Fundamentals of Management Ch 3

In Greece Jana visited a pharmaceutical operation. She found that managers there were charming but not at all shy. If they thought they were right they tended to be aggressive and confrontational. How would you characterize this trait?

A company that meets its social obligation ______.
Fulfills its legal and economic responsibilities only.

A country with a high uncertainty avoidance ______.
Is highly structured and depends on rules and social institutions to cope with uncertainty.

A factory that has adhered to all pollution control standards has ______.
Met its social obligation.

A global corporation ______.
Centralizes management in a single home country.

A manager who subscribes to the theory of justice view of ethics might pay low-level employees ______.
More than the minimum wage.

A(n) ______ view of ethics states that

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more productive workers should get more pay and less productive workers less pay, regardless of other circumstances.

Shana is considering forming a partnership with a Dutch corporation that will create an entirely new company called Half Moon. What kind of enterprise will Half Moon be?
A joint venture.

Franchising is used widely by ______.
Restaurant Chains.

How do global supply chains resemble biological organisms?
Global supply chains are highly resilient in many ways, yet show marked vulnerability to seemingly small events.

In global companies, a major cause of the line between work and non-work getting blurred is ______.
Needing to communicate with overseas operations in different time zones.

In his study of differences in cultural environments, Geert Hofstede found that ______.
People vary from culture to culture in five value categories.

Most studies have shown that companies that engage in social involvement ______.
Receive a small positive benefit.

Parochialism is ______.
A tendency to view the world through a single perspective.

A firm in South America wants to open a TJ Soft in a shopping mall. What is the best approach for this firm?

Supporters of socially responsible businesses claim that by becoming socially responsible, businesses can expect ______.
Less government regulation.

Suppose that a study shows that companies that were not socially involved tended to be less profitable than socially involved companies. Which of the following can be concluded?
Social Involvement may cause a company’s profits to increase.

The cases of Enron and Bernard Madoff go beyond a question of ethics because in both cases ______.
Laws were clearly broken.

The classical view of social responsibility holds that spending time, money, labor, or energy to improve society’s welfare would ______.
Deprive stockholders of resources that could be used to generate profits.

The socioeconomic view is that management’s social responsibility goes beyond making profits to include ______.
Protecting and improving society’s welfare.

The socioeconomic view of social responsibility states that a business ______.
Is a moral agent.

Which of the following best defines sustainability for a company?
Running the company with a strategy that is both profitable and good for the environment.

Which of the following best summarizes Blake Mycoskie’s business philosophy?
A business should be both ethical and socially responsible.

Which of the following is a basic definition of ethics?
Principles that define right and wrong.

Which of the following is commonly considered a category of workforce diversity?

Which of the following is most likely at the root of the problems that befell an unethical company like Enron?
Leaders with poor ethical standards.

Which of the following is the best synonym for the word parochial?

Which of the following would NOT be called an “American company”?
A transnational that originated in New York City with operations in 6 countries.

_______ dictates that being socially responsible is the “right thing to do.”
An ethical obligation.

______ is a good example of a multidomestic corporation.

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