Exam 1 answers

In the late nineteenth century (1885-1900), the office of economic ornithology and mammalogy spent most of its effort on ______
predator control
A ban on commercial netting of fish within 3 miles of the atlantic coast and 9 miles of the Gulf coast of Florida was the result of a ________
constitutional amendment
according to a time magazine survey of 10007 adults ___% claimed to be vegetarians
according to guither, animal advocates fall into ___ general groups
according to Moulton, perhaps the best definition of habitat was advanced by _______
caughley and sinclair
according to moulton, the wildlife management view basically follows that of the _____
animal reformists
according to moulton, there are basically __ categories of wildlife issues
according to the pets in american project, an estimated ___% of American households had at least one pet
an animal shelter worker in Michigan was fired for ______
feeding puppies to a snake
bear farms, where bears are kept for their bile, occur widely in _____
black skimmers are closely related to ______
gulls and terns
california was the first state to have a _____
wildlife commission
CARA was passed by the _____ in the summer of 2001
house of representatives
compound 1080 was a deadly poison used primarily for killing ______
currently Mourning doves are hunted legally in __ states
for every $0.75 contributed by the Pittman-Robertson act, the state agency must contribue _____
game species are those that are hunted ____
for sport
habitat may be defined in terms of ____
any of these
hand puppets are used to feed baby whooping crane chicks _____
so they do not become imprinted by humans
Historically wildlife managers have focused on making ____ happy
historically most of the revenue generated for wildlife management has come from ____
in 19970, some Boy Scouts found 2 dozen dead _______ that were killed by exposure to thallium
bald and golden eagles
in 1996, six California condors were released in the state of ____
in general, when it comes to resolving wildlife issues, the ____ is the most powerful force in America
in order for the public to effectively resolve wildlife issues they must first ____
be concerned about the issue
most of the so-called upland game birds belong to the order of
in south america swainson’s hawks were killed after they ingested ____ poisoned by monocrotophos
—:it is really not important who decides what is actually scientific and what is psuedoscientific.
in the early 20th century, wildlife released numerous nonindigenious species for hunting because _______
native game species were so reduced by market hunters
california condors vanished from the wild in california in about ____
in 2002 both houses of the US congress had bills before them that would ban ____
canned hunts
in 1985-1986 the division called animal damage control was transferred to the US Department of ____
once the net ban was imposed in Florida, governor Lawton Chiles threatened to enfored it by _____
calling out the National Guard
during the campaign for the net ban the supporters of the ban accused the ___ of “nonfeasance”
game species may become non-game species _____
when they become rare
following the passage of the net ban amendment in Florida, some commercial fishers tried to use ___ to catch the fish
in 1996 congress places the NBS under the ____
Beaver and muskrats are classified as _____
in order to nest successfully, kirtland’s warblers require ___ trees with a dense understory
Jack pines
—-: bear baiting is still practiced in Pakistan and India
Kirtland’s warblers build their nests ________
on the ground
in order to protect mule deer on the kaibab plateu, 30 wolves and more than seven hundred mountain lions were killed and _____
deer hunting was banned
market hunters once sold _____ for a dime a dozen in New York meat markets
a dime a dozen
kirtlands warbler currently nests almost exclusively in the state of ____
california condor re-introductions were carried out by a partnership between the USFWS and the_____
Peregrine Fund
management efforts on the kaibab plateu were aimed mostly at pleasing the ____
Dr. Julie Savidge concluded that ____ was the cause of declines of forest bird populations on Guam
brown tree snake predation
CARA has been advanced as a superior method for funding initiative called _____
teaming with wildlife
—-: according to professor moulton, humans can successfully manage wildlife

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