Another name for human resources management is ____ management.
John works for Texas Instruments. His tasks involve traveling to nearby colleges, interviewing students for hire after graduation, selecting certain ones to be invited for an office visit, and acquainting them with the facilities. He is in which phase of the HRM process?
Acquiring human resources
Activities that increase employee satisfaction such as satisfaction surveys, employee communication programs, exit interviews, and fair treatment are all part of which phase of the human resources management process?
Maintaining human resources
Periodically, employees at Southwest Airlines complete satisfaction surveys that management uses to improve employee job satisfaction. This is an example of
employee relations.
The development phase of human resources management consists of two important activities: (1) training and development (2) and
appraising performance.
Chevron’s 60,000 employees work for thirteen major operating companies in fifty-eight countries. Each national unit does business according to the needs of its market. Effective management of human resources in such a complex environment is an awesome task, and the key to success is reliable, accurate management information. Thus, Chevron developed an online human resources information system, which is a critical tool in managing its human resources. As expected, one of the broad goals of the human resources information system is to help management
utilize human resources efficiently to meet organizational goals
Generally, human resources management is a responsibility shared by line managers and
HRM specialists
At a large book publishing company like Cengage, we would expect human resources management to be handled by ____. At a small local print shop, human resources management would probably be ____.
the personnel manager; the responsibility of the owner
Employee compensation systems are generally developed and administered by ____, and pay increases and promotions are usually recommended by ____.
HRM specialists; line managers
Information on evolving technologies, industry staffing practices, projected economic trends, the particular company’s future business ventures, new products, and projected expansions or contractions of certain product lines can be helpful in predicting
human resources demand.
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