Flexible Learning Essay Example
Flexible Learning Essay Example

Flexible Learning Essay Example

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  • Published: September 24, 2017
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Education is a loosely debated subject. now there is a new construct emerging. ’flexible learning’ . This essay will discourse what is understood by this term and how it could impact the manner of the hereafter in instruction. Furthermore it will discourse how flexible acquisition has engaged engineering and how it has made instruction more accessible and just. Following it will show how single pupils have benefited through the usage of engineering with flexible acquisition. and how pupils are able to be the cardinal focal point of their ain instruction.

Technology brings with it many advantages for the hereafter of instruction. nevertheless non without some reverses. this essay will besides discourse these. This essay will reason that because of the increasing handiness and betterments in engineering. flexible acquisition should be the manner of the hereafter in instruction.


Flexible acquisition is rapidly going the manner of the hereafter for instruction. as it engages and implements the usage of sophisticated engineering. Harmonizing to George and Luke ( cited in Andrews & A ; Ferman 2001 ) flexible acquisition is a multi-directional attack to larning utilizing different methods of bringing.

On the other manus. Nunan ( cited in Andrews & A ; Ferman 2001. p. 2 ) considers that ‘flexible bringing is frequently taken to intend the same thing as increasing flexibleness in learning’ . Summarizing Harmes ( 2010 ) explains flexible larning engages engineering. leting the usage of the cyberspace. electronic mail. and other digital synergistic engineering. It besides allows the pupil to freely entree on-line talks and analyze stuff and more significantly it enables instructors to place the pupil as the cardinal focal point of the learning experience.


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can be seen at universities including the comparatively new University of Queensland campus at Ipswich who are utilizing engineering to advance flexible acquisition. It was in fact the intent built with this in head ; and included computing machine suites. a autonomous acquisition Centre and even wireless laptops ( Andrews & A ; Ferman 2001 ) . Another illustration of flexible acquisition is discussed by Huijser. Bedford and Bull ( 2008 ) who describe the Third Preparation Program ( TPP ) ; this is a class which is accessed on-line and on-campus.

TPP pupils can prosecute in on-line talks. Wimba schoolrooms and forums. analyze stuff can besides be submitted on-line and feedback returned to pupil. once more on-line. Using engineering pupils have engaged in flexible larning all over Australia. including international pupils. Furthermore TPP is presently funded by the authorities doing it free ; this allows pupils to fix for higher survey prior to investing. The result of this should be a higher consumption of fee paying pupils. which in bend should take to increased authorities support for universities.

Flexible larning through engineering has made instruction more accessible and hence just. Harmes ( 2010 ) discusses how the cyberspace has increased the figure of pupils to able to analyze grades through online survey stuff and talks. As a consequence of technological progresss the universe has become a “global small town “and pupils can take part in a planetary schoolroom. Worldwide opportunities utilizing engineering and flexible acquisition should be funded locally ( Zhao 2009 ) .

Ultimately this will enable there to be propinquity through distance. and will let pupils to analyze anytime and anyplace. therefore doing instruction more

just explains Harmes ( 2010 ) . There are pupils from as far off as distant Western Australia analyzing through the University of Southern Queensland ( USQ ) . They are able to entree all the talks and tutorials online. and USQ plans to offer many more academic plans online by 2012 ( The Chronicle 2009 ) . ‘Technology is the tool used to supply a installation for a instructor facilitated. scholar centred environment’ ( Bonanno. 2005 ) .

It is merely through the many betterments and progresss in engineering that instruction has been so accessible and with it flexible acquisition has been implemented. Flexible acquisition has made instruction more accessible because. survey is teacher facilitated and enables the pupil to be positioned as the cardinal focal point of instruction. Harmonizing to Harmes there are many benefits of flexible acquisition. pupils are able to entree their survey any clip they like. and this means that they are able to organize survey around work and household life. The flexibleness that engineering provides has enabled pupils to analyze at their ain gait ( Andrews Ferman. 2001 ) .

Additionally pupils have a sense of freedom with their survey. slotting it in whenever they please. Knowles ( cited in Choy and Delahaye 2002 ) researched how big scholars are more likely to be motivated and experienced in life. and that they are ready to encompass larning with deeper grasp and apprehension. Knowles ( 1973 ) continues by discoursing how this self-driven acquisition is assisted through flexible bringing and how pupils benefit from a mature independent attack to instruction with the option for instructor aid when needed.

As a consequence of this

Bonanno suggests that with good self-denial and clip direction pupils are able to hold freedom and entree to analyze anytime and topographic point. therefore enabling many manners of larning. Technology has increased the flexibleness that pupils have. therefore leting greater entree to instruction. Despite the fact that instruction has embraced engineering. there are still some jobs which must be resolved. Harmonizing to Ralston ( 1999 ) it appears that although many have embraced engineering for larning. there are still many who are either excessively afraid to or make non hold the accomplishments and assurance to make so.

Furthermore he suggests that that those who do non try to prosecute engineering will be badly disadvantaged. because the 21st century is the age of engineering. Andrews and Ferman ( 2000 ) noted on their survey of the University of Queensland. -Ipswich campus that many pupils found the class stuff limited. that there was a deficiency of construction. and there were besides a important figure of proficient troubles.

Additionally Bonanno ( 2005 ) discusses some of the disadvantages of engineering and provinces that the scholar can easy lose motive partially due to a deficiency of schoolroom spirit and instructor facilitated larning. Technology can be out of day of the month or hard to understand and frequently it can be confounding and sometimes it can merely be that there is no proficient support available. Bonanno’s ( 2005 ) remarks that many jobs happening are learner related and that in order to be successful the scholar must be self-motivated and have a sensible grade of self-competency.

She besides remarks that the facilitator or instructor must be motivated as good and be able to

bring forth prosecuting study stuff for the pupil to work with ; they must besides be able to direct. listen and back up pupils. Despite some complications. alterations in engineering aid to do certain instruction is more accessible and just. Universities are able to capture larger Numberss of pupils enabling more support from the authorities. Students are able to be in control of their ain instruction tract and are able to be flexible about when and where they choose to analyze.

Students can besides take to analyze sociably in online schoolrooms and even traditional schoolrooms. Debatable countries will in clip be improved as engineering ascents on a day-to-day footing ; including faster cyberspace options. With this germinating engineering people’s cognition and experience will increase and in clip pupil Numberss and survey options will turn. It is realistic that flexible acquisition will be and so should be the manner of the hereafter in instruction and that there will be a world-wide schoolroom.

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