Which of the following statements about the relationship between marketing and sales is true?
The scope of marketing activities is more long-term than that of sales activities.
Mick is responsible for evaluating the brand identity of a chain and recommending ways to increase the value of the brand. For which of the following components of a hospitality marketing mix is Mick responsible?
product-service mix
Advertising and direct mail campaigns best fit into which of the following components of the hospitality marketing mix?
Peak business periods, off-seasons, and shoulder periods are most relevant to the _____________ component of the hospitality marketing mix.
In small to medium-size properties, which of the following positions is generally responsible for advertising and public relations activities?
the general manager
Salespeople do not sell guestrooms or banquet rooms; they sell the use of these rooms. This refer to the _______________ of hospitality products and services.
Stacy is a very personable food server who is always friendly with the restaurant’s guests. Alex, on the other hand, is merely civil to guests most of the time. This illustrates the _____________ of hospitality products and services.
Which of the following statements about the hospitality industry and globalization is false?
Globalization has not affected the food service industry very much.
Two or more companies joining together to benefit from each other’s strengths is termed _____________ marketing.
Which of the following statements about the hospitality industry and technology is false?
The use of “smart cards” is decreasing in the hotel industry.
A marketing plan should be developed for at least a ___________ period.
Which of the following steps in the cycle of marketing planning involves property, competition, and marketplace analysis?
conducting a marketing audit
All of the following are ways to determine how a property’s performance compares with competitors except:
segmenting target markets
of Rooms
Hotel 1 150 54,750 78% 42,705
Hotel 2 200 73,000 70% 51,100
Hotel 3 250 91,250 74% 67,525
Hotel 4 300 109,500 60% 65,700
Total 900 328,500 227,030

Given the data above, which of the following properties has the highest market share?

Hotel 3
Number of
Hotel 1 150 54,750 78% 42,705
Hotel 2 200 73,000 70% 51,100
Hotel 3 250 91,250 74% 67,525
Hotel 4 300 109,500 60% 65,700
Total 900 328,500 227,030

Given the data above, which of the following properties has the highest fair share?

Hotel 4
Which of the following tools would managers use to determine the current guest base and assess the decline or growth of business from market segments?
revenue grid and occupancy chart
Which of the following statements about determining marketing objectives is true?
Objectives for each market segment and revenue center should be measurable.
“Increase room nights from the senior-citizen market during June while maintaining an average room rate of $59.” What is wrong with this marketing objective?
It is not quantity-specific.
The principal advantage of zero-based budgeting is that:
every expenditure is questioned.
The director of sales produces a report that details the number of room nights sold for each market segment by salesperson. This report is a critical part of which of the following steps in the marketing planning cycle?
evaluating the marketing plan
Which of the following positions within a large hotel organization would manage a telephone sales staff responsible for developing leads, making prospecting calls, and following up on leads and previous clients?
the telemarketing director
In the hospitality industry, the job title of a salesperson is likely to be:
account manager
Which of the following characteristics of successful salespeople best captures the ability to manage their time and sales territory and not waste effort on unproductive activities and accounts?
Which of the following characteristics of successful salespeople best describes the ability to continue going after additional business despite rejections by prospects?
Which of the following training techniques would a director of sales use to enhance the time management skills of the sales staff?
an in-basket drill
At which of the following sales meetings would it be most appropriate to discuss prospects, bookings, and service procedures?
weekly staff meetings
Which of the following documents helps hotel salespeople in non-automated offices control sales of function and banquet rooms?
function book
Jennifer works in a non-automated hotel sales office. She needs the telephone number of Widget Works, Inc., to firm up a tentative booking at the Convention Center Hotel. The most efficient way to obtain the telephone number would be to access which of the following paper-based files?
the master card file
Using information from routine sources–guest folios, registration cards, customer surveys, and so on–to build relationships with guests/clients and market the property’s services most effectively is called:
database marketing
Computer technology has had the greatest impact on which of the following components of yield management?
