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History of Festival: Saudi Arabia is a Moslem state and its most of the festivals are originated from faith every bit good as some local and other festivals excessively. The Eid ul- Fetr, Eid al -Adha, Hazz Festivals are the most common spiritual festivals. The Eid ul-Fitr comes after the one month of Ramadan fasting. This month is of import because, Allah revealed the first poetry of the Quran during this month. The Eid ul-Adha festival comes after the Eid ul-Fetr and this festival continues in Muslim life by the sacrificing of the boy of Ibrahim. However, the most of the festival of Romania comes from the local tradition and the exchanged of international civilization. The festivals usually occur in the same topographic point and the same twenty-four hours in one time a twelvemonth.

3. Types of Festival: There are many types of festival, function to run into specific societal demands and responsibilities every bit good as to supply amusement. These times of jubilation offer a sense of belonging for spiritual, societal or geographical groups. Modern festivals that focus on cultural or cultural subjects seek to inform members of their traditions.

4.Comparison and contrast of festivals between two states:

4.0 Festivals of Saudi Arabia:

4.1 The National Day: The National Day of Saudi Arabia is genuinely one of the of import events among all the festival that holds an of import topographic point in the history of Saudi Arabia. It is needed among the most important events of the twentieth century and symbolizes the generation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is celebrated on the 23rd of September each twelvemonth and represents the individuality of the state and is greatly associated the fusion of the state by the late male monarch Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman al-Faisal Al Saud in the 1932. [ National Day of Saudi Arabia ]

4.2 Al Jenadriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival: This festival is considered as one of the celebrated cultural programme in the state usually held late February or early March in every twelvemonth. The festival gives an penetration into the rich history and yesteryear of the part and is celebrated and organised by the National Guard, an effort to maintain the Customer and Traditions in Saudi Arabia alive. This festival continues for two hebdomads and showcases some of the keen sample of Humanistic disciplines and Crafts of Saudi Arabia. The festival kicks start with an heroic poem camel race that watches up to 2000 participants sprinting across a 19 kilometer path. This festival features more than 50 folkloric dance and traditional music in Saudi Arabia. [ Jenadriyah National Festival ]

4.3 Hajj Festival: Mecca is one of the most of import holy metropoliss of the Muslim universe where the figure of spiritual events and festivals are celebrated all the twelvemonth unit of ammunition. This major metropolis is chiefly good known for the Hajj Festival. All the Muslims expect to set about the Hajj festival at least one time in his life-time. Non Muslim people can non purely take part in this festivals and events in Mecca it can flatly be stated that the festivals and events in Mecca are chiefly spiritual 1s. [ Festival and Event in Mecca ]

4.4 Eid Al Fitr: The official Religion in Saudi Arabia is Islam and all the of import Islamic festivals are really popular here. This festival is celebrated with great gaudery. After the one month of Ramadan fasting this twenty-four hours comes to the Muslim ‘s life. Though it is a spiritual festival, non Muslims people besides enjoy the event. Asia Room { Eid al Fetr }

4.5 Eid Al Adha: The Eid ul Adha festival occupies a important topographic point in the Islamic civilization of Saudi Arabia and celebrated by the Muslim people worldwide. It is held over three yearss and starts after the completion of Hajj pilgrim’s journey rites of the state. There is a narrative about the festival common to Islam of Ibrahim ‘s forfeit. [ Asia Room { Eid al Adha } ] [ Arabic Eid al Adha ]

5. Festivals of Romania:

5.1 Music Festival: The Golden Stag Festival is an one-year international dad music festival held in Romania. Before the MTV Music Awards were created, an event was needed to animate local and international instrumentalists to greatness. Therefore, The Golden Stag Festival came into being, one of the most of import European festivals. It was first held in 1968. [ Brasov Travel Guide ]

5.2 Summer Festival: The Stufstock festival is the most of import summer festival held each twelvemonth at the terminal of the summer. This festival gathers together the most celebrated stone, hood and metal sets in a nice ambiance like the Black Sea Coast.

[ Buchrest Tower of Babel Blog ]

5.3 Dreams and Teams Festival: Dreams and Teams festival is organised by the British Council for the people aged between 14 Ts 18 to go immature leaders in their communities. This volunteerism programme is held in Romania during 18th to 22nd of February and they operate this flourishing undertaking over the 40 states of the universe with audience of over 150,000 immature people. The locale is preferred for the preparation in the athleticss hall in business district in Bucharest. During the festival the hall is decorated with tri-colours festoon and the immature leaders wear the xanthous jersey. One of the immature leaders is able to learn fire dancing to all the participants. [ Britsh Council ]

6. Drumhead: These two states have their ain and single festivals because of different civilization, faith, history and location. Between the two states, Saudi Arabia is Muslim state and most of the people are Muslims here. So, those festivals are related to faith celebrated here in general by the local people where us we found that Romania is an EU state and the Golden Stag Festival is celebrated internationally like the other festival, Dreams and Teams Festival. However, the Hazz Festival of Saudi Arabia and Stufstock festival of Romania are organised by the local people, but the international Muslims articulation the Hazz festival.

6. Significance: Festivals are the things that aspect of the state. It is standing for the people amusement and the cultural and historical background of a state. In this universe different types of festivals are being being and people may easy cognize about the civilization of the expected state through the festival.

7. Decision: Every state has different civilization and festivals. But, there is some similarity among the festivals even though, sometimes they are single and alone from others. The chief purpose of most of the festival is to give amusement to the people. The festivals of Saudi Arabia and Romania are extremely established.

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