Exam 14 and 15 Quiz Q`s Mgmt 2

Ideal oriented customers
make choices based on their knowledge and principles
Achievement oriented customers
make choices based on what they perceive will show their success to others
Self expression oriented customers
make choices based on a desire for social or physical activity, variety or risk.
The marketing environment is defined as the
forces outside the organization that influence marketing activities
Having an effective marketing concept usually places primary emphasis on
serving the customer
A foodservice operations target market is
a group of people for whom a company develops a product or service.
The four P`s of marketing are
Market Segmentation means
dividing the total market into groups of people with similar market needs.
A persons ethnicity, income, education are referred to as their
Natural resources, population density, subcultural values that influence a customers product needs are referred to as their
geographic variables
Companies who have developed frozen individual meals to be sold in supermarkets are responding to
behavioristic variables
Which of the following is an accurate comparison of products and services?
Services can NOT be stored for future sale, BUT products can.
Heterogeneity of service means
there is a lack of uniformity in the performance of people
A strategic business unit is
component of an organization with a specific market focus
Identifying marketing opportunities and potential problems confronting the organization is known as
situation analysis
Market share is
the percentage of industry sales of a product
SWOT analysis stands for
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
Gathering customer input during the service encounter is an example of what form of service marketing research?
Process Checkpoint Evaluation
Marketing effectiveness refers to minimizing the resources that must be spent to achieve the desired product exchange (T/F)
Environmental forces are of great importance to the marketing manager because they help identify the target market (T/F)
A restaurant manager who includes food items on the menu that are high fiber, low sodium or low fat is reacting to psychographic variables (T/F)
Saying that a service is intangible means that production and consumption of the service can NOT be separated. (T/F)
A marketing objective is a statement of what is to be accomplished through marketing activities. (T/F)
Marketing mix is the combo of product and price that creates value for the customer (T/F)
Proactively gathering complaints from customers is a form of service marketing research. (T/F)
Brand loyalty is the repeated customer purchasing of a specific brand. (T/F)
What is the marketing communication that serves specifically as an incentive to stimulate sales?
What are the physical elements in an operations design that appeal to a customers emotions?
What is the practice of using a computerized database to store purchasing and other point contact info about a customer?
Customer Relationship Mgmt
What is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one sellers good or service as distinct from other sellers?
Discrimination Sensory test
determines differences among food products
Descriptive Sensory test
provides info about sensory characteristics such as taste and texture
Acceptance sensory test
identifies whether consumers like a food product
The preferred sensory testing for a cook chill operation that requires an optimum storage time for chilled soups is….
discrimination or description testing by a trained panel.
What should a food service manager do with a menu item that is high in popularity but low in profit contribution?
Consider increasing the price of the item
Menu engineering focuses on
popularity and contribution to profit of menu items.
The job descriptive index was designed to measure
employee job satisfaction
Which of the following is thought to have the greatest influence on an employees level of job satisfaction?
Work situation
Mystery shoppers provide….
a fairly comprehensive evaluation of the foodservice operation.
The CREST report is….
a national level report of restaurant customer satisfaction.
A walk-through customer satisfaction audit involves….
the manager observing and evaluating the food and service.
Customer comment cards may give…..
a distorted view of overall customer satisfaction
If a foodservice manager wants to determine the likelihood that customers would purchase a new product, which of the following would be best to use to gain info for that decision?
Acceptance sensory test with a consumer panel.
Quality attributes of food include all of the following EXCEPT
A product standard defines….
what is expected of a food product
Evaluation of the taste and juiciness of a product is termed…
sensory evaluation
Customer satisfaction is part of which component in the food service system model?
Which of the following is NOT TRUE about a mystery shopper?
Mystery shoppers are commonly managers in the organization.
In menu engineering analysis, items that are considered puzzlers are those that……
items are profitable but NOT popular
Quantity of meals refers to the number of meals prepared for service. (T/F)
Quality desired in food product ingredients should be included in food specifications. (T/F)
Affective sensory testing of food products involves evaluation of differences in quality by a consumer panel. (T/F)
The preferred sensory test to differentiate three or more samples on the basis of a characteristic such as moistness is the paired comparison test. (T/F)
Employee satisfaction is defined as the beliefs and feelings an employee has about his/her job. (T/F)
The framework for reporting financial data is termed the Uniform System of Accounts. (T/F)
Menu mix reflects a menu items contribution to profit in a foodservice operation. (T/F)
Underproduction of food results in increased costs and decreased customer satisfaction. (T/F)
A menu engineering analysis focuses on food popularity and profitability. (T/F)

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