predicting or forecasting demand
In which of the following types of personal sales calls does the salesperson typically make a strong sales pitch, overcome a decision-maker’s objections, and ask for the sale?
a presentation call
Group sales at the Kingsward Hotel have steadily fallen over the past several months. One of the first actions Harry takes as the new director of sales is to shore up the current customer base. He has each account manager call on current clients to promote goodwill and to assure them that the hotel wants to meet their future needs. Which of the following best identifies the type of personal sales calls that Harry wants his staff to make?
public relations calls
Sharon, the new director of sales at the Westgate Hotel, assigned each of her three account managers ten personal sales calls a week. The objective was to introduce prospective clients to the products and services of the hotel. Before making the calls, account managers were to gather as much information as possible about the prospects’ needs. Which of the following best describes the type of personal sales calls that Sharon wants her staff to make?
presentation calls
A salesperson would typically use all of the following sources when prospecting for individual and group business in relation to family social functions except:
chamber of commerce listings.
Which of the following types of territorial space is the most appropriate for salespeople to use when beginning a sales presentation to an individual decision-maker?
social space
The nonthreatening area that is the greatest distance from a client is called ___________ space.
Which of the following statements about a presentation sales call is false?
During a personal sales call, a slaesperson should handle all of the client’s objections immediately.
A client who says, “All of our board members are happy with the hotel we currently use” is stating a __________ objection.
lack of interest or urgency
Which of the following places the five steps of a personal sales call in the correct order?
opening the sales call, getting client involvement, the presentation, overcoming objections, closing and following up
A salesperson would likely spend the least amount of the time with:
present accounts with medium potential that are providing an acceptable level of business.
Benita, the reservations manager at the Greentree Hotel, is having a training session with Theresa, a new reservationist. Benita tells Theresa that it’s important to have a “verbal smile” when answering the telephone for the hotel. Theresa says she doesn’t know how to do that. Which of the following is the best advise Benita can give Teresa for achieving a verbal smile when she speaks on the telephone?
“Simple smile while you speak.”
Which of the following types of outgoing sales calls is made in order to find out if an individual or company warrants an in-person sales call?
a qualifying call
The first step in a telephone appointment call is to:
reach the decision-maker.
Which of the following statements about telephone sales calls is false?
If a decision-maker cannot be reached during a telephone appointment call, the salesperson should always leave a message.
“Shall I book your tour group for Friday night or Saturday morning?” is an example of:
a forced-choice question.
Don is the catering sales manager at the Bluestone Hotel. He has made calls all week to couples who have recently announced their engagements in the local newspaper. He made these calls to tell these couple about the hotel’s new wedding reception package. These calls are classified as ___________ calls.
Which of the following types of outgoing sales calls is made just to keep in touch with clients?
a service call
Vivian is the manager of the Downhome Restaurant. She got a complimentary letter from a recent customer who tried the restaurant for the first time and liked it. She called the customer to thank him for taking the time to write and to invite him to return to the restaurant soon. This is an example of a ____________ call.
public relations
An inquiry call is an example of a(an) _______________ call.
For which of the following purposes are telephone sales blitzes used?
to gather information
At an executive committee meeting, the food and beverage director noted the low percentage of hotel guests dining at the restaurant during their stay. The general manager suggested that the committee develop a training program for all front-of-the-house employees on how to present the benefits of the hotel’s restaurant to guests. What the general manager is suggesting is an example of:
internal sales
Salespeople at the Convention Center Hotel can negotiate terms and conditions with clients without constantly seeking approval from the director of sales. This illustrates the concept of:
employee empowerment.
Monica, a room attendant at the Glitz Hotel, responded to a guest’s request for extra towels and pillows. At the end of her shift, she recorded the guest’s request on a form used to update guest profiles. On the next visit to the property, the guest found extra towels and pillows already in the room. This is an example of:
relationship selling.
