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I Love and Hate

My favorite type of food that I love would be cinnamon donuts. They are so darn good, you cannot describe in words how they taste like, the dough practically melts in your mouth, but try to imagine the best, sweetest, and most satisfying dessert you ever had and multiply that experience by ten thousand. It has such a wonderful aroma of homemade cooked bread, coated with sprinkles of cinnamon glittering around its brownish gold color.

The feeling of holding that warm bread is that they are light, leafy, and soft, especially the cinnamon powder grinding around your fingertips. And let’s not forget that amazing crunch you get from the sugary outside, and when you sink your teeth inside you taste the moistly dough and sugary through your taste buds and it makes you feel like you’re a different person, as if at donuts Just gave you a lifetime of Joy and happiness in Just a single bite. My least favorite type of food would have to be onions. It has such a horrible smell Just as like a person would.

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