions in that country
The largest sector in core countries economies is the teritary sector; activites in this sector include
grocery stores and other retail and wholesale sales, legal services and entertainment
Which of the following would one expect to find in a peripheral country with a large primary sector
coffee and cocoa bean trees
With the exception of some oil rich econmies, countries with large primary sectors of the economy have GDP per capita _____ countries with large teritary sectors
lower than
In the worlds major core economies, the production and distribution of _______ had become the most important contributer to gross domestic product
“Dependency” for peripheral countries means that they are dependent on core countries for all of the following except
Schools, roads, railroads, hospitals, retail outlets, recreational and cultural opportunties, social services and the entire framework of support services and amenities in a city or region is known as
The process of cumulative caustion in an area drains all but ________ from surrounding areas
Backwash effects )i.e. the negative effects of processes of cumulation causation) in a region include all but which of the following>
increase in forward and backward linkages
Advantages to manufacturers of the global assembly line include all of the following except
all of the above are advantages to manufacturers
The global assembly line refers to consumer goods that are made
in one country and designed to be marketed and sold around the world
Manufacturing based on assembly line techniques and high wages, and reliant upon mass consumption, is known as
one of the huge benefits of just in time production is that the need for _______ is eliminated
large inventories
The vast majority f workers in maquiladoras and export processing zones are
Offshore financial centers are designed to attract
secret, tax- sheltered monies
WHich of the following gives the most accurate measure of relative economic prosperity?
Purchasing power parity– seeing the overall ability of your currency
Which of the following countries has the smallest amount of raw materials and sources of energy
Countries with the lowest GDP per capita have work forces engaged for the most part in
Primary activites
IN which of the following regions is the smallest percentage of the work forces engaged in primary activites
In the united states, the smallest percentage of the labor force is engaged in
primary activities
In the glbal assembly line, manufacture and assembly is most likely to take place where
labor is cheap
the growth in the number and scale of transnational corporations
has increased over the last three decades
Companies in which of the following entirely own all of their own manufacturing facilites and no not outsource
none– they all outsource a lot
Which of the following is an advantage to a manufacturer operating transnational commodity chains?
All of them
Logging is a _______ sector activity
With over half of the total, _____ the worlds main tourist destination
Europe is
The goal of te fair trade movement is to
all of the above
According to our text, ________ is/are currently the company associated most with political-economic power and the negative cultural consquences of globalization
Countries whose economies are dominated by primary-secot activities tend to have a relatively low per capita GDP. THe exceptions are
Some oil rich countries like Saudia, Qatar, Venezuela
The key concept in neo-fordist production systems is
its growth and development strategy made it an expert in logistics— the movement and storage of goods and the managaement of the entire supply chain
wal mart
T/F EPZ, GDP, GNP, OPEC, MVA are all measures of economic development
T/F the benefical feature of economic devolpmen is that it is even across space
T/F Regional inequalities in economic devolpment ocur not only in peripheral and semiperipheral countries, but in core countries as well
T/F core-periphery inequalites are commonly found within core countries ???????????
T/F From a geographic perspective, economic development is uneven
The economic gap between rich and poor countries has narrowed over the last two decades
Changes in technology change the economic geography of a region
T/F in peripheral countries, a greater percentage of the labor force is engaged in primary and secondary activities that in a teritary and quaternary activities
T/F Commodity chains link raw materials and natural resources to finished products and end users
T/F the most important banking, finance, and business services are concentrated in a few geographic areas; they are not spread uniformly across core countries
OFF shore financial centers are strcitly regulated by international agengies
A cabinet maker is primarily involved in teritary activities
Level of education and availabilty of educational opportunities have a strong impact on a countries ability to have a strong economy
T/F WIth deinductrialization of the 1960’s and 1970’s, th eUS manufacturing Belt became the Rust Belt
Over 50% of the goods that Walmart imports come from China alone
Norway shares a border with which of the folowing countries
Which of the following is an island country
THe country of cambodia is identified by the number
The capital of country #21 is
Which pair of countries share a continent
Yemen and Cambodia
Which pair of countries does NOT share a continent
Yemen and Angola `

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