Which of the following upgrading techniques would likely be most effective for a salesperson who was attempting to sell high-priced rooms?
top-down method
Thad, a bartender at the 5th Street Hotel, makes it a practice of recommending the house specialty drink to guests at the bar waiting for a table in the dining room. He always uses descriptive phrases, such as: “Would you care to try our ‘Tropical Delight’ while you’re waiting? It’s a delicious mixture of fruit juices and vodka, served ice cold in a frosted glass with a fruit garnish.” Thad is practicing:
suggestive selling.
Tent cards on tables in the hotel restaurant that advertise a sale in one of the hotel’s stores is an example of:
Front desk agents at the Business Center Hotel are trained to tell early-morning check-ins about the one-hour valet service at the property. This an example of:
Which of the following hotel areas has the best opportunity to sell next-morning room service breakfast specials when guests request wake-up calls?
front desk
The use of a video magazine in a hotel’s lobby to showcase the property’s facilities and services is an example of:
internal merchandising.
Discount coupons for rooms and two-for-one specials in the restaurant are examples of:
in-house promotions.
Over which of the following types of advertising do sales personnel have the most control in terms of directing it to target markets?
direct mail advertising
The Bringum Inn’s sales managers miscalculated when they created the Inn’s advertising plan. They need to bring in an extra 100 room nights in the next two weeks to meet their budge. In which of the following media should they advertise if they want to develop a new ad and place it quickly?
Which of the following statements about the differences between magazine and newspaper advertising is true?
Most magazines are national in scope.
Grace wants all her restaurant’s advertisements to have a similar look. About which of the following advertising characteristics is she concerned?
Cooperative advertising:
enables advertisers to share costs.
Which of the following best describes the role that competitors’ advertising should play in determining a hospitality firm’s advertising budget?
A firm should keep track of competitors’ advertising activity and set its advertising budget to help it receive a fair market share.
CPM” is an acronym used in the advertising field that stands for:
cost per thousand potential customers reached.
A hotel’s public relations efforts are:
solely the responsibility of the general manager.
not part of a line-level employee’s job.
impossible for an outside public relations company to handle.
The gratuitous mention of your company in the media is termed:
A hotel should schedule a news conference:
when it’s important that the facts of a situation be presented to all of the media at once.
Which of the following types of business travelers is most likely to have travel agents or corporate travel managers book their reservations?
extroverted-affluent business travelers
Which of the following types of business travelers is the category with the most travelers in it?
no-frills travelers
Which of the following statements about cost-plus travelers is true?
Cost-plus travelers are more interested in price than convenience.
Which of the following statements about women business travelers is false?
Women business travelers are less influenced by good service than men.
The Hilton Towers’ Concierge Class and the Ritz-Carlton’s Club Level are example of:
executive or business floors within hotels
Which of the following exercise facilities and services have U.S. hotels offered for the longest period of time?
swimming pools
Which of the following is the main reason that most businesspeople use health and fitness centers in hotels?
They want to reduce stress and maintain their health.
All of the following attempts by hotels to cater to business travelers were successful except:
the introduction of women-only floors.
Which of the following statements about hotel in-room refreshment centers (minibars) is false?
Minibars in guestrooms first appeared in U.S. hotels in the 1940s.
Residence Inn offers both single-story studios and two-story townhouses, designed together as a neighborhood surrounded by landscaping and recreational facilities. Which of the following preferences and needs of relocated businesspeople does this approach most directly meet?
the preference for residential-style housing
Karl is the sales manager of the Kingrest Hotel. To increase weekend sales, he created a “murder mystery” weekend packages. This package is an example of a(an) ___________ weekend package.
Which of the following statements about all-inclusive pricing is false?
Hotels should include a lot of restrictions in their all-inclusive pricing packages, to avoid being taken advantage of by guests.
For marketing purposes, seniors can be divided into four segments; the “young-old” are:
people between 65 and 75 years of age.
The 77 million people born in the United States between 1946 and 1964 comprise the __________ market.
baby boomer
An important difference between tour wholesalers and tour brokers is that:
tour wholesalers typically work with airlines rather than ground transportation.
