Finance – Block 1

What is the purpose of the Air Force Enlisted Classification System?
AFI 36-2101 governs the classification of all military personel, enlisted and officer. It develops the classification system identifying required qualifications for every specialty in the Air Force.
What letter or number is 6F031 in Career Grouping?
What letter or number is 6F031 in Career Field?
What letter or number is 6F031 in Career Field Subdivision?
What letter or number is 6F031 in Skill Level?
What letter or number is 6F031 in Specific Expertise?
What AFSC are you awarded upon completion of basic military training?
What AFSC are you awarded upon completion of tech school?
What is the specialty title for Skill Level 1?
What is the specialty title for Skill Level 3?
What is the specialty title for Skill Level 5?
What is the specialty title for Skill Level 7?
What is the specialty title for Skill Level 9?
What is the specialty title for Skill Level 0?
Chief Enlisted Manager
Whats the highest skill level a E1, E2, E3, and E4 can receive?
5 Skill Level
What is the highest skill level a E5, E6, and E7 can receive?
7 Skill Level
What is the highest skill level a E8 can receive?
9 Skill Level
What is the highest skill level a E9 can receive?
0 Skill Level
What is the purpose of the Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP)
To provide guidance on training that individuals in the AFSC should receive in order to develop and progress throughout their careers
What are the benefits on using an Electronic Training Record?
Ease of use, portability, and consistency
What do E training records allow you and the supervisor to do?
To document training and schedule a course completion timeline
What is a Duty Task List?
A listing that supervisors create that is specific to a duty position
The functions in the DoD and its component agencies are performed under the authority, direction, and control of ____?
The Secretary of Defense
What is the DoD’s function?
To support and defend the constitution
Who appoints the SAF/FM?
The President
Who approves the SAF/FM?
The Senate
Who is the SAF/FM directly responsible to?
The Secretary of the Air Force and has an advisory responsibility to the US Air Force Chief of Staff
What does the Comptroller (FM) at a MAJCOM provide?
Financial analysis and services including budget, execution, cost & economic analysis, pay & travel services, and liaison with the Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAs)
The Wing/Base comptroller reports directly to who?
The Wing/Base Commander
Who is the DoD accounting firm?
Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAs)
What does the AF FM Co E provide?
Expert, on-demand, specialized financial analysis for decision support to Air Force installations and MAJCOMs
What organization is the primary AF Liaison with DFAs?
Air Force Accounting & Finance Office (AFAFO)
What office is responsible for issuing ethics guidance for all executive branch officials?
The Office of Government Ethics
What Covers specific standards of ethical conduct for government employees?
Executive Order 12674 and CFR 2635.101
What are the 3 exceptions to the rule of accepting gifts from outside sources?
1.) Gift is less than $20
2.) Gift is based solely on a family relationship or personal friendship
3.) Gift is based on an outside business relationship
What is the maximum dollar value of a gift that can be given from a subordinate to their superior?
How long is a member barred from representing someone on a matter, if the matter was under his/her official responsibility during the last year of government service?
2 years
What series provides Air Force instructions for comptroller and financial management?
65 series
Which publication series directs management of financial services, budgeting, and cost and economics?
65 series
Who writes and maintains DFAs publications?
Defense Finance and Accounting Service Sites
What do the DODFMRs supply?
DOD guidance on financial management
What is the goal of the FMKM website?
Provide a one-stop resource with access to a greater depth and breadth of information to assist in your Air Force duties
What is known as providing support in the form of advising commanders for FM?
Decision Support
Which group is responsible for almost all activities on an installation?
Mission Support Group (MSG)
What is the recently combined squadron in the MSG which is a combination of what were the services and mission support squadrons?
Force Support Squadron (FSS)
Which squadron administers financial analysis and services?
Comptroller Squadron (CPTS/FM)
What is the most important principle of conflict resolution?
Active Listening
What makes up 55% of communication?
Body Language
What does the Financial Management Distributed Learning Center (FM DLC) provide?
Online, dynamic, interactive financial management training anywhere, anytime, as long as your connected to the internet
What is the Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller (USD(C))?
The principal advisor and assistant to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense for budgetary and fiscal matters (including financial management, accounting policy and systems, budget formulation and execution, and contract audit administration and organization). In addition, the USD(C) is the Chief Financial Officer of the Department of Defense (DoD)
What is the Comptroller Management (FMD)?
Oversight to unit training, management of unit authorizations, and management of personnel and additional duties
What is Nonappropriated Funds Financial Analysis (FMN)?
Provides independent financial management oversight and analysis of morale, welfare, recreation, and services (MWRS) programs and activities on the base. They also support the installation commander, the comptroller, and force support squadron management
What is Quality Assurance (FMQ)?
Develops and maintains a viable quality assurance program for squadron operations. This includes performing quality review inspections, developing internal review checklists, and ensuring squadron internal controls are in place and working
What is Local Area Network Support (FMZ)?
Installs, configures, administers, and provides for the maintenance of squadron computer systems and equipment
What is Financial Management Analysis Flight (FMA)?
Plans, develops, and presents all budgets and funds requirements for the installation to the major command or other higher headquarters
What is Financial Working Group (FWG)?
Compromised of Group Resource Advisors which meet at least once per quarter. The FWG meetings serve as a forum for Financial Management (FM) to provide valuable Resource Management System (RMS) training and to review finance issues and make recommendations such as distribution of funds to the FMB.
What is the Financial Management Board (FMB)?
The senior advisory committee. It is compromised of the wing commander, group level commanders for each unit of base, executive officers, and comptrollers.
Who are Resource Advisors (RA)?
Act as a budget representative and are strategically placed at units on each base. These individuals are the liaison between their unit and FMA. They provide their commander with decision support for financial matters for their unit.
What are the Financial Services Flight (FMF)?
Customer Service
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