fund of it quiz 7

An example of ethical uses of computers and social media is the coordination of relief efforts after a natural disaster.

Microsoft agreed to censor search results and partnered with to provide English-language search results in China.

________ is the theory that holds that actions that generate greater happiness are judged to be better than actions that lead to unhappiness.

Relativism holds that moral principles are dictated by cultural tastes and customs.

Implanting identity chips in people brings up questions of privacy.

Google moved its Chinese site to Hong Kong in 2010 to avoid censorship.

A ________ is person who reports a business that is engaged in an illegal activity or an unethical act to a regulatory agency.

Unethical behavior is always illegal behavior.

Cars often have robotic systems.

There is clear ownership of mineral rights in outer space.

If you 3D print a faulty bicycle helmet, there are clear cut responsibilities if someone is hurt using the helmet.

Harvard researchers are experimenting with robot swarms which are groups of robots that ________.
work together to perform a task without human intervention

Everyone has the same basic ethics.

________ is the theory that holds that there is no universal moral truth and that instead moral principles are dictated by cultural tastes and customs.

The study of the general nature of morals and of the specific moral choices individuals make is called ________.

________ is the theory that God is all-knowing and sets moral standards.
Divine Command Theory

Utilitarianism focuses on adherence to moral duties and rights.

A person who does not conform to the approved standards of social or professional behavior ________.
commits unethical behavior

Unethical behavior is illegal behavior and illegal behavior is unethical behavior.

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