Conzuela is a hotel salesperson at a midsize property located near an interstate highway. Her hotel is about eight hours’ drive from the nearest city and has only a swimming pool and two small meeting rooms as far as in-house facilities. Local attractions are limited to seasonal events. Which of the following leisure markets would her property be best suited to serve?
overnight tour guests
The summit Hotel created an adventure travel package to bring in business during slow seasons. The package includes a winter survival class and a strenuous hiking trip led by an experienced guide. All of the following would be wise ways to market this package except:
by sending brochures to travel agencies that specialize in families with young children.
Mohammed’s hotel is small and isolated by close to a major highway and a significant tourist attraction. Which of the following markets would Mohammed do best to target?
the group leisure market
Purchasing the title to a specific period of time at a particular property’s unit is termed __________ ownership.
Disney, Marriott, Hyatt and HIlton are all examples of :
hospitality giants that sell timeshare condominiums.
The number of travel agencies in the United States has ___________ during the past five years.
shown a sharp decline
The beginnings of today’s travel agency industry can be traced to:
Thomas Cook in the mid 1800s.
Which of the following statements about travel agents’ clients best summarizes the changes in how large corporations purchase travel-planning services?
Large corporations are consolidating travel purchasing so that they deal with a minimal number of travel agencies.
Which of the following types of travel agencies has extensive buying power that enables its representatives to negotiate special rates for their clients?
a travel management company
Which of the following statements about centralized commission payment plans is false?
Centralized commission payment plans are administered by the hotel company’s primary bank.
The manager of the Cave Inn want to provide basic reservation and rate information to travel agents through the various global distribution systems developed by the airlines. All of the following are examples of these global distribution systems except:
Jim is a hotel salesperson who wants to assemble a list of travel agents to whom to promote his hotel. All of the following are resources JIm should use to find travel agencies except:
the Hotel Suppliers Guide.
Which of the following is more appropriate for an ad for travel agents than for an ad to prospective guests?
a list of regular rates, group rates, and special discounts for seniors or children.
All of the following are examples of professional societies for travel agents except:
the International Tourism Bourse (ITB).
Which of the following is a current issue of concern to travel agents because of its possible negative impact on their futures?
the widespread use of computer technology by consumers
Hospitality salespeople must be familiar with the kinds of group meetings to know how to attract meetings to know how to attract meetings business. Trade associations:
usually hold conventions in conjunction with trade shows
Which of the following is an example of a religious association?
Gideons International
Which of the following statements about the timing and lead time of association conventions is true?
Most association conventions are held during the same month each year.
Ravi and the other salespeople at his convention hotel are working with an association meeting planner to aggressively market the upcoming convention to association members and their families. This kind of partnership is helpful for association meeting planners because:
attendance at association meetings is voluntary.
All of the following are typical decision-makers for site selection for U.S. association meetings except:
the eldest member of the association.
A stockholder meeting:
typically last one day.
Perry is a part-time sales person at the 85-room Sun and Surf Hotel. The Sun and Surf Hotel is a beachfront hotel in a warm region. It has a single large meeting room, which has a capacity of about 40 people and has high-tech audiovisual equipment. There are two smaller meeting rooms connected to the large one. Perry has been researching a nearby company that has 2,000 employees nationwide (ten percent are salespeople), and Perry has found a list of meetings it typically holds each year. All of the following sound like meetings for which Perry could solicit business from this company except:
the national sales meeting.
Which of the following is the best way to sell meeting planners?
personal sales calls
A marketplace show is a type of trade show at which:
buyers and sellers meet during scheduled appointments.
Shannon is leading a meeting planner on a familiarization tour of her property. She is organizing an all-day social function and has limited time to tour the property. Which of the following should Shannon skip in her tour if she must skip some elements?
the property’s guestrooms
The international traveler market:
is one of the fastest growing and most profitable special market segments.
Which of the following statements about foreign independent travelers is false?
They travel in groups.
