Exile in the Odyssey Essay Example
Exile in the Odyssey Essay Example

Exile in the Odyssey Essay Example

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  • Published: October 14, 2017
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In antiquity. the civilised universe was settled around the Mediterranean Basin – the foundations of Western society can be traced to Hellenic Greece. which bordered the Aegean Sea. For the Greeks. the sea was the kingdom of the Gods. In The Odyssey by Homer. Odysseus and he crew face many tests and trials that isolate and ameliorate them to learn the reader that the effects of enticement must be conquered with absolute doggedness.

When Odysseus and his crew arrive on the island of the Lotus-eaters. every adult male eats the Lotus fruit and is tempted to stay exiled on the isle in a deep slumber everlastingly ; it is merely that after Odysseus removes his crew that they are able to go on on their journey. By being on an chartless part of the Earth. Odysseus felt that he and his crew were really alienated. If Odysseus had non expelled his crew. this apathetic enticement. which was induced by the fruit. would hold bound his crewmans to stay exiled on this unenrgetic island.

This expatriate alienates the crewmans because it convinces them that this island. non Ithaca. is where they genuinely belong. Because the ocean trip was brought upon our Ithacan by godly existences. the will of Odysseus must be every bit froward as the gods’ and he must detect fortunes with immortal lucidity. By recognizing the enticement to stay idle. Odysseus was able to salvage his crew so that they could do it back to Mycenae. By working difficult to turn out to his mariners that it is necessary to go from the island of the lotophagi. Odyss


eus exemplifies doggedness of the greatest grade as a manner to suppress enticement.

Upon go forthing the abhorrent island of Lotus. Odysseus himself uses his humor and finding to accept and excel his enticement of listening to the fatal vocal of the Sirens while continuing to populate. As the ten-year-long expatriate continues. Odysseus base on ballss by the island of the beautiful female race that is called “the sirens” by worlds. The vocal of the Sirens is said to entice crewmans to sail their ships straight into the bouldery seashore of their island. Unfortunately. being exiled causes Odysseus to endeavor for adrenaline hastes. therefore doing him to subject to his enticement of hearing hese beautiful existences.

Odysseus’s indefatigableness is illustrated by his persuading of his crew to bind him to the mast of the ship and by coercing them to stop up their ears with beeswax as a manner to smother to the vocal. While Odysseus allows himself to be taken by his enticement. all effects of his actions are wholly derailed. While still at expatriate at sea. Odysseus’s abilities are enriched by his craft in this alone state of affairs. At last. Odysseus doggedness is shown in contrast to that of his crew when his crewmans are enticed by the glorious cowss of Hyperion. the colossus of the Sun.

While on Circe’s isle. she informs Odysseus that the cowss belong to the Gods and he. in bend. commands his posse to forbear from touching the sheep. Unfortunately. they disobey and Hyperion entreaties to Zeus. who destroy

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the full ship. saving merely Odysseus. By juxtaposing the destinies of Odysseus and his work forces. the reader can see that enticement correlates straight to destine. This signifier of expatriate does two different things. one to each grouping that was outlined above. Odysseus or the crew.

While sing that the crew was pitilessly murdered. it is apparent that they are alienated from life. Odysseus. on the other manus. is enriched by this experience because it solidifies his belief that doggedness is the lone manner to battle tease. Throughout the escapades and mishaps of Odysseus. the reader is taught that expatriate can both enrich and alienate he who is alienated. All the piece. expatriate can move as solid grounds that the effects of enticement can merely be obliterated with iron-willed doggedness.