Forensic Science Segment Two Midterm

To take a sample of ink on a document, a forensic scientist may take a needle with a blunt end and punch it through the document on an ink line.

Unlike some of the other areas of forensic science, there are often no specific tests that can be used to definitively prove that something has been forged or that it is not authentic.

Obliteration almost always signals fraudulent activity.

Toxicology is the study of what?
Substances that have an adverse effect on living organisms

What did Mathieu Orfila do related to forensic toxicology?
Published one of the first written works dedicated to the topic of poisons

Orfila was able to identify what poison in human tissue?

The philosopher Socrates was executed using which poison?

What type of sample can give information on how long someone has been exposed to a poison?

Women’s bane or wolfsbane is another term for which poison?

Who worshipped a goddess of poison?

What is used in a Reinsch test?
A copper strip

What did Hermann Boerhaave suggest?
That poisons could be detected through chemical means

Which poison can be identified by a color test?

Pigment does what to paint?
Gives it color

What are substances that provide support or structure for the pigment in paint?

Which microscope has the highest potential magnification?
Scanning electron microscope

How many layers of paint are there on the typical manufactured vehicle?

What is PDQ?
A paint database

Polymers contain how many atoms?

When a polarized white light is sent through a synthetic fiber, how many perpendicular rays are created?

A microspectrophotometer measures which of the following?
Light absorption

When paint is collected from a car suspected of being involved in a hit and run, where would the known paint sample be taken from to compare to paint evidence?
A spot close to the point of impact, but in a place that has not been damaged

Gas chromatography can be useful in determining what about paint?
Its chemical composition

The Van Urk-Salkowski test is used when which drug is suspected?

Which drug comes from the poppy plant?

The Duquenois-Levine Test is used when which drug is suspected?

Which type of test helps forensic scientists to narrow down the possibilities of what drug a substance may be?
Screening test

Spectrophotometry uses what to help identify drugs?

Stimulants are also called what?

Microcrystalline tests involve exposing samples of a substance to a reagent and examining what about the crystals that form?

Ecstasy is one example of which of the following?
Club drugs

In the Marquis Color Test, the solution will turn what color in the presence of opiates?

Cocaine is an example of which of the following?

The most widely found natural fiber is cotton.

A scanning electron microscope works by shooting a beam of electrons at the item and recording the electron emissions that occur.

Wool is an example of a synthetic fiber.

Who maintains a database of thin-layer chromatography results for different pens, ink, and toners?
The US Secret Service and the IRS

When presented with a handwritten questioned document, what is one of the first things that a document examiner will look at?
Writing style

Forensic scientists who study possible forgeries and questioned documents are often called what?
Document examiners

What might law enforcement do to reduce attempts at deception when gaining a handwriting sample?
Have the material contain some of the same words and phrases as the questioned document.

Which of the following might be used to help enhance the information on a receipt?

What is the crossing out or overwriting of original material to make it unreadable?

Our writing tends to be more similar to others when we are in which stage of life?

Which of the following is a clue that something has been erased on a document?
The fibers of the paper are disturbed when looked at under a microscope

What element can influence our handwriting?
The way we hold a pencil, The pressure we use to write, The speed we write with

The symptoms of a poisoning make it very easy for forensic scientists to identify which poison was used.

Forensic toxicology involves not only the area of toxicology, but also the use of areas such as analytic chemistry and pharmacology.

Barbiturates are a form of depressants.

LSD was first produced from ergot, a fungus that is found on some plants and grasses.

When examining indentations, document examiners may apply what to help reveal the indentations?
An electrostatic charge

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