Girard, an international traveler who speaks very little English, asks a hotel employee how far it is to the city’s convention center from the hotel. “Don’t worry, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump.” she says with a smile, and walks away. This hotel employee made the mistake of:
using an idiom.
Many U.S. hotel chains have developed prepaid voucher programs for international visitors, in which they can prepay for their accommodations; these programs were developed because:
many international visitors are unfamiliar with the policy of U.S. hotels to ask guests to pay in advance for their guestrooms.
Wallace, a hotel salesperson, invited travel agents to tour his property during a recent bridal fair the property hosted. This is an especially effective way to use bridal fairs because:
it gives agents an opportunity to experience the facilities and dining offered as part of the honeymoon package.
Which of the following statements about the needs of sports team is false?
Basketball teams typically need more guestrooms than football teams.
The most important factor professional sports teams look at when they select a hotel is:
All of the following are types of rates that traveling government employees pay for living expenses except:
maximum per diems.
Employees who are involved in organizations such as Easter Seals, United Cerebral Palsy, and the United Way are most likely to become familiar with which of the following groups of prospects?
people with disabilities
Which of the following segments of the reunions market meets most frequently (typically annually or biannually)?
military reunions market
The trading (or catchment) area from which most restaurants derive business is typically within a radius of ____________ mile(s).
three to five
Tracking the number of covers, table turnover ratios per meal, and customer check average is primarily a function of which of the following areas of positioning research?
situation research
“You can’t bank percentages” is a concern addressed in which of the following menu development stages?
Which of the following statements about menu pricing strategy is false?
A lower cost-of-merchandise percentage always means higher profits.
Cyndi, the manager of the Pasta Delight Restaurant, is redesigning the restaurant’s menu from a three-panel to a two-page menu. Where on the new menu should Cyndi place the menu items that she most wants to sell?
on the right page at the top of the category list
An attractive display of fresh produce near a restaurant’s entrance is an example of:
product packaging.
Package pricing is an example of which of the following merchandising methods?
value-added alternatives
Which of the following is an example of point-of-purchase merchandising?
tent cards on restaurant tables
Some restaurants hold in-house promotions during which items such as children’s toys are given away free of charge or are sold at a cost; these items are called:
Carl is a food server with the Madison Street Restaurant. Tonight a couple with two toddlers is seated at one of his tables. Carl went out of his way to be friendly and attentive to this table, to reassure the parents that the children were welcome. He also gave the kids a light complimentary snack to prevent them from getting restless before their food arrived, and delivered the orders promptly when they were ready. Even though the kids got fussy toward the end of the meal, Carl kept up his friendly banter with the parents and said good-bye to them warmly when they left the restaurant after their meal. Carl was practicing which of the following methods for building guest loyalty?
At a large hotel, which of the following positions would be responsible for making sure the catering operation stays within budget guidelines?
catering director
Jennifer works at a large convention hotel. Her responsibilities include personal sales calls as well as following up on written , telephone, and walk-in inquiries from people interested in booking catered functions at the hotel. Jennifer’s position at the hotel is that of:
catering salesperson.
All of the following are key markets for a hotel catering department except:
stockholders meetings of national corporations.
Factors that influence the positioning strategy of a hotel catering department include all of the following except:
word-of-mouth referrals.
Which of the following statements about following up catering inquiries from prospective clients is false?
Inquiries by letter should be answered with a letter.
Juan, a catering department salesperson, receives a telephone inquiry from a prospective client who is planning a luncheon for the fifteenth of next month. Which of the following forms or documents would Juan use to start a paper trail that would eventually track all of the components of the event?
catering inquiry form
A “bingo” menu is a menu that:
list items by letters or numbers that are cross-referenced to a separate price sheet.
The most common form of banquet service is _______________ service.
The most economical type of banquet beverage service for the banquet’s host, if the group is less than 100 and the host is paying for the alcohol consumed by guests, would probably be the “host bar, paying by the ___________” service.
individual drink
Which of the following meeting room setups is similar to a schoolroom setup except that tables and chairs are arranged in a “V”?
herringbone setup
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