Freak the Mighty story questions

Who is telling the story? 1-3
Maxwell Kane

Why is Max given the name of Kicker while in day care? 1-3
In day care he would always invent kicking games that would involve kicking things and other kids.

Why do you think Max feels that “hug” stuff” is a “rotten lie?” 1-3
He didn’t feel like the hugs from the day care workers were genuine.

When has Max previously seen the person who later pairs up with him to become Freak the Mighty? 1-3
…At day care

What attributes does this boy have that makes it easy for Max to remember him? 1-3
…1. Looking sort of fierce is how he remembers him.
2. Had braces on his legs and acted like he was a robot
3. Knew what he wanted.

What opinion do you think Max has of himself as the story begins? 1-3
.That he isn’t smart or normal, because he said that he didn’t have a brain…

What are Grim and Gram’s reactions when Max returns from the fireworks at the Mill Pond? 7-10
..They thought he got in trouble because he came home in a police car.
They were afraid he got hurt by Tony D. and his gang.
They were surprised to find out he rescued Freak.

How does Kevin change Max’s summer routine? 7-10
…Kevin makes Max get up every morning and go on adventures (quests)

What is the destination of Freak the Mighty in ch 9? why? 7-10
…they went to a medical research place by a hospital. Freak wanted to show Max the place where he would be the first person to get a bionic transplant

What does Max understand about the quest on p. 52? 7-10
..It isn’t about castles and moats. It is something that is important to Freak even though he doesn’t understand bionics.

In what way is the quest on p. 56 different from the others? 7-10
…They didn’t leave the neighborhood. They went in the middle of the night to look for something in a storm drain.

What does Kevin explain to Max about quests and promise?11-13
…You can break a promise if you are on a quest.

What do Kevin and Max each gain by being Freak the Mighty? 11-13
…Kevin doesn’t have to wear braces while he is on Max’s shoulders. Max gains intelligence.

Who does Freak the Mighty meet when returning the purse?
…Iggy Lee . Loretta Lee

Who is Iggy Lee? 11-13
…someone who knew Max’s dad. He was a drunk.

Why is Freak the Mighty allowed to leave the Lees’ apartment without being harmed? 11-13
…Because Iggy thinks Max’s dad is a killer and that Max will hurt him or his dad will hurt him.

Why is Max allowed to be in the same classes with Kevin?
…So Kevin can have someone to help him get around and Max can have a friend.

How do you think Kevin could get around school without Max? 11-13
…He could drive a motorized wheelchair

How does Kevin restore order in English class on the first day of school? 11-13
…He stood on the desk and said: Order, Order in the court! Let justice be heard!

What does Kevin do to show Mrs. Donelli how he is sometimes more than Kevin? 11-13
…Kevin gets on Max’s shoulders saying sometimes we are 9 feet tall.

On p. 82, explain what “writing down the words is a whole different story” means. 11-13
…It is hard for Max to write what he thinks or says to put it on paper.

There are two turning events in ch.13. What does Max find out from his school principal and what happens to Freak in the Cafeteria? 11-13
…Max’s dad wants to talk to him.
Freak chokes on his food in the lunchroom.

What is the name of Max’s late mother? 14-16

Do you think the court order will keep Killer Kane away from Max? Why or why not? 14-16
…No, because I think he will find a way to still get a hold of Max.

What does Max promise Grim? 14-16
…Max won’t leave the house

Do you think Max’s promise will affect Kevin? Why or shy not? If so, how? 14-16
…Yes, because Kevin might need Max, but he can’t leave the house.

How does Grim differentiate between lies and tales? 14-16
…A lie is something to hurt someone…a tale is to entertain.

What is the shape of the box that Kevin has made for Max’s gift? 14-16
…a pyramid

What gift has Kevin made for Max? What is so special about it? 14-16
…HIs own dictionary. It is special bercause it has all of Kevin’s favorite words.

What happens during the night while Grim, Gram, and Max are sleeping? 14-16
…Max dad comes

Where does Killer Kane take Max? do you think they are expected? Explain. 14-16
…He takes them to Loretta and Iggy Lee’s house. They were expected because Loretta said that we knew you could do it.

What does Killer Kane do to Max to prevent him from escaping from the Lee’s? 17-19
…He tied a rope around Max and him.

What does Killer Kane tell Max in ch17 about what happened to his mother? do you believe what KIller Kane says? 17-19
…He blamed the grandparents for thinking he was mean and cruel and not good enough for their daughter and he said that he didn’t kill the mother

Why do Max and his father leave the apartment? 17-19
…the cops might come back

Where do they go? 17-19
…The go to a boarded up building on the other side of the alley.

Do you think Killer Kane’s actions are necessary? p. 124 17-19
…Yes, if he doesn’t want the cops to catch him.

After Killer Kane goes upstairs to look around, who comes downstairs to help Max?17-19
…Lorettta Lee

What does Loretta whisper to Max as she tries to untie the rope’s knots? 17-19
…She tells him that the plan is for Iggy to keep his Dad busy with trying to find a car while she gets the ropes off him

Does Loretta free Max? What happens next? (p.127)_ 17-19
…Yes, and then Max dad comes back and starts to strangle Loretta.

At the beginning of Ch. 20, what causes KIller Kane to shift his attention from Loretta to Max? 20-21
..Max said that he remembers seeing him kill his mother..

How does Kevin come to Max’s rescue? 20-21
…He breaks a window and says he is going to shoot acid in his eyes with a water gun.

How does Kevin fool Killer Kane? 20-21
..It wasn’t really acid. It was soap, vinegar and curry powder.

What is really in the squirt gun?

What is the extent of Loretta’s injury? 20-21
…she broke a bone in her neck.

Why does Gwen remind Kevin that he has to be extra careful? 20-21

does Max have to testify in court? Explain why or why not. 20-21
..NO, a son doesn’t have to testify against his father..

What does Grim call Killer Kane? What does he mean by that? 20-21
…She calls him an accident of nature. He has bad genes .

Why does Freak call his mom Fair Gwen of Air? 4-6
After King Arthur’s Queen Guinevere…a pretty girl who becomes his queen.

Why did Max think Freak knew he had Learning Disabilities? 4-6
He looked around his room and didn’t see a lot of books.

Why did Freak’s mother run off with him in the wagon? 4-6
She was afraid of Max

Why did Max go under his bed? 4-6
To give himself a time out.

Why did Gwen call Max’s gradmother? 4-6
To apologize for running off. She was startled to see Max looking so much like his father who she thought was crazy. She remembers him from preschool because she was good friends with Max’s mother. She was glad Max and Freak were going to be friends and invited Max over for dinner

How was the dinner? 4-6
Great….Max loved the food, decides Freak’s mom is cool and had fun listening to Freak’s robot stories. When he got home, he cried fo happiness.

What is different for Max about the 4th of July celebration? 4-6
Max gets to go with Freak and his mom to the fireworks.

Who do Max and Freak see at the fireworks? What happens? 4-6
They see Tony D. and his gang. They bully the boys and try to get some firecrackers from them. Then the police came by and they ran away.

What idea does Max get at the fireworks show? 4-6
To put Freak on his shoulders so that he can see everything.

What happened to Max’s father? 22-25
He pleaded guilty and was made to serve out his original sentence plus 10 years.

What happened to Freak? 22-25
He died.

Why was Max upset with the doctors? 22-25
He thought they lied to Freak about getting bionic parts. The doctors explained that they were trying to give Freak hope.

What happened to Freak’s mother? 22-25
She moved to California and got a boyfriend, according to Loretta

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