Essay on Organic Food

Organic Clothing

Organic is great, but it’s not the end-all-, be-all, according to Stefanie Brychcy, head of corporate communications for the organic baby apparel startup. Price and ease-of-use are just as important, shesays. Although the “organic message” is growing, Director of Operations Sitwat Shah said people still ask, “What is organic and why should I buy it? […]

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Case Study Whole Foods

Case Study assignment 1. What are the chief elements of the strategy that Whole Foods Market is pursuing? Fresh natural and organic foods and products with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Promote healthier eating/lifestyle and increasing consumer knowledge/education of food safety, environment and how pesticides affect the land as well as the human body. 2. […]

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Reflection Paper: Organic Foods

Reflection Paper: Organic Foods Reflection Paper: Organic Foods Both organic and inorganic foods pose health risks for consumers. While organic foods are often marketed as being naturally grown and inorganic foods being grown with the use of chemicals and pesticides, both types can pose health risks to the humans that consume them. Due to the […]

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Epitaph for a Peach

David Masumoto in his book entitled “Epitaph for a Peach: Four Seasons on My Family Farm” chronicles his one year’s worth of efforts to hold on to his family farm. He is after all the fourth generation San Joaquin Valley farmer. It details his quest to save his family’s heritage of growing Sun Crest peaches. […]

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