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Eliacin sandrine war horse essay FINAL

They were used for transporting the wounded, transporting resources and carrying soldiers into Calvary. The first way that horses were used during the war was to carry the wounded who had been hurt on the field of battle to safety. Evidence of this is in the story “no horse no ambulances” (415) and carried wounded […]

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The Lumber Room and The Rocking Horse Winner

Characters play an important role in writing short stories. The characters often make the story more interesting thus they attract more readers. Two characters can be similar to each other but they are always differing in some other ways. I have chosen Nicholas from ‘The Lumber Room’ because I had fun reading the story and […]

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Barn Burning and Rocking Horse Winner

In both William Faulkner’s “Barn Burning” and D. H. Lawrence’s “ The Rocking Horse Winner”, the author’s give us a glimpse of two poor families who suffer through similar problems in different ways and situations. The comparison shows how in “Barn Burning” because of Abner’s recklessness and cruelty, his son Sartoris Snopes and family are […]

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Explication and Analysis for Rocking Horse Winner

The Rocking-Horse Winner” is an on-the-edge short story that teaches an important lesson about the dangers and consequences from pursuing too much wealth and possessions. Purposely narrated in an omniscient point of view, this short story interweaves situational and imagery to illustrate that materialism will not satisfy the deepest yearnings of the heart. The first […]

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“Seascape In Memoriam” by M.A.S Stephen Spender

In the verse form “Seascape In Memoriam” . M. A. S Stephen Spender uses a figure of literary devices to convey the assorted characteristic facets of the sea. The poet emphasises the power of the sea over humanity and the delusory nature which it displays to humanity. concealing possible force and ferociousness. The verse form […]

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Pros and cons of horse racing

Horse racing is an epinephrine filled athletics for all the participants. It is a short lived. action packed. joy drive. The athletics has increased in popularity over the past several old ages. due to the demand for a haste. and is go oning to lift. Due to this monolithic inflow in size the sum of […]

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Lack of Mother’s Love Leads to Self Destruction in D. H. Lawrence’s The Rocking Horse Winner

D. H. Lawrence’s short story “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” portrays Paul, the young son of a poor British family who equate luck with money and money with love, consequently he misunderstands what is required to be considered successful and to find affection. His mother is a self absorbed spendthrift whose general coldness infuses Paul with desperation […]

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The Positive Impact of the Horse Slaughter Industry

The ancient Botai culture in Kazakhstan first domesticated horses 5,500 years ago, and its economy was equine-based. Horses were used for labor, transportation, milk, and consumption. Even at that early time, if the horses did not succumb to the rigors of daily life, work-related injuries, or battle, then they were sold for salvage. The money […]

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The Rain Horse Analysis

The short story “The Rain Horse” by Ted Hughes is a story that leaves the reader questioning whether or not these events happened to “The Dude”. After twelve years he returns to the land where he grew up. But twelve years is a long time and no doubt the land has changed as well as […]

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Destructors and The rocking horse winner

This essay is a comparison essay between two short stories, ‘The destructors’, by Graham Greene and ‘ The rocking horse winner’, by D. H. Lawrence. The theme, the mood, the settings, the characters and other features of these stories are analyzed and compared. The similarities and the contrasts are described in details. It attempts to […]

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How Far did the Horse Jockey Wantha Bangs Davis go?

The horse industries have always been a blooming business for a few rich people especially to some African-American horse enthusiast. Although some claim it for just a hobby, owning a horse to be used for racing is a blueprint of being a part of a higher social status. But, to what extent and effort did […]

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