Essay on Monotheism

Yesterday Is History Tomorrow Is A Mystery Theology Religion

“ Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a enigma. Today is a gift – that is why we call it the present. ” Author unknownHow much of your life is lost either brooding on the yesteryear or worrying about the hereafter? When your ideas are imprisoned by the yesteryear or fearful of the hereafter, you can […]

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The Nature of Salieri’s Relationship with God

This essay explains and analyses the way in which Salieri relates to God and the techniques used by Peter Shaffer to present this to the audience. In a modern society where religion is not a massive part of most people’s lives it becomes challenging to understand characters such as Salieri. A major part of Salieri’s […]

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The Goal Of The Christian Life Theology Religion

The end of the Christian life is populating our life centered in the ageless presence of God. Populating life at the Center is an maxim non to the full appreciated as an underlying hope and world of the Christian life. The centre represents the driving force of one ‘s life where the entirety of our […]

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An Ecological Model of the Trinity

An Ecological Model of the Trinity Within The New Cosmology Advancement of modern technology and scientific discovery, as well as the sociological developments of the past century, has changed the way humanity relates to the world. Human culture, particularly American culture, has developed a predominant world-view of earth’s resources and human relationships as things to […]

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An Analysis of George Herbert’s ‘The Pulley’

The poem ‘The Pulley’ describes the kind of God that a believer believes in. The poem clearly depicts the perception of the persona of his God—a provider, a creator, an all powerful being, yet somehow a conceited and jealous God. The persona in the poem uses the narrative style in writing the poem. This style […]

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Worldview: Creator God

BUSI 41 I. Part One: What is a worldview? Define what the term “worldview” means. Use descriptive phrases to support your definition. (25-50 words) Upon birth a person is introduced and raised within the context of a certain culture, belief, and traditions. These influences impress upon a person’s philosophy on life and their outlook. A […]

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The Emergence of Arab Monotheism

Muslims use the term jahiliyya to refer to pre-Islamic Arabia. Jahiliyya literally means “ignorance,” therefore bearing the assumption that Arabia (and sometimes the entire world) was mired in unawareness and idolatry before the arrival of Islam. In their usage of jahiliyya, Muslims are able to covey a historical worldview that is quite clear. Pre-Islamic Arabia […]

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